‘I am not punishing the pony, I am correcting her.’

There may be a lot confusion about punishment within the horse coaching global. For instance, some say punishment is all the time abuse and it’s higher to make use of corrections.

However the time period punishment has an excessively particular definition because it pertains to how animals be informed: when the results which might be related to appearing a behaviour scale back the energy or frequency of that behaviour, the behaviour has been punished. When other folks ‘proper’ their horse’s behaviour, so that you could forestall the behaviour, they are punishing the behaviour. Right kind, information, make the incorrect factor laborious, be a greater chief and so on. – all words that may be used when other folks use punishment.

However as this video touches upon, punishment may also be problematic because it does not deal with the underlying explanation why the pony is appearing the undesirable behaviour. Ache, concern, confusion, prior studying, genetics, environmental prerequisites and so forth can all motive horses to act in techniques other folks view as problematic.

If you’re suffering with undesirable or difficult behaviour together with your horse, I will be able to assist. I be offering far off consults, international.

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