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Concerns and Demanding situations

Bantams lay round 2 eggs a week. Their eggs are so much smaller than a normal rooster, which may make them a really perfect possibility for somebody who does now not want numerous eggs. They make an cute pickled egg. 

Many breeds of bantams are infamous for the need to head broody, this is, need to take a seat on eggs to hatch out their very own chicks. The highest two being Silkies and Cochin bantams. They make superb moms.

In the whole thing there’s at all times a drawback. Bantams do require just a little further coverage from predators.  Whilst they are able to conceal in smaller spaces when predators come round, they may also have a harder time in seeing predators reminiscent of with Silkies, their head poof, can limit their vary of imaginative and prescient. They’re additionally much more likely to sleep at the floor of the coop which makes them the primary goal when a predator enters a coop at night time.

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