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Herrerasaurus Head

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Varieties Of Dinosaurs By means of Duration

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Dinosaurs: A Entire Information (From Egg to Extinction)

dinosaur facts

What Does ‘Dinosaur’ Imply?

The phrase ‘dinosaur’ was once invented via the English biologist Sir Richard Owen. He first used the time period ‘Dinosauria’ in 1842, when he wanted a phrase for a brand new team of animals that he had not too long ago known.

Sir Richard Owen
Sir Richard Owen: paleontologist and inventor of the phrase ‘Dinosaur’.

The phrase dinosaur comes from two Greek phrases: ‘deinos’, because of this ‘horrible’, and ‘sauros’, because of this ‘lizard’. Subsequently ‘dinosaur’ manner ‘horrible lizard’.

Strictly talking, dinosaurs are not lizards, but it surely’s nonetheless an excessively becoming identify!

What Is A Dinosaur?

This may occasionally marvel you, however dinosaurs are nonetheless alive, within the form of birds! You’ll be told extra concerning the dating between dinosaurs and birds additional down the web page.

In this web page, once we use the phrase dinosaurs, we imply ‘non-avian dinosaurs’. This is, all the dinosaurs that did not evolve into birds.

Evolution, via the way in which, is how animals exchange through the years. It does not occur in a single day; a chicken did not all at once hatch from a T. Rex egg! Evolution can take hundreds–if now not tens of millions–of years, with numerous tiny adjustments going on over those immense timespans.

What Makes a Dinosaur a Dinosaur? Dinosaur Traits

Spinosaurus Dinosaur
Dinosaurs had been a various team of animals. Above is Spinosaurus, which paleontologists assume was once almost certainly a expert fish eater.

Paleontology (or palaeontology in British English) is the medical learn about of prehistoric existence, and a paleontologist (or palaeontologist in British English) is a scientist concerned on this department of science.

Dinosaurs had been a enormously various team of animals. Some dinosaurs had been grazers, some had been predators, some lived in herds, some had horns and a few had armour, however in spite of some of these variations, there have been issues that every one dinosaurs had in not unusual.

Dinosaurs had been reptiles, and all dinosaurs laid eggs.

The legs of dinosaurs projected downwards from the frame. This adaptation gave dinosaurs added mobility and velocity, atmosphere them aside from early reptiles and crocodiles, which had “sprawling” gaits, their legs projecting outwards from the frame.

Dinosaurs lived between 250 and 65 million years in the past, from the early Triassic length to the tip of the Cretaceous length.

Being reptiles, dinosaurs are associated with the snakes, crocodiles, lizards, and many others., of nowadays. Then again, while just about all of nowadays’s reptiles have very little interior regulate over frame temperature (i.e. they’re cold-blooded, or ectothermic), there may be proof to indicate that a minimum of some dinosaurs had been warm-blooded, or endothermic.

Dinosaurs had been land animals (even though some are idea to have had semi-aquatic existence), and, till they started to conform into birds, there have been no flying dinosaurs.

Pterosaurs, the well-known “flying dinosaurs”, weren’t in fact dinosaurs; neither had been “swimming dinosaurs” corresponding to plesiosaurs and mosasaurs.

Pterodactyl flying reptile
This Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur!

There have been many various kinds of dinosaur, and so they lived in many various habitats. There have been meat-eating, plant-eating and omnivorous dinosaurs, and lots of developed to have specialist diets corresponding to seeds or bugs.

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Dinosaurs ranged in measurement from the chicken-sized compsognathus (and a few not too long ago found out species that can were even smaller) to the enormous sauropods – together with the Titanosaurs, the largest recognized dinosaurs.

Some dinosaurs walked on two legs (i.e., they had been bipedal), some on 4 (i.e., they had been quadrupedal), and a few (corresponding to Iguanadon) had been ready to stroll on each two and 4 legs.

The first actual dinosaurs – the ancestors of all dinosaurs that adopted – had been bipedal.

