Chipoo Breed Knowledge: Toy Poodle Chihuahua Combine Info, Characteristics, Footage & Extra

The Chipoo is one-half Chihuahua and one-half Toy Poodle. They’re an excellent mix of 2 fashionable pint-size doggies, creating a saucy however affectionate amusing dog significant other. As with any blended breeds, you must be open to the unknown, in that you simply by no means know which dad or mum they could take after extra. However in the event you love each breeds, the Chipoo might be the easiest solution on your puppy goals.

Chipoos are amusing, energetic, and feature a lot more psychological power than other people suppose. They want a circle of relatives that may spend maximum in their day with them as a result of they hate to be left by myself for too lengthy. Their cussed Chihuahua persona would possibly pop out, however with early and constant coaching, their clever Poodle characteristics will have to take over. Chipoos adapt to maximum households and will are living with dog-savvy kids.

We discover all you want to grasp in regards to the Chipoo blended breed. We have a look at the whole lot from their historical past and the way that is affecting their persona to their seems to be and grooming wishes. They’re quite easy to deal with, however there are some things you want to pay attention to ahead of committing to this doggy. Keen to grasp extra? Let’s take a better glance.


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  • Breed Well being
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  • Pet Prices

Historical past

Chihuahua and Poodle sitting next to each other.
Blending a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua provides you with a mix of each lovable breeds.

The historical past of the Chipoo isn’t transparent minimize, like many different new fashion designer canines. Maximum Chipoos originated in The usa all the way through the past due twentieth century. The fascination with fashion designer canines started with the Labradoodle, and because then, canine enthusiasts international have bred and purchased them. To grasp the Chipoo higher, inspecting their folks’ historical past is very important.


Brown Chihuahua dog sitting outside in grass looking up.
With a face like that, who minds if Chis are just a little sassy?

The Chihuahua is a well-liked canine in The usa and originates from Mexico. The Chihuahua’s ancestor, the now-extinct Techichi courting again 1,000 years, was once a lot better than the Chihuahua. However this canine was once bred all the way down to be smaller and lighter through the years. Those tiny canines lived throughout Mexico in small, rural villages. It was once all the way through the mid-1800s that American citizens discovered the breed was once fashionable within the state of Chihuahua. And so the identify caught.

It’s unclear what the Chihuahua’s explicit objective was once, but it surely was once most probably an all-round significant other canine. They’re sufficiently small to feed and area, alert house owners to strangers, warn off intruders, and be offering cuddles at night time. Chihuahuas weigh not more than 6 kilos and measure between 5 and eight inches tall. They’re clever, agile, and self-confident, which once in a while wishes reigning in.


Two Toy Poodles sitting on sofa together smiling.
The Chipoo crossbreed is generally blended with a Toy Poodle.

There are 3 Poodle sizes: toy, miniature, and same old. Extra incessantly than no longer, the Toy Poodle is the dad or mum on this doodle combine because of their length, very similar to the Chihuahua. Toy Poodles generally weigh between 4 and six kilos and measure not more than 10 inches tall. Alternatively, once in a while a breeder would possibly use a small miniature Poodle. Poodles are some of the recurrently used breeds on this planet of fashion designer canines, as they’re lovable, amusing, and well-balanced. They’re additionally hypoallergenic, making them perfect for households with hypersensitive reactions.

Regardless of being the nationwide canine of France, Poodles got here from Germany over 400 years in the past. Their breed objective was once to seek geese and different waterfowl. Poodles are some of the clever canine breeds on this planet, and they’re additionally dependable and keen to delight, making them extremely trainable. The usual Poodle is the unique Poodle length, and through the years, they had been bred all the way down to transform captivating lap canines. The Toy Poodle was once first bred in The usa all the way through the early twentieth century and is now highly regarded.


