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Apitherapy is an choice remedy means that uses beehives and merchandise which can be derived from honeybees. It’s been discovered to be an efficient treatment for enhancing frame immunity and total well being in people. Its use dates again to earlier period, about 460 BC when Egyptians and Chinese language used it as a remedy for many well being issues. The Romans and Greeks extensively utilized apitherapy.

Early information via Desjardins in a systematic paper display the effectiveness of bee venom within the remedy of rheumatic illness. Bee venom used to be additionally utilized by Filip Terc for treating a lot of his sufferers and he is considered the “Father of Apitherapy”. Different bee merchandise comparable to honey, pollen, and propolis have additionally been used to effectively deal with all kinds of diseases. Apitherapy has been built-in into trendy well being programs in some international locations comparable to Slovenia. They function enhances and now not a substitute for present drugs and homoeopathic drugs. They lend a hand beef up the effectiveness of substances and decrease their attainable negative effects.

What’s Apitherapy?

Apitherapy is a science of human well-being that makes a speciality of the usage of honeybee merchandise comparable to royal jelly, honey, propolis, pollen, bee bread, and bee venom. The purpose is to handle not unusual human diseases and spice up well being and well-being. Those merchandise had been deeply studied and their many advantages unraveled. They’re now used broadly in trendy and standard clinical practices around the globe.

Different descriptions of apitherapy describe it as an artwork and science of remedy and holistic therapeutic with the usage of honeybees and its merchandise to profit people and different animals.  Apitherapy could also be outlined as the usage of honeybee merchandise to forestall or deal with diseases and advertise therapeutic.

Historical past of Apitherapy

Apitherapy as a science and artwork of therapeutic started a few years in the past. People have strived to search out higher tactics of addressing recurrently confronted issues in spaces in their lives, and apitherapy used to be a part of the tips that got here as much as deal with well being problems. It began out as according to under:

Yr Construction
460 to 370BC
129 to 199AD
  • Bee venom used to be used as a remedy possibility in drugs.
  • Attributed to Gelen.
1530 to 1584
  • Bee stings effectively cured a affected person affected by gout.
  • This took place in Russia the place Ivan The Horrible used to be handled the use of bee stings.
1600 to 1634
  • Bee venom is prescribed as a treatment to make stronger the urinary tract and scale back kidney stones.
  • Attributed to Monfat.
  • The birthday party of “International Remedy Day” at the 30th of March acknowledging the paintings of “The Father of Apitherapy” Dr. Philip Terc. He used to be the primary to make use of bee stings as a treatment for diseases.
  • Analysis research on the usage of bee venom within the remedy of rheumatic fever have been revealed via Dr. Rudolph Tertsch. He is considered “The Father of Trendy Apitherapy”.
  • The primary injectable type of bee venom used to be invented via Dr. Franz.
  • Tumors have been handled with the usage of bee venom.
  • Resulting from Chahovitch and Yoannovoitch.
  • The word “ Bee Venom Remedy” used to be coined via Dr. Bodog F.
  • The injectable of bee venom known as Apitoxin used to be patented in Korea via Dr. Christopher Kim.

About Apitherapy

Apitherapy uses honeybee merchandise, with each and every of the goods focused on specific diseases, due to the potent elements present in them. Those merchandise come with:

1. Beehive Air Remedy

Apitherapy - Beehive Air Therapy
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The usage of beehive air as a remedy possibility used to be advanced via Heinrich Huttner, an Austrian. It’s believed that beehive air is helping scale back bronchial asthma and removes respiration allergic reactions and that the air inhaled from the beehive carries with it really helpful merchandise which can be made from the honeybee frame.

Beehive air comprises herbal ingredients comparable to propolis, cytochrome protein, the odor of honey, wax, and different 1000-plus ingredients. Propolis boasts robust anti inflammatory houses and could also be a herbal antioxidant. The cytochrome protein is helping do away with chemical residues and any hydrocarbons which can be discovered within the frame. It’s believed that the opposite ingredients when blended with those two make healing remedy top-of-the-line.

It’s believed that beehive air remedy is a good immune booster and relieves bronchial asthma and allergic sicknesses. Proponents declare that sufferers get the most productive effects after present process 10 to 40 beehive air remedy periods. The remedy is designed to enrich different remedy choices and is in most cases achieved with the supervision of a health care provider. The most productive time for beehive air remedy is all the way through the summer season months and that depends on your area. The air can be extracted for quarter-hour for each software and two honeybee colonies can be enough for a 30-minute consultation. Moreover, the hive can be given a forty five mins damage after an preliminary consultation.

