Birding Shanghai in April 2024 (The Colours of Spring)

In a longtime custom attaining way back to 2023, I regard the primary day I see a colourful male flycatcher in Shanghai as my private get started of the migration season. This 12 months, the date used to be April 11, a couple of days previous than remaining 12 months (April 16).

And the birds in query (sure, two of them at the similar day) have been Blue-and-white Flycatcher

… (eBird gushingly describes the grownup male as “strikingly stunning”, which is right) …

… (whilst the eBird reviewer should have written the phase at the species in a bout of despair, because the track of the chicken is described as “a brief, sad-sounding collection of whistles”) …

… and Narcissus Flycatcher, which eBird turns out to fee as quite much less sexy than the primary species (“wonderfully coloured” isn’t moderately as enthusiastic as “strikingly stunning”).



A couple of days later, a Yellow-rumped Flycatcher joined. It’s about as yellow-rumped because the Narcissus Flycatcher – the Chinese language title which interprets as “white-browed flycatcher” is a little higher at highlighting the variation between the 2 species.


Extra colourful flycatchers adopted:

Mugimaki Flycatcher (with the feminine taking a look like a male that has been washed for too lengthy or at too top a temperature) …

and the Taiga Flycatcher.


It appears moderately very similar to the Crimson-breasted Flycatcher, however one paper asks “Are you able to inform a Taiga by way of its tail?”, solutions sure, after which right away warns you to not just do such an identity in accordance with just one characteristic. Nonetheless, I assume the relatively catchy identify makes it profitable.

Different species in the similar esthetic vein (smallish, lovely, colourful) integrated the Siberian Rubythroat.


And sure, it’s nonetheless laborious for me to not take pictures of this species any time I come upon it – although this month this took place very continuously.


The male Siberian Blue Robin has a wonderful blue colour shut to what’s known as Prussian Blue, which used to be the uniform coat colour worn by way of the infantry and artillery regiments of the Prussian Military. It’s produced by way of oxidation of ferrous ferrocyanide salts. Finding out inappropriate issues whilst studying about birds. It seems that, in 1958 Crayola modified their Prussian Blue crayon to Middle of the night Blue as a result of they discovered no person knew what Prussia used to be – you do now.


Of the feminine, the web site Birds of Singapore says that it “resembles male however has greyish-brown upperparts”, which is a peculiar approach of mentioning that its colour is totally other.


In 2006, some Russian authors described a brand new subspecies (nechaevi) with some necessary variations from those up to now described: “The second one number one feather of L. c. nechaevi isn’t shorter than the sixth number one feather. The shade of the chicken subspecies is basically very similar to that of L. c. bochaiensis, however differs within the wider distribution of darkish spaces at the frame facets.” Hmm, does that persuade me?

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Right here’s a Bluethroat.

Be aware the masterful fit of the blue plastic with the colour of the chicken on this shot. I’m at all times looking to disgrace China into lowering its environmental air pollution however with reasonably restricted effects thus far.

Within the next days, the Bluethroat stayed however Chinese language chicken photographers took over my unique website of finding the chicken. Now, you’ll be able to see the male status on a pleasing pile of moss. All of the trash is both beneath the moss or no less than outdoor of the view of the digicam. Coping with environmental air pollution the Chinese language approach – genius!


The moss hill it appears used to be so sexy that the Bluethroat even got here all through heavy rain.

In case you are deficient, it’s possible you’ll simplest have the ability to have the funds for reasonably substandard bluethroats.


A male Eastern Robin would have have compatibility higher on this collection, however the feminine may be sexy and reasonably tricky to peer in Shanghai in spring.

In the event you criticize the paler colour of the feminine Eastern Robin (and even point out it), I can accuse you of being a misogynist.

The Brown-eared Bulbul is moderately commonplace in Japan however a lot much less so in Shanghai. It seems that, in Japan some chicken watchers don’t in particular like bulbuls as they scare the opposite species away – right here, being a unmarried person, this bulbul didn’t dare to bully some other species.

Right here’s what ChatGPT says concerning the Oriental Scops Owl: “The Oriental Scops Owl is an engaging species with distinctive diversifications that permit it to thrive in its atmosphere. Its small dimension and very good camouflage make it a difficult chicken to identify within the wild, however its unique calls continuously disclose its presence.”


Sadly, they by no means appear to name when in Nanhui, and they’re certainly tricky to identify. Each that I noticed at Nanhui this month have been overpassed by way of no less than 95% of chicken watchers …


Marsh Grassbirds appear to be well liked by Shanghai birdwatchers (and possibly birdwatchers normally) although (or as a result of?) they may be able to be laborious to peer or even more difficult to {photograph}.

However they make for just right reproduction for sensationalist broadsheets – if this sentence from a learn about is suitably rephrased: “The surprising disappearance of a nesting male from his territory made the neighboring male amplify his unique territory to the vacant space the place the unrelated nestlings have been being reared by way of a feminine within the nest. The male discovered the nest and attacked the unrelated nestlings. We inferred that the infanticide collection used to be finished as meals useful resource festival and/or sexually decided on infanticide.”

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As I didn’t wish to do the modifying myself, I requested ChatGPT: May you rephrase and shorten this passage in order that it appears like a piece of writing in a sensationalist newspaper?

