A Higher Dalgona Espresso (That May not Give You a Sugar Hangover)

Dalgona espresso is the freshest drink of quarantine. With espresso retail outlets around the world closed, this Korean-inspired frothy latte is the spark of pleasure all of us want at the moment.   

Dalgona espresso is sort of a small miracle of molecular gastronomy—the place equivalent portions of fast espresso and white sugar magically turn out to be into beautiful blobs of whipped foam. It’s completely pleasant.               

The one problem: we aren’t truly down with all that delicate sugar. That’s why we made our personal blank model the usage of B.Powered Honey, and truthfully, it is higher than we may have imagined…               


serves 2  

The web’s favourite whipped sip—with out all that delicate sugar; upgraded with natural hive energy.          


2 Tbsp just right fast espresso  

2 Tbsp B.Powered Honey 

2 Tbsp sizzling water (no longer boiling)  

1 c chilly non-dairy milk (like oat, almond or macadamia)    


  1. Mix the moment espresso, B.Powered, and sizzling water in a blending bowl. 
  2. If the usage of an electrical mixer, mix on medium pace for approximately 4 mins till the colour lightens and stiff peaks shape whilst you pull the whisk away. If blending my hand, whisk vigorously for 15 to twenty mins till stiff peaks shape. (It’s well worth the effort!)  
  3. Upload your milk to two glasses with ice cubes, if desired. 
  4. Gently spoon your luscious espresso fluff on best of the milk. It’ll glance so just right—take an image. 
  5. Stir with a spoon ahead of playing. (Caution: be in a position to be extremely caffeinated!)   
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