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Different sicknesses that can be countered with beehive air remedy come with immunodeficiency, power complications, and persistent Rhinitis. The tool utilized in beehive air remedy accommodates a tube with a sieve that is going into the beehive and an airflow controller that is helping keep watch over the volume of air inhaled. It’s in-built any such method that the affected person does now not come into direct touch with the honeybees however will sit down beside or at the back of the hive.

One of the crucial advantages of beehive air remedy come with:

  • It’s an immune booster.
  • Is helping beef up the respiration organs.
  • Improves total well-being.
  • Removes pressure.

2. Bee Venom

Apitherapy - Bee Venom

This honeybee product is produced via two glands located at the honeybee stinging equipment. It’s medically identified via the time period apitoxin. The substance is wealthy in useful elements that come with protease inhibitors, hyaluronidase, melittin, dopamine, apamin, histamine, phospholipase A2, and ado-lapin.

Bee venom will also be administered to sufferers in two tactics. First off, apipuncture or bee sting remedy is the place the are living bee is used to immediately inject the remedy house. That is recurrently implemented within the remedy of arthritis and pores and skin diseases. Secondly, it may be administered via bee venom remedy the place apitoxin or apitox the place the affected person receives two separate injections of as much as 2ml from two docs. The affected person has to go through an allergic reaction take a look at ahead of the bee venom is run.

One of the crucial advantages of bee venom come with the next:

  • Allergic sensitivity – via venom immunotherapy sufferers are ready to conquer allergic sensitivity. The venom is in a position to decrease systematic response chance in folks with bee sting allergic reactions via about 95%.
  • Most cancers remedy – bee venom’s elements comparable to melittin and phospholipase A2 lend a hand within the remedy of most cancers. They’re potent anti-cancer treatments. Mellitin additionally is helping keep an eye on neuropathy on account of chemotherapy.
  • Remedy of liver fibrosis – melittin is helping counter irritation and is helping save you liver fibrosis.
  • Arthritis remedy – bee venom’s robust anti inflammatory houses and ache aid has been successfully used to relieve ache and irritation in sufferers affected by arthritis.

3. Honey

Honey is no doubt the most well liked honeybee product for the truth that it’s broadly ate up and authorised. It’s utilized in many industries together with apitherapy, courting again to the earlier period when Chinese language, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used honey for medicinal functions. Honey boasts some potent elements that give it medicinal houses.

Honey is wealthy in minerals, Amino acids, bioactive compounds, and enzymes. Those come with phosphorus, calcium, zinc, sodium, thiamine, selenium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Arginine, Valine, glucose oxidase, and plenty of others.

Honey is a sturdy anti-microbial product that is helping battle quite a lot of damaging micro-organisms. Honey is constant in efficacy and can be utilized with out worry of organisms growing some resistance. It is helping dehydrate micro organism and inhibits microbial enlargement because of its acidic nature.

Honey is used for therapeutic wounds given its very good antimicrobial houses. It’s best used when sufferers counter resistant micro organism. It is helping quicken therapeutic, reduces irritation, and alleviates ache. It additionally is helping within the remedy of pediatric dermatitis on account of overuse of diapers. It additionally is helping deal with psoriasis.

Honey has additionally been used effectively on sufferers with gastrointestinal issues. It is helping spice up the well being of the Gi machine due to its really helpful probiotics. It is usually useful for sufferers with peptic ulcer and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Different advantages of honey in apitherapy come with the next:

  • Advantages to oral well being – it is helping do away with the micro organism that reason periodontitis.
  • Treats pharyngitis and cough given its anti inflammatory houses.
  • It is helping within the remedy of pancreatic and liver sicknesses.
  • Decreases cardiovascular and metabolic sicknesses because of its phenolic compounds. It diminishes the danger of coronary middle illness, improves endothelial purposes, boosts high-density lipoproteins, and removes the formation of clots.

4. Propolis


That is every other honeybee product with potent elements, making it broadly standard amongst suppliers of apitherapy. It’s basically accrued via employee bees from all kinds of crops. It’s been in use as a medicinal product for a few years.