And sure, ChatGPT did: “Territorial Drama: Chicken Dad Vanishes, Neighbor Strikes In and Assaults Nestlings! In a stunning flip of occasions, the surprising disappearance of a nesting male songbird left a primary piece of territory up for grabs. The neighbor didn’t waste any time—he swooped in, discovered a nest with unrelated young children, and attacked! Professionals imagine it’s both a vicious combat for meals or a depressing twist within the quest for pals.”

Bet who wrote the HBW access for Alstroem’s Warbler? Sure, it used to be none as opposed to According to Alstroem. Turns out a little North Korean taste to me to call a chicken after its discoverer after which have the similar particular person write about it, however it kind of feels to be shameless isn’t the unique prerogative of Mr. Trump.


A quick paper in the Magazine of the Herbal Historical past of African Birds issues out shoddy analysis that ended up describing the Eurasian Pastime as a “hunter of nightfall and first light”. It isn’t.

Every other paper hypothesizes that the Eurasian Pastime has “false eyes” behind its head, just like the Collared Owlet. Sadly, my photograph does no longer illustrate this in any respect.

Listed here are some pictures with none demanding phrases:


Gray-capped Greenfinch

Blue Rock Thrush


Black-collared Starling


Black Drongo


Hair-crested Drongo

Eurasian Sparrowhawk


Black-winged Stilt

Manchurian Bush Warbler

Asian Stubtail


Chinese language Pond Heron

Eurasian Hoopoe (rainy morph)

Some endangered species:

Black-faced Spoonbill



A ways Jap Curlew


Chinese language Egret, with a recognized international inhabitants of simplest about 2,600-3,400 birds (supply).

It seems that, this chicken enjoys intercourse outdoor of established relationships however much less so with its formal spouse. Or to cite immediately from the supply: “Observations carried out in 2003 at Xing-Ren Tuo in Liaoning Province indicated that the species had a low within-pair copulation frequency and a moderately top extra-pair copulation frequency.”

Different portions of the summary additionally learn like instructional descriptions of pornographic films: “The incidence of extra-pair copulations depended upon the absence of the cuckolder’s mate and the cuckolded male”.

This Little Ringed Plover isn’t endangered however is obviously having a nasty hair day.


Many thrushes don’t seem to be in particular chic birds – call to mind Light Thrush – however the Eastern Thrush is.

Some male Eastern Thrushes appear to interact in morally questionable conduct – in keeping with the HBW, “Polygynous men had been present in Japan, keeping up number one and secondary territories (making a song spaces) and making first light journeys and even more than one daylight journeys to those spaces”.

As at all times, it’s the feminine of the species affected by this conduct.

Black Redstarts are uncommon in Shanghai (actually, this used to be the primary one I’ve ever noticed right here) however no longer so in France.

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The men there (and in other places) sing in numerous microdialects, and curiously, men are extra competitive towards singers sharing their very own microdialect. Sadly, no less than the summary of the paper does no longer give a speculation as to why that is the case.

There may be a distinction between the track of grownup male Black Redstarts and that of subadults – possibly an indication (an “truthful sign”, in science-speak) by way of the subadults that is helping them keep away from dreary old-man gatherings in smoke-filled pubs …

In sure poses, the Eurasian Wryneck seems like a deadly snake.

In others, extra like a sock puppet.

In keeping with a piece of writing in Nationwide Geographic, when spooked, Eurasian Wrynecks certainly “bend and twist their head back and forth, continuously whilst hissing, to mimic a woodland snake”.


This snake-like conduct additionally resulted in the realization that they have got some magical powers – unfortunately, this present day we don’t suppose that anymore, who prefer to imagine in Bitcoin.


Some of the quite a lot of buntings of the month, the spotlight used to be this Chestnut Bunting. A troublesome chicken to get a tight photograph of – I do know, photographers say that of many species (provides them a better feeling of feat), however eBird turns out to make stronger this declare: “Small, shy bunting, normally noticed thru a display of thick shrubby crops in low, dense thickets”.

Do you sleep smartly when the sunshine is on? If no longer, you may have one thing in commonplace no longer simplest with me but in addition with mentioned Chestnut Bunting. A Chinese language learn about discovered that synthetic gentle not on time the time till the birds fell asleep, diminished sleep length, and greater the frequency of awakenings.

The quantity of disturbance additionally is determined by the colour of the sunshine – the authors with a bit of luck conclude “The learn about highlights the opportunity of adjusting spectral compositions of sunshine supply to mitigate the disturbance of man-made gentle to avian sleep”. Excellent good fortune telling a Chinese language town to switch the colour of its gentle bulbs …

Listed here are a couple of extra buntings earlier than Shanghai strikes into the bunting summer season ruin:

Black-faced Bunting


Tristram’s Bunting


Yellow-browed Bunting

Little Bunting

Yellow-throated Bunting

The put up ends with every other attractiveness, the Black-capped Kingfisher. Sending pictures of it to an American good friend and birdwatcher were given the next reaction: “It’s grossly unfair that Asians even in hugely industrialized landscapes have nice kingfishers. North American kingfishers simply don’t measure up.”


Certainly, decoupling may not be simple for American citizens, no less than no longer within the space of kingfishers.

Because of S.R. for the identify. The second one a part of it, to be actual – the primary phase I may just near to arise alone, thanks very a lot.

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