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Dachshunds are a breed this is particularly susceptible to anxiety and worry.

If yours ceaselessly shakes, seems to be anxious, or barks excessively and destroys issues while you’re long past, you’re most certainly on the lookout for a solution to forestall Dachshund nervousness.

My Dachshund Gretel was once so apprehensive after I followed her that the rescue had put her on prozac.

I’ve controlled to a great deal building up her feeling of self assurance and safety since her gotcha day in overdue 2012, however it’s nonetheless her default conduct and one thing I wish to proceed to control regularly.

Beneath are the issues I’ve attempted or that I do know have labored for different Dachshund house owners.

The most productive beginning position for calming your Dachshund’s nervousness is to determine what’s inflicting it within the first position.

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