How Can I Inform How Previous My Kitten Is?

One week old kitten which has just opened its eyes

This one week outdated kitten has simply opened their eyes. Edmond Ohanes Santurdjian / Shutterstock

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In the event you simply were given a new kitten, you’ll be questioning how briefly they age. Figuring out the age of your kitten permits you to ensure they’re growing accurately and receiving the care they want at every necessary existence degree—however it may be more straightforward stated than finished.

This text gives you a complete working out of the bodily and behavioral milestones that include every week of a kitten’s existence. We can additionally provide an explanation for precisely methods to deal with a kitten at every degree: how ceaselessly to feed them, weaning, socialization, veterinary care, and extra.

The Significance of Figuring out Your Kitten’s Age

Kittens alternate all of a sudden within the first weeks in their existence, as do their wishes. In the event you’ve taken in a brand new kitten, it’s necessary as a way to age them correctly, so you realize:

  • In the event that they’re growing as they must be
  • What temperature to stay their surroundings
  • How ceaselessly they want feeding and when to wean them directly to forged meals
  • How and when to start out socialization
  • When it’s secure to manage flea and malicious program merchandise
  • When to take them for his or her first vaccinations

Even supposing you might be elevating a clutter your self, and know precisely how outdated your kittens are, working out kitten milestones is helping you give them the whole lot you want. It’ll additionally can help you spot any issues early.

Consider, if in case you have discovered an deserted kitten, the very first thing you must do is take them to a veterinarian for a complete well being take a look at.

Kitten Age Chart

Maximum new child kittens are born at round 3.5 oz and must acquire weight at a rather predictable fee till they’re round 10 weeks outdated. In case your kitten is in excellent frame situation, this at hand chart will give a coarse estimate in their age in keeping with the kitten’s weight and duration.

Age Reasonable Weight Reasonable Period
New child 100g / 3.5 ounces 7 inches
1 Week 200g / 7 ounces 7 inches
2 Weeks 300g / 10.5 ounces 8 inches
3 Weeks 400g / 14 ounces 8.5 inches
4 Weeks 500g / 1 lb 1 ounces 9 inches
5 Weeks 600g / 1 lb 5oz 9.5 inches
6 Weeks 700g / 1 lb 9 ounces 10 inches
7 Weeks 800g / 1 lb 12 ounces 10.5 inches
8 Weeks 900g / 1 lb 15 ounces 11 inches

Whilst measurement is a great place to begin when estimating a kitten’s age, there are necessary bodily and developmental milestones which might be much more correct.

The New child Kitten

A small newborn kitten in the hands of a person

New child kittens are born with their eyes closed and their ears folded. Rudak Hanna / Shutterstock

When a kitten is first born their eyes will likely be closed and their ears folded over. They are going to nonetheless have an umbilical wire, which can progressively dry up and fall off about 3 to 5 days after start. They don’t have any tooth but.

Kittens are born not able to look, listen, or stroll. They make sense in their new global via heat, odor, and contact. Because of this they’re totally reliant on their mom (or foster carer) for all their wishes. New child kittens want to feed from their mother kind of each and every two hours. Their mother may also assist them cross to the bathroom via licking their perineal space after feeding.

In case your kitten nonetheless has their umbilical wire connected, they’ll be lower than 5 days outdated.

Taking good care of a New child Kitten

In case your new child kitten is with their mother, you received’t want to do a lot if they’re heat, fed, and toileted. They may be able to’t keep an eye on their frame temperatures but, so that you must goal to stay them at round 90 levels F.

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Typically, the most productive particular person to deal with a new child kitten is their mother. However, if a kitten is separated from their mother, she turns into sick, or she has rejected them, it’s possible you’ll want to step in. Turning into a foster mother is a huge process! Within the first week, kittens will want bottle-feeding kitten components each and every two hours. You are going to additionally want to wipe below their tails (the perineum) with a damp material to assist them pee and champagne, and ensure they’re blank later on.

It’s necessary to identify any kittens within the clutter who aren’t growing usually. Kittens must double their start weight within the first week. Weighing every kitten day-to-day can also be a great way to make sure they’re rising as they must.

One-Week-Previous Kittens

By way of one week outdated, your kitten must have kind of doubled their start weight. Their umbilical wire could have fallen off, however their eyes will more than likely nonetheless be closed. The eyes and ears generally start to open this week and must be totally open via about two weeks outdated. Don’t concern if one eye opens firstthat’s totally standard. They nonetheless received’t have any tooth appearing but.

At one week outdated your kitten will nonetheless spend maximum in their day sound asleep. You could realize they’re beginning to wiggle round extra in preparation for strolling – and they’ll certainly be noisier!

In case your kitten has their eyes and ears close, however their umbilical wire has fallen off, they’ll be about one week outdated.

Taking good care of a One-Week-Previous Kitten

One-week-old kittens have identical must new child kittens. They are going to want to feed from their mother (or bottle, in the event that they’re being hand-reared) each and every 2-3 hours, and wish assist toileting. They nonetheless want to be saved heat, at about 80-90 levels Fahrenheit.

