BKN’s Summer time Buzz Cocktail

Jasmine-Ginger Iced Inexperienced Tea With Propolis 

Yield: 2 beverages


2 lime wedges

8 oz of brewed jasmine inexperienced tea, chilled

8 oz of ginger beer (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) 

4 sprays of B.Immune Propolis Throat Spray

Strawberries and additional lime wedges for garnishing 

1. Grasp two glasses.

2. Pour 4 oz of jasmine tea and 4 oz of ginger beer in each and every glass.

3. Stir gently. Squeeze one lime wedge into the drink, together with 4 sprays of propolis.

4 Upload your required quantity of ice cubes and most sensible with extra lime wedges or strawberries, as desired.

5. Revel in (ideally outdoor)! 

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