Episode 239: Do you’ve gotten a connection factor or cue device confusion?

Once I listen a rider say, ‘I’ve misplaced the relationship with my horse.” I see crimson flags pass up in my thoughts.

Right here’s why.

The majority of the time, if I had been choosing a host, I’d say about 80% of the time, that I listen this AND SEE the pony being ridden…I see CUE SYSTEM CONFUSION. 

Whilst you use your reins, or observe your leg, or shift your weight, those are like particular person ‘phrases,’ that once blended turn out to be sentences. 

Your cue device along with your horse is a language.

When a rider is unclear with their cues, it is smart that the pony can be unclear about the right kind resolution.

If the pony responses to a cue from the rider in an sudden method, the rider should decide how the language changed into muddled or perplexed to provide this.

However you received’t have the ability to do that when you suppose you’ve gotten a connection downside. 

Each and every time you need to mention ‘It felt like I misplaced the relationship with my horse’ I need you to exchange it with “I misplaced the phrases to keep up a correspondence with my horse.”

The most efficient information is, you’ll be told this language. And your horse is open to listening. 

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