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Honeybees make propolis from ingredients accrued from portions of crops and buds. It is usually identified via the identify bee glue because it is helping bees within the development and service in their colony. It’s used for sealing cracks, opening, and likewise smoothing tough surfaces within the colony. Those limitations are created to stay off exterior invaders that come with snakes, ants, lizards, rats, and plenty of others.

Propolis has been in use since earlier period within the remedy of illnesses. It used to be popularly utilized by the Egyptians in embalming their ancestors. Greeks and Romans used propolis as a mouth disinfectant and for therapeutic wounds.

Propolis is located in well being meals shops right now and is really useful as a herbal treatment for plenty of diseases. It is helping counter most cancers, irritation, and removes damaging pathogens comparable to damaging microbes. It comprises resin, very important oils, wax, pollen, and other natural compounds. Minerals and nutrients also are present in propolis.

Propolis could also be used within the cosmetics and meals and drinks industries. It’s to be had for business use in quite a lot of paperwork comprising powder, tablets, lotions, throat lozenges, and others. It may be taken as an oral complement, implemented topically at the pores and skin, or diluted in water and used as a mouthwash.

One of the crucial primary advantages of propolis in apitherapy come with:

  • It is helping sufferers with diabetes. It is helping decrease the potential of stroke and artery sicknesses in sufferers with diabetes.
  • It is helping counter human breast most cancers. Its elements lend a hand assault human lung most cancers cells selectively as properly. It additionally is helping inhibits the advance of alternative cancers comparable to pores and skin most cancers, oral most cancers, and lung most cancers.
  • It supplies immense advantages to oral well being. Mouthwash with propolis is helping heal surgical wounds. When added to toothpaste it is helping battle gingivitis on account of dental plaque.
  • It is helping fasten therapeutic in sufferers with gastrointestinal issues of an efficacy of between 52 to 60 p.c.
  • Propolis has antioxidants which can be useful in decreasing irritation, particularly in sufferers with arthritis. It stops swelling and minimizes its severity.
  • It really works as a substitute remedy for oral or genital herpes.

5. Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is composed of 3 elements compacted in combination, specifically, plant pollen, honey, and honeybee salivary ingredients. It’s a very powerful vitamin for the honeybee colonies. Well being and wealth practitioners have followed bee pollen as a treatment for quite a few issues.

Bee pollen is the primary meals supply that gives proteins, fat, and minerals for honeybee colonies. It’s a very powerful meals for brood and newly emerged staff. Those bees require pollen to verify the correct building in their fats frame and the hypopharyngeal glands. Those organs ensure the survival of the bees all the way through wintry weather.

The grownup employee bees which can be thought to be the nurse bees for the queen and brood devour a better quantity of bee pollen. The quantity of pollen produced relies at the colony’s want and pollen shops are stored at a naked minimal via honeybee colonies.

Bee pollen is accrued from flowering crops, basically the tiny grains discovered at the anthers or the male a part of the flowering plant. The standard of the pollen is thus pegged on the kind of plant it’s sourced from. The employee bees that accumulate pollen will range in response to their function. Some will simplest specialise in pollen assortment whilst others will accumulate each nectar and pollen.

Bee pollen reveals some houses that come with: anti inflammatory, anti-cancer, immunity booster, and anti-bacterial and different pathogens. A few of its key elements come with carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, polyphenolics, nutrients, minerals, and bioactive ingredients.

The advantages of bee pollen come with:

  • It is helping deal with wounds on account of burns. It speeds up therapeutic and is helping alleviate ache from diseases.
  • This is a robust anti inflammatory product that is helping scale back irritation and straightforwardness ache.
  • It removes dryness, pores and skin growing older, and harm. That may provide an explanation for why it’s used broadly in cosmetics. It additionally is helping neutralize loose radicals within the pores and skin.
  • It is helping advertise digestion. It is usually an immunity booster serving to produce protecting and anti-oxidizing compounds that offer protection to the frame from loose radicals and viruses.
  • It boosts the well being of the prostate as a complementary and no-surgical prevention means.
  • The big variety of very important amino acids present in bee pollen improves power and is utilized by athletes to advertise efficiency.

6. Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

This white and viscous jelly is made via honeybees the use of their hypopharyngeal glands. It’s made purposely for feeding the brood all the way through their early lifestyles. The queen bee then again depends on this all her early lifestyles and that is the substance that makes a queen the queen. It’s sticky and white coloured and looks as if milk. It additionally has a particular smell and bitter style.

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The queen bee is one and a part occasions larger than the employee bee, is sexually mature, and can out survive all different bees, residing from era to era. All this will also be attributed to the meals they only feed on that we name the royal jelly.

