Episode 443: Dinosaurs on Islands. That includes Prehistoric Planet 2

Episode 443: Dinosaurs on Islands. That includes Prehistoric Planet 2. What brought about sea degree to upward push within the Cretaceous and grew to become Europe into a sequence of islands? Would Hatzegopteryx be a risk to people? Which islands did the Prehistoric Planet team movie on? We’ll resolution all the ones questions and extra!


The dinosaur of the day: Morrosaurus

  • Ornithopod iguanodont that lived within the Past due Cretaceous in what’s now Antarctica, at James Ross Island
  • Regarded moderately like Iguanodon, however smaller, with longer legs
  • Regarded as to be medium-sized
  • Estimated to be as much as 13 toes (4 m) lengthy
  • Most probably used to be a quick runner
  • Kind and simplest species is Morrosaurus antarcticus
  • Fossils had been present in 2002 through Fernando Novas, who discovered a partial skeleton within the Snow Hill Island Formation
  • Named and described in 2016 through Sebastian Rozadilla and others
  • Genus title way “El Morro lizard”
  • Genus title refers to El Morro on James Ross Island, the place the fossils had been discovered
  • Species title refers to Antarctica
  • Holotype is a part of the correct hind leg and a part of the foot
  • Holotype is on the Museo Argentino of Ciencias Naturales
  • Rozadilla and others wrote: “The Cretaceous fossil file of non-avian dinosaurs in Antarctica is strongly patchy and biased”
  • Holotype used to be discovered about 98 toes (30 m) underneath a theropod
  • Fossils discovered related to plesiosaur bones and a number of marine invertebrates
  • In 2019, Matthew Lamanna and others described extra Morrosaurus subject material, together with extra of the foot and related however unidentified fragments
  • The foot subject material most probably belonged to the holotype of Morrosaurus, in keeping with the place it used to be discovered and that a part of the foot used to be lacking with the holotype
  • Additionally discussed some kind of ornithopod skeleton discovered close to the place the Morrosaurus holotype used to be discovered. Might be Morrosaurus, however no overlapping bones to check (ornithopod skeleton doesn’t have the hind limb), so can’t know evidently
  • Intently associated with Trinisaura, the one different named ornithopod present in Antarctica
  • Morrosaurus had a stouter femur and tibia (leg bones), in comparison to Trinisaura, which used to be gracile
  • Larger than Trinisaura
  • In 2020, Jordi Garcia-Marsa and others did histology on Morrosaurus and Trinisaura
  • Discovered the holotype of Morrosaurus used to be a sexually mature subadult
  • Discovered the expansion trend of Morrosaurus and Trinisaura used to be very similar to Gasparinisaura and Australian ornithopods
  • Discovered Morrosaurus may develop rapid, but it surely came about periodically, now not ceaselessly
  • Expansion bogged down because it were given older
  • Previous histological research discovered that Triassic and Jurassic archosaurs grew in cycles and grew briefly once they had been younger, because of this it is a plesiomorphic function (ancestral) for archosauriforms, which might have made it imaginable for dinosaurs to reside in excessive environments while not having essential physiological adjustments
  • A part of the gang Elasmaria, which might be recognized for operating rapid
  • Elasmaria comprises dinosaurs from what’s now Patagonia, Antarctica, and Australia, which presentations that they had equivalent forms of animals
  • Land connection between Patagonia and Antarctica way there have been some shared animals and crops
  • Turns out that dinosaurs from the James Ross Basin are very similar to the dinosaurs present in southern South The usa
  • Very similar to a number of Patagonian animals, corresponding to Gasparinisaura, an ornithopod that lived within the Past due Cretaceous in what’s now Patagonia
  • Lived in a seasonal local weather, with winters setting out to virtually -30° Celsius
  • May just get a number of rainfall, and a number of humidity
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Amusing Reality:

There are numerous forms of islands, however Continental islands are the most efficient puts to search out dinosaurs.

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