Episode 495: Why Dinosaurs? Plus the primary dinosaur bones from South The united states

Episode 495: Why Dinosaurs? Plus the primary dinosaur bones from South The united states. Tony and James sign up for to talk about the standing in their dinosaur documentary. Tietasaura was once named from the oldest dinosaur fossils accumulated in South The united states. A brand new Archaeopteryx. Plus a breakdown of the most important sauropod teams.


  • There’s a brand new elasmarian ornithopod, Tietasaura derbyiana supply
  • The Box Museum in Chicago has a brand new to science Archaeopteryx on show supply
  • The Nationwide Museum of Brazil were given a donation of over 1,100 fossils that have been all present in Brazil supply

Listener comments:

  • An enchanting Triassic sauropodomorph named Pampadromaeus
  • A breakdown of the most important sauropod teams and what makes them distinctive


Tony and James Pinto are the daddy and son staff at the back of the function duration documentary Why Dinosaurs? Which we’ve got been following for years. Tony is the filmmaker and the director and James not too long ago graduated from UC Berkeley with some extent in Integrative Biology & Geology. Apply them on Instagram @WhyDinosaurs


You’ll be able to dig up actual dinosaur bones this summer season with Colorado Northwestern Neighborhood Faculty! Sign up for them for a two week immersive box paleontology revel in digging up dinosaur bones from the Jurassic length in Northwest Colorado. There are two scheduled digs: July 6–July 20 and July 22–August 5. There also are two concurrent immersive lab tactics systems to be had. Get the entire main points and sign in on-line at cncc.edu/dinodig

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The dinosaur of the day: Bradycneme

  • Theropod dinosaur that lived within the Past due Cretaceous in what’s now Transylvania, Romania (Ha?eg Basin)
  • Named from a partial decrease proper leg
  • Kind and most effective species is Bradycneme draculae
  • Named in 1975 via C.J.O. Harrison and C.A. Walker
  • They named two: Bradycneme and Heptasteornis
  • Concept Bradycneme was once a big owl (when named Bradycneme)
  • Fossil discovered via Girl Smith-Woodward in 1923
  • Fossil in moderately just right situation, however small spaces have been overwhelmed
  • Holotype is nearly 4 cm (about 1.5 in) vast
  • If it have been an owl, would had been stout, and about 6.6 toes (2 m) tall
  • Initially Bradycneme and Heptasteornis have been assigned to the chook Elopteryx nopcsai (may well be a troodontid)
  • Elopteryx named in 1913, in keeping with part a femur (thighbone), after which referred different bones to it, together with the bone now assigned to Bradycneme
  • Over time, has been cut up and synonymized with Heptasteornis and Elopteryx
  • All in keeping with fragmentary fossils (all portions of the leg)
  • The Catalogue of Fossil Birds in 1978 wrote: “The holotype were doubtfully referred to Elopteryx nopcsai via Andrews (1913) but it surely virtually indisputably represents a theropod dinosaur”
  • When regarded as Elopteryx, regarded as a pelecaniform chook (medium to huge aquatic birds)
  • For some time, regarded as one of the vital oldest owls recognized
  • Described as a big owl “a lot greater than any described species”
  • Every now and then, has been regarded as a troodontid
  • Ankle bones very similar to tetanurans (which incorporates tyrannosaurs, ornithomimosaurs, and birds, to call a couple of)
  • Additionally had some options very similar to troodontids, with positive grooves and shapes
  • One learn about urged it was once very similar to Deinonychus, however later research couldn’t in finding the similarities
  • In 1998 Zoltan Csiki-Save and Dan Grigorescu stated “Bradycneme” was once an off-the-cuff identify, in quotes, in part as it is analogous with troodontids however had a personality that made it now not appear to be a coelurosaur, the clade that comes with all theropods extra carefully associated with birds (stated extra fossils have been wanted, and located variations between Bradycneme and Elopteryx)
  • Newest is Bradycneme regarded as to be an alvarezsaurid
  • As an alvarezsaurid, most definitely walked on two legs, had very quick hands (so quick you’d most effective understand its finger or arms), a protracted tail, a brief neck, a protracted face with a beak, and possibly had feathers
  • Genus identify manner “large leg” or “heavy leg”
  • Species identify draculae comes from the Romanian phrase dracul, because of this evil one (refers to Dracula)
  • Lived on an island, with a variety of rivers and lakes
  • Different animals that lived round the similar time and position come with amphibians, turtles, crocodyliforms, lizards, mammals, and pterosaurs
  • Different dinosaurs that lived round the similar time and position come with the armored nodosaur Struthiosaurus, the small sauropod Magyarosaurus, and theropods together with Elopteryx and Heptasteornis
  • Can be informed extra main points in episode 400, our milestone episode all concerning the dwarf dinosaurs of Hateg Island
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Amusing Truth:

The truth that dinosaurs have feathers is just right proof that they have been heat blooded.

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