How one can Make Corn Tortillas: A Cinco de Mayo Deal with

How one can make corn tortillas is a smart talent to have. The coming of Cinco de Mayo—the Might 5 birthday celebration of Mexico’s quest for democracy and freedom that commemorates the Struggle of Puebla in 1862—provides everybody a great excuse to take a look at this talent.  It’s really easy and amusing that your youngsters help you with it.

We tailored the straightforward recipe underneath from the Maseca logo of Masa corn flour. Those corn tortillas are gluten-free.

Sooner than you get started, you’ll want to get your arms on a tortilla press to press out the tortillas. If you wish to give it a take a look at with out a tortilla press, simply roll out the dough at the counter sandwiched between two sheets of plastic to at least one/8-inch or thinner. The tortillas will have to be about 6 inches in diameter.

Recipe: Hand-crafted Corn Tortillas
Pictures via John Ivanko

Yield: 16 tortillas


  • 2 cups immediate corn masa flour
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1¼ cup water
  • 1/4 cup canola oil

How one can Make Corn Tortillas: Preparation

Step 1: Combine flour, salt and water totally for approximately 2 mins to shape cushy dough. If the dough feels dry, upload extra water.

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Step 2: Divide dough into 16 equal-sized, hand-formed balls.


Step 3: Line tortilla press with two sheets of plastic. The plastic helps to keep the dough from sticking to the tortilla press. A big Ziplock bag may also be lower and separated works completely.


Step 4: One after the other, position balls of dough between plastic and press till the tortilla measures about 6 inches in diameter. Elevate the tortilla press as soon as, and rotate the flattened dough 1 / 4 flip clockwise, then push down at the press once more.

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Step 5: Sparsely peel the tortilla off the plastic, and position it right into a medium-hot skillet or fry pan.


Step 6: Prepare dinner the tortilla for one minute or till calmly browned, then turn to prepare dinner the opposite aspect.


Step 7: Stay tortillas heat in a lined basket till the opposite tortillas are finished.

Step 8: Serve tortillas with refried beans, rice, black beans, shredded salad, lower tomatoes, guacamole, bitter cream, and stewed red meat or rooster. If making a decision to make tostadas, let the tortilla cool prior to frying in oil to make it crispy. Tortillas may also be saved within the fridge for as much as one week.


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