Traits Of Dinosaurs: Abstract

  • Dinosaurs had been reptiles
  • Instantly legs projecting downwards from the frame.
  • Lived on land (with some semi-aquatic exceptions). (Plesiosaurs and mosasaurs weren’t dinosaurs!)
  • May now not fly (till they developed into birds). (Pterosaurs weren’t dinosaurs!)
  • Lived in all 3 classes of the Mesozoic Technology (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous).
  • First gave the impression all the way through the mid-Triassic length.
  • Was extinct on the finish of the Cretaceous length.

Varieties Of Dinosaurs

  • You’ll be able to to find out extra concerning the various kinds of dinosaurs in this web page: Varieties Of Dinosaurs

We’ve all heard of dinosaurs corresponding to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus. Each and every of those, and all the different well-known dinosaurs, had been one in every of both of the 2 major kinds of dinosaur, Ornithischia and Saurischia.

The 2 kinds of dinosaur had been known via British paleontologist Harry Seeley.

1.      Ornithischia

The identify Ornithischia comes from the Greek for “bird-hipped”. The hip bones of those dinosaurs are very similar to the ones of present-day birds.

Iguanodon Ornithischia Dinosaur
Iguanodons had been ornithischian dinosaurs.

Confusingly, birds are in fact descended from the Saurischians, moderately than the Ornithischians.

Ornithischians had been herbivorous (plant-eating) dinosaurs. Early Ornithischians had been small and bipedal (strolling on two legs). Then again, as they developed, the ornithischians got here to be extra various than the saurischians. Maximum well known ornithischians walked on 4 legs.

Some examples of ornithischians come with the armoured dinosaurs corresponding to ankylosaurus and stegosaurus, ornithopods corresponding to Iguanodon, and ceratopsians corresponding to triceratops.

2.      Saurischia

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus rex, probably the most well-known saurischian

Saurischian manner ‘lizard-hipped’; this kind of dinosaur’s hip bones resemble the ones of a lizard. Saurischian dinosaurs can also be divided into two major sorts: theropods and sauropods.


Theropoda is the gang of dinosaurs that comes with all the well-known carnivorous species you’ve without a doubt noticed in movies corresponding to ‘Jurassic Park’. Those dinosaurs walked on two robust legs, and had lengthy tails, brief fingers, and massive jaws!

Examples of theropods come with Allosaurus, Oviraptor, and Tyrannosaurus.

A gaggle of theropod dinosaurs in the end developed into birds; and theropods had been due to this fact the one dinosaurs to live on the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction tournament that happened round 66 million years in the past, through which all different dinosaurs become extinct.


The opposite major form of saurischian dinosaurs had been the sauropods. Those had been massive, herbivorous dinosaurs, with small heads, lengthy necks, and 4 stout legs to hold their monumental weight. Well known sauropods come with Apatosaurus, Diplodocus and Brontosaurus.

How Did Dinosaurs Evolve?

Reptile-like animals developed from four-legged amphibians 350 million years in the past, all the way through the Carboniferous length. The exchange from amphibian to reptile-like animal concerned gaining legs, lungs, and eggs that might live on on land.

Those diversifications intended that early reptiles had been now not tied to the water; they might transfer round and reproduce on land.

The primitive reptile-like animals cut up into a number of branches. Some would in the end change into the acquainted reptiles that we all know nowadays, corresponding to snakes, lizards and turtles. Others would change into mammals. Different branches, corresponding to plesiosaurs, wouldn’t live on the more than a few extinction occasions that will later befall the arena.

One team of early reptiles had been the archosaurs. The phrase ‘archosaurs’ manner ‘ruling reptiles’.

An instance of an archosaur is Erythrosuchus, a meat-eating early reptile which was once round 5 metres (16 feet.) lengthy.

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Archosaurs went on to separate into two major branches. The sort of was once the early crocodilians – the ancestors of nowadays’s crocodiles and alligators.

Saltwater Crocodile
The fundamental design of a crocodile hasn’t modified for tens of millions of years!

The opposite major form of archosaur was once the Avemetatarsalians. That is the department that will give upward push to dinosaurs (and likewise to pterosaurs, the flying reptiles).

When Did Dinosaurs Are living?

Dinosaurs lived within the Mesozoic Technology, which is sometimes called the “Age of Reptiles”. The Mesozoic Technology started round 252 million years in the past, and ended round 66 million years in the past. It’s subdivided into 3 smaller classes: the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous classes.

