French beef imports fell in 2023 – Swine information

The entire quantity of all beef merchandise imported into France lowered in 2023 after emerging sharply in 2021 and 2022. The quantity is estimated at 605,000 t carcass an identical (-5.5% from 2022) plus 78,000 t in offal.

Spain stays France’s primary recent and frozen beef provider, accounting for 66% of import volumes. Germany comes subsequent (8%), adopted by way of the United Kingdom (8%). In 2023, Spanish operators exported 210,000 t carcass an identical of clean and frozen beef to France (+6.8%), principally boneless ham and bellies in addition to 67,000 t carcass an identical of charcuterie (+7.2%), 5,000 t of fat (+10.9%), and 33,000 t of offal (-1.1%). Red meat imports from Germany, France’s second-largest provider, fell by way of 25,000 t (-19.8%), most probably reflecting the rustic’s lowered slaughter. Offal could also be down (-10.2%). Finally, imports of charcuterie and sausages, which rose sharply in 2022, without a doubt because of one-off destocking results connected to the presence of African swine fever in Germany, returned to a decrease degree in 2023 than in 2021 (74,000 t carcass an identical, -29.7%). Italy, France’s third-largest provider with regards to cost, provided principally charcuterie (51,000 t carcass an identical in 2023, +4.9%, together with 8,500 t of hams) at the side of fat (10,000 t, -5.9%).

Main suppliers of pork and pork products to France (in tons carcass equivalent). Source: 333 based on data from France AgriMer.
Primary providers of beef and beef merchandise to France (in heaps carcass an identical). Supply: 333 in accordance with knowledge from France AgriMer.

France principally imports high-value-added merchandise, items that experience gone through complex chopping for French charcuterie producers, and processed merchandise able for intake, offered in supermarkets and catering shops. The entire cost of France’s imports is estimated at 2.2 billion euros in 2023, up 17.4% year-on-year.

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March 2024/ Markets for dairy, meat, and poultry merchandise. Evaluate 2023/ France AgriMer/ France.

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