You should have an open thoughts in terms of blended breeds, specifically new hybrids just like the Chipoo which can be generally first-generation. The Chipoo could be extra just like the Poodle than the Chihuahua, or vice versa. Or they can be a absolute best mix of each. Because of this, you want to make sure that each breeds are appropriate for you, your house, and your persona. However total, the Chipoo is a perfectly amusing, loving, and dependable blended breed.

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Chipoos have an attractive and delicate facet and crave spending time with their circle of relatives. Either one of the Chipoo’s folks had been lapdogs, so you’ll be able to be expecting the Chipoo to be doubly so. They adore snuggling up at the settee, drowsing away with abdominal rubs. They lengthy for human companionship, so in the event you’re on the lookout for an unbiased canine who enjoys their very own corporate, this isn’t the breed for you.

Chipoos have a suspicious streak, which comes from their Chihuahua facet. They are able to be protecting in their house owners, and you may in finding they stick as regards to you in public. This doggy may make an ideal selection in the event you’re after just a little watchdog. They are able to even be vocal to show their pleasure or as a caution to strangers. Coaching can lend a hand with their barking, however the Chipoo isn’t a quiet canine.

Dimension & Look

Black Chipoo standing outside.
Chipoo doggies and adults are each at the smaller facet, like their dad or mum breeds.

The scale of the Chipoo varies, however they normally vary from 3 to six kilos and measure roughly 8 inches tall, from paw to shoulder. If their length is very important for you, you should ask the breeder what length dad or mum the Poodle is. If their dad or mum is a miniature-size Poodle, they’re prone to be taller and heavier than this. However total, they’re an additional small to small length doggo.

Chipoos generally tackle a candy mix of each their dad or mum’s appearances. They’ve a candy smile, soulful eyes, and a cheeky however lovable look. Their eyes are generally completely around, and their tails are normally small to medium in period. Their ears is also small, erect, and triangular. Or they could be fairly better and drop down. Every now and then, they inherit one among every.

Maximum Chipoos have brief to medium hair with a slight wave. Some have brief hair, and seldom do they have got instantly hair. However as a blended doggy, you’ll be able to by no means ensure that. The Poodle dad or mum is hypoallergenic, however the Chihuahua dad or mum isn’t. Some Chipoos are hypoallergenic, however many aren’t. So, there is not any make sure that a Chipoo fits the ones with hypersensitive reactions.

The main colours of the Chipoo vary from mild colours, similar to white, cream, fawn, and silver, to darkish colours, like brown, grey, and black. Every now and then, they have got a cast coat shade, and others have multi-color coats. Because of their dad or mum’s numerous shade assortment, they have got quite a lot of coat colours, making them an additional gorgeous breed. Maximum Chipoos have darkish options, together with eyes, nostril, paws, and nails, however some can have lighter components.

Workout & Residing Stipulations

Chipoos have numerous power for his or her small length, and that is one thing you shouldn’t underestimate. Chipoos want round 45 mins of workout day-to-day to stay them glad and wholesome. Their love of the water method maximum Chipoos love swimming and retrieving toys and items, so a day on the native puppy park or lake is a brilliant thought. You could even wish to spend money on a puppy lifejacket in your Chipoo.

No longer most effective do they want a variety of workout, however additionally they want loads of psychological stimulation during the day. Be sure that they have got get entry to to difficult toys all the way through the day to stay their thoughts busy and to stop undesirable habits. In addition they crave interactive play with their people and desire a circle of relatives to spend maximum in their time with them. Either one of the Chipoo’s folks can be afflicted by separation nervousness, so it’s most probably the Chipoo would possibly, too.

Because of their tiny length, Chipoos can are living anyplace and make a best choice for small flats or houses. They might admire a small backyard to play in, and you probably have one, you want to make sure it’s protected. Chipoos have a curious nature and prime prey pressure, which means they’re prone to get away, given 1/2 the risk. They might thrive simply as a lot in a big house. So long as they may be able to see you, they’re glad. Maximum Chipoos can are living with different doggies and dog-savvy kids if they’re socialized nicely from a pet.

