100 Gothic Cat Names With Meanings

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Discovering a gloomy, mesmerizing title on your cat or kitten can also be tricky. You wish to have one thing that fits them completely whilst sticking to the theme you like. That’s why under, we’ve indexed 100 gothic cat names and their meanings.

Impressed through witchcraft, horror motion pictures, Halloween, and extra, those names are positive to spark some inspiration.

Gothic Cat Names for Feminine Cats

You’ll be spellbound through those names for woman cats. We’ve taken inspiration from fairies, witches, or even the night time sky.

  • Sabrina – After the primary persona from the tv display Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Raven – Sensible birds ceaselessly hooked up to loss of life and darkness.
  • Wednesday – After Wednesday Addams from Wednesday and The Addams Circle of relatives.
  • Morticia – The mummy from The Addams Circle of relatives.
  • Elvira – From the horror movie Elvira: Mistress of the Darkish.
  • Buffy – The principle persona from the TV display Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Lilith – A demon from Jewish mythology who’s observed through some as “the primary impartial girl.”
  • Lillian – After the lily flower.
  • Persephone – The Greek goddess of the underworld.
  • Astral – This gorgeous gothic title manner “from the celebs.”
  • Circe – A sorceress from Greek mythology.
  • Coraline – The principle persona from the horror film Coraline.
  • Pocus – As in Hocus Pocus.
  • Sorceress – A feminine sorcerer or witch.
  • Trinity – Trinity manner “3.”
  • Destiny – For the cat you had been fated to satisfy.
  • Daphne – In Greek mythology, Daphne used to be a nymph was a tree through her father.
  • Ophelia – A Greek title which means “assist” or “useful.” Additionally a personality in Hamlet.
  • Maleficent – The evil fairy from Snow White.
  • Ursula – The ocean witch from The Little Mermaid.
  • Winifred – The title of a witch from the film Hocus Pocus.
  • Elena – The principle persona of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Bonnie – A formidable witch from The Vampire Diaries.
  • Zelda – The rule of thumb-following aunt from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Hilda – Aunt Zelda’s fun-loving sister.
  • Shelley – Mary Shelley is the writer of Frankenstein.
  • Freya – A Norse goddess.
  • Pixie – A mischievous fairy.
  • Fey – This title additionally manner “fairy” and pairs neatly with Pixie.
  • Stella – A Latin title which means “celestial megastar.”
  • Mauve – Once we bring to mind witches, we ceaselessly bring to mind the colour crimson.
  • Violet – A medium coloration of crimson.
  • Briar – A briar is a plant with thorns, similar to a rose or blackberry bush.
  • Elara – One in every of Zues’ fans in Greek mythology.
  • Harlow – This title manner “rock hill” or “military hill.”
  • Seraphina – A half-dragon from the fable novel Seraphina.
  • Cruella – Best for a cat that struggles to get together with canine.
  • Marceline – The vampire queen from Journey Time.
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Gothic Cat Names for Male Cats

Our gothic names for boy cats draw from literature, vampires, skeletons, and extra. 

  • Ash – Like ashes from a fireplace.
  • Onyx – A black crystal mentioned to offer protection to towards negativity.
  • Binx – The title of the black cat from Hocus Pocus.
  • Omen – An indication of items to return.
  • Poe – Edgar Allen Poe used to be the writer of works similar to The Raven and The Inform-Story Center.
  • Edgar – It is advisable to additionally give his first title for your kitten.
  • Addams – As in The Addams Circle of relatives.
  • Gomez – The daddy from The Addams Circle of relatives.
  • Batty – Many view bats as symbols of darkness, witchcraft, or evilhowever like cats, they’re additionally cute.
  • Casper – After Casper the Pleasant Ghost, this title is best possible for a white cat.
  • Blade – Just like the blade of a sword.
  • Dante – This title manner “endurant” and “permanent.”
  • Demon – For a kitten that loves entering mischief.
  • Hades – The god of the underworld in Greek mythology.
  • Jekyll – The physician from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Thunder – For a noisy cat that loves to typhoon round the home.
  • Vampire – Blood-sucking creatures.
  • Frog – Those animals are ceaselessly hooked up to witches in tales.
  • Depend – A refined connection with Depend Dracula.
  • Dracula – A vampire that used to be first written through Bram Stoker in 1897.
  • Dorian – From The Image of Dorian Grey through Oscar Wilde.
  • Vlad – Vlad the Impaler used to be an inspiration for the unconventional Dracula.
  • Orion – A constellation named for a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Damon – From The Vampire Diaries.
  • Skellington – Jack Skellington is the protagonist from the stop-motion animated movie The Nightmare Earlier than Christmas.
  • Wybie – A personality from the film Coraline.
  • Bobinsky – Additionally from Coraline.
  • Spike – A vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Frankenstein – The title of the physician within the novel Frankenstein.
  • Fury – This title manner “intense rage.”
  • Lucifer – The Christian satan.
  • Lovecraft – After H.P. Lovecraft, a author of gothic horror novels.
  • Warlock – A male witch.
  • Bones – An ideal title to pair with Skellington.
  • Gremlin – A creature that likes to create issues and ruin issues.
  • Abyss – One thing deep and bottomless.
  • Pink – A depressing coloration of crimson, ceaselessly related to blood.
  • Haze – Confusion, similar to one would possibly really feel after being put underneath a witch’s spell.
  • Rune – A rune is a paranormal image.
  • Heathcliff – From Wuthering Heights through Emily Brontë.
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Gothic Names for Black Cats

A black cat sits in tall grass.

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Want a gothic title on your black cat? Those names will have compatibility completely. A lot of these are gender impartial, however a few of these black cat names are extra fitted to both male or feminine cats.

  • Luna – This Spanish title manner “moon.”
  • Moon – Or, you’ll opt for the fewer commonly-used English model.
  • Salem – After the Salem witch trials, or the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Shadow – For the black cat that follows you in all places.
  • Onyx – A black stone.
  • Nightmare – A foul dream, or a black cat who behaves extraordinarily.
  • Magic – On your witchy significant other.
  • Eclipse – When the moon passes over the solar, in brief taking its mild.
  • Panther – Huge, black tom cats that love swimming and hiking bushes.
  • Voodoo – Casting magical spells.
  • Ebony – A powerful black wooden sourced from ebony bushes.
  • Hex – An evil spell.
  • Spells – For a black cat that’s stuffed with magic.
  • Mystic – This title manner “mystical” or “magical.”
  • Nightfall – The time of day simply prior to dusk.
  • Galaxy – For a cat that suggests greater than the arena to you!
  • Soot – Darkish as ash from a fireplace.
  • Curse – An evil spell, ceaselessly inflicting dangerous good fortune one day.
  • Inky – Like black ink from an ink pen.
  • Jett – Jet black is an overly darkish coloration of black.
  • Void – A depressing, empty area.
  • Boo – Best for black cats born in October.

We are hoping you’ve taken inspiration from our record, written some names down on your new puppy, and perhaps even considered a couple of new ones your self. Be at liberty to make use of any names or topics right here as a leaping off levelthe sky’s the restrict.

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