Avian Flu (Avian Influenza) Knowledge

Can other people catch chicken flu?

The danger of people contracting chicken flu may be very low, in keeping with the Facilities for Illness Regulate and Prevention (CDC). Scientists say chicken flu isn’t simply transmitted from birds to people, and “sustained transmission” from human to human has NOT took place. Although tens of millions of birds have got ill and died, there aren’t any recorded instances of “sustained transmission”. 

In April 2022, the Colorado Division of Public Well being and Surroundings discovered a person running on a poultry farm examined certain for chicken flu. The query stays if this individual used to be in fact inflamed, or the certain end result used to be because of publicity to the virus. No different human exposures are identified presently.


What’s the standing of HPAI incidents within the U.S.?

America Division of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Well being Inspection Carrier (APHIS) tracks showed instances of HPAI.

APHIS is operating carefully with state animal well being officers on joint incident responses. State officers quarantined the affected premises, and birds at the homes had been depopulated to stop the unfold of the illness.

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Birds from the flocks won’t input the meals gadget.


What are hen manufacturers doing to stop chicken flu?

Chook flu is a major factor that hen farmers carefully track along side the USDA. The U.S. has probably the most powerful tracking and surveillance program on this planet – and detailed plans in position to attenuate unfold amongst flocks and get rid of the virus totally. All U.S. flocks are examined previous to processing for chicken flu.  If a unmarried chicken in a flock had been to check certain for HPAI, then none of the ones birds can be allowed to go into the meals provide.

Jointly, farmers, the USDA, and the poultry business proceed to observe for the virus carefully and feature intense surveillance and complete biosecurity measures to stay flocks safe. Strict biosecurity practices at the farm are key to combating chickens from contracting chicken flu.

See biosecurity practices in motion and find out how farmers track the well being of the hen flock.


What occurs if there may be an epidemic of chicken flu on a hen farm?

Within the match of an epidemic, the poultry business has strict procedures and works without delay with state and federal governments to spot and get rid of the issue and cut back the unfold of the illness.

When chicken flu is detected, the next 5-step reaction plan is performed:

1. Quarantine

The farmer guarantees the affected flock and any close by apparatus remains in a single space.

2. Remove

The affected flock is instantly and humanely euthanized following strategies authorized via the American Veterinary Clinical Affiliation. 

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3. Take a look at

USDA protocols and trying out necessities are adopted to verify the farm is freed from chicken flu sooner than a brand new flock is permitted to reach.

4. Disinfect

The affected farm is carefully disinfected to verify any lines of the virus are destroyed.

5. Track

Surveillance of untamed birds in a large surrounding “keep watch over” space.

No hen from avian flu-affected flocks are ever allowed to go into the meals chain.


What can I do at house to ensure my hen is secure from chicken flu?

Chook flu isn’t a foodborne sickness, this means that you can’t contract it from consuming poultry that has been cooked correctly. And within the match a hen flock does take a look at certain, it is going to now not input the meals chain.

However as at all times, you must apply correct dealing with and cooking when getting ready uncooked hen. Get secure meals dealing with pointers at Rooster Roost.

For more info on chicken flu, visit the USDA’s Animal and Plant Well being Inspection Carrier’s webpage.

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