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Chipoos could have a cussed streak, basically from their Chihuahua dad or mum. Alternatively, with right kind and constant coaching from an early age, this shouldn’t be a topic, because of the obedient Poodle affect. Analysis one thing known as “little canine syndrome,” and be sure to don’t fall into any of the errors some small canine house owners make. Educate them the foundations and routines you are expecting them to apply whilst you convey them house.

Chipoos want early socialization to make sure they may be able to have interaction with courtesy with different canines and people and cope nicely with new studies. A accountable breeder will have to get started this, but it surely’s your position to proceed their coaching and construct their self belief. A anxious canine can transform unruly and difficult. Chipoos reply highest to a certain reinforcement coaching taste, so make each enjoy as certain as conceivable. In case you’re suffering with behavioral problems, believe contacting Domestic dog Dan for additonal fortify.

Chipoos don’t love to be left by myself for too lengthy and are prone to be afflicted by separation nervousness. Crate coaching is a wonderful thought for Chipoos, giving them a protected house to calm down when you find yourself long past. It additionally provides you with peace of thoughts figuring out that they’re protected and don’t have loose reign of your house. After a brief crate coaching duration, maximum canines love their crate, so give them time.

Well being

Grey senior Chipoo sitting outside smiling.
Each Chipoos’ folks are quite wholesome breeds, so you’ll be able to be expecting Chipoos to be wholesome, too.

The existence expectancy of a Chipoo, making an allowance for their dad or mum’s existence expectancy, is normally between 14 and 16 years. Stay them up-to-date with their well being assessments and vaccinations and deal with their health with day-to-day workout and top of the range vitamin. Like every canines, they’re predisposed to a couple of well being issues, so it’s essential to believe puppy insurance coverage in your Chipoo. Listed here are the principle well being issues to pay attention to on this hybrid.

Eye Issues

The Chipoo is predisposed to a number of eye stipulations from each side of the circle of relatives. Those come with revolutionary retinal atrophy and age-related cataracts. If Chipoos inherit the once in a while bulging eyes of the Chihuahua, they’re extra liable to eye harm, too. Many eye stipulations may end up in blindness if left untreated, so it’s essential to take your Chipoo to the vet in the event you realize any exchange of their eyes or imaginative and prescient.

Center Stipulations

Center stipulations run within the Chihuahua bloodline, so there’s a likelihood Chipoos may inherit a number of middle stipulations. The commonest are patent ductus arteriosus and mitral valve illness. Each stipulations will also be detected all the way through their well being assessments and corrected with surgical operation. Alternatively, if left undetected, they may be able to result in congestive middle failure. Signs of those middle stipulations come with fatigue, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeat, and workout intolerance.


Legg-Calve-Perthes illness is an orthopedic dysfunction that basically impacts small canine breeds. The degeneration of the hip joint results in bone and joint irritation, and it could possibly motive lameness, muscle wastage, and painful mobility. In case you realize any extraordinary motion, make an appointment together with your vet for an exam.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is any other orthopedic situation that impacts the kneecaps, and it’s recurrently known as the floating kneecap. Like Legg-calve-perthes, it’s extra not unusual in smaller canine breeds. Most influenced canines most effective require corrective control the place your vet can push it again into position. However extra serious instances would possibly get pleasure from surgical operation to proper it.


Chipoos are small doggos that require pet food formulated for the dietary wishes of small breeds. How a lot they consume relies on quite a lot of elements, together with their age, length, intercourse, task ranges, and the vitamin you select. It’s very important to seek the advice of the feeding directions at the packaging or your vet about how a lot to feed your Chipoo. Feeding them too little may end up in nutrient deficiency, and an excessive amount of may end up in weight achieve.