A larva that might be anticipated to finally end up being an infertile employee bee is remodeled right into a sexually mature queen the use of royal jelly. The substance is produced via employee bees between the ages of 6 to fourteen days outdated and can use pollen and honey because the supply fabrics for making royal jelly.

Royal jelly is harvested from honeybee colonies via using the talent of organising a colony and not using a queen bee. This sort of colony will have to have an enormous selection of younger bees. Those bees are brought about into making ready queens via offering queen cups or cells.  A number of of those cups will include honeybee eggs which were hand made into them. The bees will refill those cups with royal jelly that may later be harvested for business functions.

Royal jelly comprises a compound known as Royalactin that provides it anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, immune-boosting and anti-inflammation houses. Different chemical elements that make up royal jelly come with lipids, water, nutrients, carbohydrates, immunomodulatory compounds, proteins, fatty acids, hormones, adenosine, acetylcholine, and polyphenols.

Well being has traditionally been used for selling wholesome and lengthy lifestyles. It used to be known as “The Meals for Emperors” in conventional Chinese language drugs. It used to be identified to forestall diseases, spice up energy, and grant a longevity.

The Maharajas of India have been identified to make use of royal jelly for medicinal functions and have been identified for maintaining younger power. Egyptians used royal jelly as properly, being meals for pharaohs.

At this time, royal jelly is used around the globe, with China being the main manufacturer and exporter of royal jelly. Japan could also be a best manufacturer and exporter of royal jelly.

 One of the crucial advantages of royal jelly come with:

  • Therapeutic wounds – it’s really helpful in therapeutic diabetic foot ulcers, promotes collagen manufacturing, and stimulates blood go with the flow therefore serving to quicken the therapeutic procedure.
  • Fights micro organism, irritation, and tumors – its robust anti-inflammation, and anti-bacterial houses make royal jelly a treasured product in apitherapy. It additionally is helping decrease levels of cholesterol within the human frame.
  • Is helping counter growing older and neurogenerative prerequisites, not unusual in sufferers with Alzheimer’s illness. It’s specifically really useful for the aged because it boosts urge for food and weight. Its neuroprotective motion additionally is helping spice up the full well being of the aged.
  • Excellent treatment for the ones affected by reproductive issues. It is helping repair hormonal imbalance and that may provide an explanation for its use on sufferers with menopausal signs.

7. Different Honeybee Merchandise

One of the crucial different honeybee merchandise which were studied and are actually utilized in apitherapy come with:

  • Beeswax – is understood to be the least allergic product and is made from the honeybee’s frame. It’s used for coating medication because it is helping save you the dissolution of goods ahead of they succeed in the digestive tract. It’s impartial and won’t react within the digestive machine. Beeswax will also be ingested as a treatment for colds. It additionally is helping beef up pores and skin well being, making it clean and recent. Moreover, beeswax when chewed will inhibit gingivitis and spice up the manufacturing of abdomen juices and saliva.
  • Apilarnil – a product as a consequence of Nicolae V. Iliescu. It’s produced from the elements of a 7-day-old drone larvae cells, which incorporates the drone larvae and larvae meals comparable to pollen, royal jelly, bee bread, and honey. The milky substance with its yellowish-to-green colour has a bitter style and has a number of advantages as a consequence of its elements (intercourse hormones, nutrients, minerals, water, proteins, fatty acids, lipids, and carbohydrates). It’s utilized in apitherapy to spice up the load of seminal glands, beef up ejaculation volumes, and spice up epididymis well being, and testosterone manufacturing. It additionally is helping ease abdomen ulcers and liver issues.
  • Apilarmel – a product with apilarnil, honey, and pollen. It’s utilized in apitherapy to heal respiration virosis in small children.


The inhalation of the air that emanates from the beehive is thought to be efficient in definitely impacting psychophysical wellbeing. Proponents say a couple of hours of apitherapy inject certain power, improves frame immunity, supercharges the respiration machine, removes pressure, and boosts common well-being. Additional, proponents say that it is going to lend a hand the ones affected by allergic reactions, again ache, power throat infections, recovering from stroke, migraines, rheumatism, insomnia, despair, emotional dysfunction, immune deficiency, respiration sicknesses, and persistent Rhinitis. Apitherapy is another remedy means. You will have to discuss together with your approved doctor to peer whether it is best for you. 


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