Two-Week-Previous Kittens

Grey and white two-week-old kitten with blue eyes

All kittens are born with child blue eyes which can alternate to their grownup eye colour via 8-12 weeks. Natalia Kirsanova / Shutterstock

So much could have modified as your kitten reaches their 3rd week of existence. Whilst they’ll nonetheless have deficient imaginative and prescient, your kitten’s eyes and ears are actually totally open. All kittens are born with stunning blue eyes, which progressively alternate to their grownup eye colour via about 8-12 weeks. Your kitten’s tooth received’t have come via but, and their nails will nonetheless be intractable.

From two weeks, kittens grow to be a lot more cellular, and maximum may also take their first wobbly steps. You could begin to see the start of play, however they’ll nonetheless spend maximum in their time sound asleep.

In case your kitten has open eyes and ears, however no tooth and will solely take wobbly steps they’re about two weeks outdated.

Taking good care of a Two-Week-Previous Kitten

Two-week-old kittens must nonetheless be with their mother. They are going to be feeding each and every 3-4 hours now, however nonetheless want their perineum stimulated to visit the bathroom. Their surroundings must be saved heat.

Kittens’ socialization duration is from about two to seven weeks of age. Cats don’t naturally expand self assurance being round folks except they have got sure stories with them all over this era. So, from two weeks outdated it is very important progressively start socializing your kitten with folks, noises, and anything they’ll come across of their lives as grownup cats.

3-Week-Previous Kittens

By way of 3 weeks, your kitten’s ears will likely be having a look pointier. Their first tooth will likely be beginning to come via on the entrance of the mouth, referred to as incisors.

Their listening to and imaginative and prescient will likely be making improvements to, and they’ll begin to discover their environment extra with a bit of luck. Kittens of this age will nonetheless sleep numerous the time, interspersed with sessions of taking part in and exploring. Even if they’re turning into all of a sudden extra coordinated, they nonetheless received’t be capable of run or chase fairly but.

Taking good care of a 3-Week-Previous Kitten

At 3 weeks, feeds can also be lowered to each and every 4-5 hours, and so they won’t want assist toileting anymore. They are going to nonetheless desire a warmth supply to make sure they’re heat when they’re sound asleeproughly 75 levels F.

You must give your kitten their first deworming remedy at 3 weeks outdated, after which each and every two weeks till they’re 16 weeks of age. You’ll be able to use a roundworm-only wormer, as kittens hardly be afflicted by tapeworms except they have got fleas. However for those who suspect fleas, make a choice a broad-spectrum dewormer and a kitten-safe flea remedy.

Now your kitten is turning into extra curious, and starting to rest room via themselves, it’s time to introduce a clutter field. Make a choice one with a low opening and non-clumping clutterand be ready for a large number. You’ll be able to additionally be offering some toys and scratching posts for them to play with. Consider to proceed with mild dealing with and socialization round numerous folks.

4-Week-Previous Kittens

Two four-week-old kittens exploring garden on rug

At 4 weeks, kittens are beginning to run, play, and discover their environment. Paula Ki / Shutterstock

4-week-old kittens glance similar to three-week-old kittens, apart from that they are going to be shifting round much more with a bit of luck, working and taking part in with their siblings. Their tooth will keep growing, with the canine beginning to display. They must now be capable of retract their claws.

In case your kitten has incisors and the beginnings of canine coming via, they’ll be about 4 weeks outdated.

Taking good care of a 4-Week-Previous Kitten

At 4 weeks outdated, kittens must nonetheless be with their mother full-time, with feeds each and every 4-5 hours (even in a single day). Alternatively, you’ll now start to be offering forged meals along with their milk feeds. This is named weaning. The meals must be a distinct kitten nutrition, which is both rainy meals or kibble soaked to a gruel-like consistency. It’s best possible to make use of a flat dish that they are able to get entry to simply. Be ready for them to get very messy!

It’s necessary to stay weighing every kitten steadily whilst you get started weaning to make sure they’re nonetheless gaining weight. While you’ve began weaning, you’ll additionally make recent water to be had. Simply be sure you use a flat, shallow dish to forestall drowning.

5-Week-Previous Kittens

There aren’t large bodily variations between 4 and 5 weeks outdated, even if you might even see the beginnings of tiny tooth appearing in opposition to the again in their mouths. However there are large adjustments to your kitten’s conduct! By way of 5 weeks, they’ll be taking part in with a bit of luck, working, chasing, or even pouncing on siblings and toys. They’ll even be getting higher at grooming themselves and the use of the clutter field.

In case your kitten is working round with a bit of luck and has their entrance tooth in addition to the beginnings of premolars, they’re round 5 weeks outdated.