Opting for an age-appropriate vitamin is very important, particularly all the way through their first yr of building. The vitamin will have to be top of the range and meet the dog food requirements of the Affiliation of American Feed Keep watch over Officers (AAFCO.) The substances checklist will have to come with top of the range substances similar to animal-based protein, wholesome carbs, omega fatty acids, nutrients, and minerals. Why no longer believe one of the vital main recent meals subscriptions in your Chipoo, similar to The Farmer’s Canine?

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Chipoos want brushing a number of occasions per week to stay their hair grime and tangle-free. The volume of grooming your Chipoo wishes relies on the kind of coat they inherit. In the event that they inherit the tighter curls of the Poodle, they want a brush designed for Poodles. Or in the event that they inherit softer waves or instantly hair, a generic canine brush is acceptable. If they have got a unmarried coat like their Poodle dad or mum, make sure any brush you employ has cushy or around ends to offer protection to their delicate pores and skin. And if they have got a double coat like their Chihuahua dad or mum, an undercoat rake is really helpful.

Chipoos have tiny mouths, which means that their tooth are tight and compact. Because of this, they want an ordinary dental regime from an early age. Chipoos most effective want bathing as soon as each two or 3 months, relying on how lengthy their coat is or how grimy they transform on their adventures. Make a choice a puppy shampoo system with mild substances similar to oatmeal or coconut.

Breeders & Pet Prices

Chipoos aren’t as not unusual as Labradoodles, so you’ll have to spend additional time researching and discovering a credible breeder. It may be difficult to spot a mixture doggy’s parentage. So remember to paintings with a credible breeder who can turn out that your doggy is certainly a Chipoo and no longer simply any ol’ doggy. They will have to additionally give you related well being certificate and assist you to meet the doggies ahead of committing to them. Be careful for the ways utilized by irresponsible breeders and pet turbines.

The typical value of a Chipoo pet from a credible breeder can vary between $600 and $900. The Chipoo is a quite unusual breed, so the cost shouldn’t be a lot more than this. However, it shouldn’t be a lot less expensive than this both. Further prices are concerned when purchasing a pet, similar to purchasing important apparatus they want, different provides, and preliminary and ongoing well being care.

Rescues & Shelters

Rescue Chipoo looking sad.
Rescuing a Chipoo is an effective way to offer a canine in desire a loving house.

Chipoos aren’t not unusual, so discovering one in a rescue safe haven is far rarer than a extra fashionable combine breed. Figuring out a blended canine’s breed will also be difficult in the event that they’ve been surrendered with out data. Head on your native shelters and contact the group of workers there about your seek for a Chipoo. However, on-line rescue organizations checklist adoptable canines national, which might build up your likelihood of rescuing a Chipoo.

As A Circle of relatives Puppy

  • Chipoos are tiny blended breeds.
  • They crave human interplay and desire a circle of relatives at house lots of the day.
  • Crate coaching can lend a hand to appease separation nervousness.
  • Chipoos want round 45 mins of workout day-to-day.
  • Please supply them with stimulating toys to stop undesirable habits.
  • With right kind coaching, they may be able to are living with different canines and dog-savvy kids.
  • They are able to are living in small houses or flats.
  • Chipoos are very adaptable.
  • Their grooming regime is quite easy.
  • Chipoos are candy, amusing, and dependable canines.

Be informed Extra About Chihuahuas and Poodles

The Chipoo is an adaptable little pet who desires a circle of relatives that may spend maximum in their time with them and supply loads of leisure and amusing during the day. If you’ll be able to reach that, you’ll be able to remember to discover a highest buddy within the Chipoo. Have you ever researched their folks to be informed extra about them for my part? The Chihuahua could be very other from the Poodle, however this mixture brings out the most productive of them.

Poodle mixes are adaptable hybrids that get on with it. It’s possible you’ll arise towards their cussed Chihuahua facet, however with early and constant coaching, you’ll be able to convey out the most productive in them. The Chipoo makes an ideal condo doggo, however there are lots of extra small-size doggies to have a look at if that is your major attention.

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