First Cuckoo Ossemsley 2024 | Hen Spot

Julie Mathews heard a cuckoo the day before today at about 1.30 pm in forest in Ossemsley, close to New Milton within the New Wooded area, Hampshire.

She stated, “The fantastic cuckoo was once calling for approximately 10 to fifteen mins. It was once within the branches flying to a number of timber ( no longer utterly visual ) till I most effective heard it because it went deeper into canopies.

“I’ve left my forest untouched and utterly herbal with very outdated timber of Oak, Chestnut and Birch (indigenous New Wooded area) with some small Ash with a large number of birds additionally Buzzards, Kites, and observed a Goshawk.

“Is also the place I’ve dwelling and visits from Roe, Fallow, Muntjac and Sika Deer and feature their younger.

“Adjacent the monitor is an overly massive farm meadow which is a mile to stroll round, with hedgerow and blackberries. The Hen Flu has affected the fowl numbers right here. However I am hoping rebuilding are the only prescious Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Robins, Bullfinch, Nuthatch, Lengthy-tailed and Nice Titties, Thrush, Blackbirds, and plenty of different summer season customer – no longer that many Bluetits regardless that.

“Even though no longer closing yr, however maximum years I do pay attention our prescious Cuckoo which I simply love to listen to.”

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