Taking good care of a 5-Week-Previous Kitten

Even if kittens must nonetheless be with their mother till 8 weeks outdated, they’re beginning to be extra unbiased via 5 weeks. They now not desire a warmth supply the place they sleep if the full surroundings is above 70 levels F. 5-week-old kittens must now be consuming kitten meals however must nonetheless be getting supplemental milk from their mother or the bottle kind of each and every six hours.

In case your kitten had their first deworming remedy at 3 weeks of age, they’ll be due their subsequent dose this week. Consider to proceed de-worming them each and every two weeks till they’re 16 weeks of age.

Raise on gently exposing your kitten to new stories. This kitten socialization chart from Cats Coverage is a smart place to begin for concepts. Just be sure you stay periods quick and prevent in case your kitten turns out fearful.

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Six-Week-Previous Kittens

Six-week-old kitten sitting with toy

By way of six weeks, kittens are beginning to hone their looking talents. Milla Rasila / Shutterstock

By way of six weeks, your kitten’s again tooth (molars) will likely be appearing, and their entrance tooth could have grown considerably. Their eyes will nonetheless be blue, even if it’s possible you’ll realize the beginnings of a metamorphosis to their grownup colour. Your kitten will likely be taking part in with a bit of luck, honing their looking and balancing talents. They can even be capable of bounce from small heights with out toppling over. Maximum of them have mastered grooming via now.

In case your kitten is with their mother, you’ll more than likely realize her opting for to spend extra time clear of them now, getting ready them for independence.

In case your kitten has the beginnings of all their tooth appearing however their eyes are nonetheless blue they’ll be about six weeks outdated.

Taking good care of a Six-Week-Previous Kitten

Kittens transfer to consuming simply forged meals round 6-7 weeks of age, even if they’ll nonetheless need to suckle from their mother for convenience. In the event you’re hand-rearing, you’ll begin to scale back bottle-feeds progressively from each and every six hours to preventing totally within the subsequent week or two. Stay weighing them each and every few days to test they’re nonetheless gaining weight smartly.

In case your kitten hasn’t but had a seek advice from to the veterinarian, it is a excellent time to get them checked over and to revel in the cat provider for the primary time. They must obtain their first set of kitten vaccinations between 6-8 weeks of age. Your veterinarian will suggest suitable vaccinations relying to your kitten’s location and chance.

Seven-Week-Previous Kittens

At seven weeks, your kitten will likely be having a look a lot more grown up. Their eyes will just about have modified totally to their grownup colour and all their child tooth could have come via. In case your kitten is a boy, their testicles could have descended as smartly – even if they’ll be very tiny.

They are going to with a bit of luck be scaling the furnishings and leaping from higher heights. Confidently, they’ll be the use of the clutter field smartly now.

In case your kitten’s eyes are between blue and their grownup colour, and they have got the beginnings of all their child tooth, they’ll be round seven weeks outdated.

Taking good care of a Seven-Week-Previous Kitten

Seven-week-old kittens are very unbiased. They now not want milk, getting all their diet from forged kitten meals. It’s nonetheless best possible that they stick with their mother, if conceivable, till 8 weeks outdated. However it’s standard for her to come back and cross as she pleases.

You’ll be able to start taking part in video games along with your kitten equivalent to wiggling toys on a string or instructing them to come back to their identify for a deal with. Raise on introducing them to as many new stories as conceivable, together with progressively introducing them to different pets, equivalent to a quiet cat-friendly canine or an grownup cat in a provider.

8-Week-Previous Kittens

At 8 weeks outdated, your kitten will likely be a miniature model in their grownup self. Their eyes could have modified totally to their grownup colour. All their child tooth will likely be provide. Those most often fall out between 3-4 months and are changed via everlasting tooth via 6 months. In case your kitten is male, you must be capable of really feel their testicles.

Your kitten will just about have the agility and coordination of an grownup catand they’ll be filled with power!

In case your kitten has their grownup eye colour and a complete set of child tooth they’ll be between 8-12 weeks outdated.

Taking good care of an 8-Week-Previous Kitten

8-week-old kittens are in a position to depart their mother and can also be handled similar to an grownup cat. They are going to be totally transitioned to kitten meals, and you’ll upload in dry kibble now for those who’d love to. They must be fed 3-4 occasions an afternoon.

In case your kitten has now not but had a well being take a look at with a veterinarian, you must guide them in now. They must obtain their first vaccinations via 8 weeks outdated and could also be in a position for his or her 2nd if this used to be given at six weeks. Be certain that they have got been dewormed the use of an acceptable product and given flea remedy if there are any indicators of fleas.

As soon as your eight-week-old kitten has been weaned, socialized, vaccinated, and handled towards parasites, they’re in a position to move directly to their new houseor start their existence with you as an absolutely unbiased cat! makes use of top of the range, credible assets, together with peer-reviewed research, to give a boost to the claims in our articles. This content material is steadily reviewed and up to date for accuracy. Discuss with our
About Us web page to be informed about our requirements and meet our veterinary evaluate board.
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