The earliest dinosaurs began appearing between round 231 and 243 million years in the past, all the way through the Triassic length. They had been small, and walked on two legs.

Round 201.3 million years in the past, a world extinction tournament happened. This marked the tip of the Triassic length and the start of the Jurassic length.

The Triassic–Jurassic extinction tournament, because it is referred to now, burnt up over part of the species we all know existed all the way through that point. It additionally set the scene for the dinosaurs to take over the arena!

Rainforest Understory Layer
Right through the Jurassic length, the local weather was once scorching and humid, and rainforests gave the impression.

Dinosaurs become the dominant land vertebrates (animals with backbones) after the Triassic–Jurassic extinction tournament. They remained so during the Jurassic and Cretaceous classes.

Their reign got here to an finish with any other extinction tournament – the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction tournament – which came about round 66 million years in the past. This led to all the non-avian dinosaurs to change into extinct.

Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Technically, dinosaurs survived (as birds), however with the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction tournament, the age of the enormous reptiles was once over. The reign of the dinosaurs lasted for round 170 million years.

Dinosaurs existed for round 170 million years. Homo sapiens (fashionable people) have handiest been round for 200,000 years, and Primates (the gang that comes with all apes and monkeys) has been round for 60 to 80 million years. We’ve got were given a protracted option to pass to be as a hit as dinosaurs!

Birds Descended From Dinosaurs

“You pay attention that Mr. Cheetah? I am a dinosaur!”

Scientists now assume that every one of nowadays’s birds are descended from therapods, that have been Saurischian dinosaurs (see ‘Varieties of Dinosaur’, above). Many therapods are believed to have had feathers – even Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Probably the most bird-like of the therapods branched off into a bunch known as Coelurosauria, which comes from the Greek which means ‘hollow-tailed lizards’.

Even though outwardly, many Coelurosaurians didn’t precisely resemble birds (Tyrannosaurus Rex was once a Coelurosaurian), a department of Coelurosauria known as maniraptorans would change into the ancestors of all the birds on the planet nowadays.

Birds began appearing within the Jurassic length, and will be the handiest dinosaurs to live on the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction tournament.

The place Did Dinosaurs Are living?

Earth from Space
Dinosaurs were present in each and every continent, however the global did not appear to be this within the Mesozoic Technology!

Dinosaur stays were discovered on each and every continent. They’ve even been present in Antarctica, the place scientists have discovered fossils of each plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs.

This doesn’t imply, then again, that dinosaurs lived in Antarctic stipulations. Within the Triassic length – when dinosaurs began appearing – there was once just one massive supercontinent, known as Pangaea, because of this ‘all Earth’.

The Triassic local weather was once dry and heat. Dinosaurs may just unfold in every single place around the huge landmass. Because of this we discover fossils of the similar form of dinosaurs in numerous portions of the arena nowadays.

Within the Jurassic length, Pangaea started to separate into two major landmasses known as Laurasia and Gondwana.

Because the continents pulled aside, oceans flooded into the gaps between them. Dinosaurs had been now not loose to roam throughout the entire of the arena’s land. The local weather started to chill (even though it was once nonetheless scorching), and there was once extra rain.

All the way through the Jurassic and Cretaceous classes, the landmasses would proceed to slowly separate into the continents we all know nowadays.

Dinosaur Extinction

Allosaurus Skeleton
‘It was once just right whilst it lasted …’ Allosaurus skeleton

Dinosaurs had been extraordinarily a hit animals, however in the end the ‘Age of Reptiles’ got here to an finish.

Round 66 million years in the past, existence on Earth was once devastated via a unexpected, dramatic prevalence that led to 75% of all plant and animal species to change into extinct.

There are lots of explanations for what is referred to now because the Cretaceous–Paleogene (Ok-Pg) extinction tournament. Theories come with large international volcanic eruptions and adjustments in world temperatures.

Some other people even assume that any other famous person – known as Nemesis – approaches the Solar each and every 26 million years, inflicting asteroids to wreck into Earth.

Meteorite Concept

T Rex Watching Meteorite Before Extinction
May a meteorite strike have burnt up the dinosaurs?

Geologists have known a slender band of sedimentary rock that runs between rocks shaped within the Cretaceous and Paleogene classes. This band is referred to as the Cretaceous–Paleogene, or Ok–Pg, boundary.

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Contained inside this rock is a top focus of an another way uncommon steel known as iridium. Iridium is located basically on the centre of the Earth, and in asteroids and comets.

This gave upward push to one of the vital likeliest explanations for the Ok-Pg extinction tournament: Earth was once struck via a meteorite that was once round 6 miles (10 km) throughout.

The have an effect on would have led to an explosion round 2 million occasions more than a nuclear bomb.

The explosion would have despatched up a gasoline cloud large enough to envelop the arena and motive a number of years of darkness. Temperatures would have dropped dramatically. Crops would were not able to develop, and full meals chains would were burnt up.

The meteorite idea is supported via the invention of the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. This massive have an effect on crater seems to were created across the time of the Ok-Pg extinction tournament.

How We Know About Dinosaurs


Paleontology is the learn about of historical existence.

Scientists who learn about historical existence are referred to as paleontologists (palaeontologists in British English). They learn about fossil stays, the use of wisdom from different medical fields corresponding to biology, chemistry and geology to create an image of the way the arena used to appear.


  • You’ll be able to to find out extra about fossils in this web page: Fossil Details
Dinosaur Fossil
A lot of what we find out about dinosaurs is pieced in combination from fossils.

A lot of our wisdom of dinosaurs is pieced in combination from fossils. Fossils are the preserved strains and stays of residing issues.

Fossils had been being found out lengthy sooner than guy really realised what they had been. They will even have given upward push to myths and legends about dragons and different monsters.

It was once handiest within the 19th century that critical learn about of fossils started.

Fossils are shaped in numerous tactics. One roughly fossil is shaped when the buried stays of an animal are changed via minerals, making a stone fossil.

In a different way a fossil is made is when the unique stays dissolve away utterly, leaving an overview of the stays. This is named a ‘mold fossil’.

Now not all fossils are of the animals themselves. Strains of dinosaurs, corresponding to footprints or even dinosaur droppings can also be fossilised.

Scientists can piece in combination a stunning quantity of knowledge from fossils. Now not handiest can they inform what a dinosaur could have gave the look of, but additionally the way it lived and what it ate. From the rock through which the fossil was once discovered they are able to inform how outdated it’s.

Most sensible Ten Dinosaur Details

  1. The medical learn about of historical existence is named paleontology (palaeontology in British English). Subsequently, in the event you learn about dinosaurs, then you are a paleontologist!
  2. All of our wisdom of dinosaurs comes from fossils – the stays or strains of residing issues which have been preserved as rocks.
  3. The phrase ‘dinosaur’ manner ‘horrible lizard’. It was once invented via the English biologist Sir Richard Owen.
  4. Dinosaurs lived all the way through a lot of the Mesozoic Technology, which came about from round 252 to round 66 million years in the past.
  5. Dinosaurs had been the dominant land vertebrates all the way through the Triassic and Cretaceous classes of the Mesozoic Technology.
  6. Maximum scientists now believe birds to be dinosaurs.
  7. The non-avian dinosaurs (e.g. dinosaurs that weren’t birds) had been burnt up within the Cretaceous–Paleogene (Ok-Pg) extinction tournament, which came about round 66 million years in the past.
  8. Dinosaurs existed for round 170 million years. Homo sapiens (fashionable people), alternatively, have handiest existed for a trifling 200,000 years.
  9. Even the fearsome T Rex could have had feathers.
  10. Dinosaur stays were present in each and every continent.

Dinosaurs: Conclusion

Now that you’ve got completed the thing, attempt to consider what existence was once in point of fact like within the Jurassic and Cretaceous classes. Image on your thoughts how those massive reptiles would possibly have seemed strolling, feeding, looking and preventing.

Consider seeing the consequences of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction tournament, with darkened skies, vegetation loss of life, and the final of the non-avian dinosaurs wandering round in search of meals.

Now mirror on the truth that the entirety that we find out about dinosaurs comes from fossils! It is superb how a lot we will piece in combination the use of many various branches of science, from geology to zoology.

We are hoping that you’ve got loved studying about dinosaurs.

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