Khaki Campbell: Duck Breed Profile

Khaki Campbell geese are one of the standard duck breeds stored in yard flocks. With their outstanding foraging talents and excessive egg manufacturing, Khaki Campbells are a number of the maximum self-sufficient duck breeds.

Historical past

The one duck breed to be bred through a girl, the Khaki Campbell used to be evolved through Mrs. Adele Campbell of Gloucestershire, England, who bred a Fawn and White chicken to a Rouen Drake. She later bred those geese to a mallard after which bred the unique Cambells again to a Silver Pencilled Indian Runner, growing the primary Khaki Campbells.

In 1929, Peter Fish imported the Khaki Campbell to his house in Syracuse, New York. Then again, the breed didn’t achieve recognition within the U.S. till after the Vietnam Struggle.

These days, the Khaki Campbell is without doubt one of the most well liked geese stored for egg manufacturing and pest regulate.

Khaki Campbell Traits

The Khaki Campbell is definitely known through their chocolate brown feathering and upright stature. The top, neck, and invoice are fairly lengthy. Even supposing the drake and chicken’s plumage is brown, the coloring for each and every is somewhat other.


Khaki Campbell hens game a inexperienced to black invoice. Ft and legs range from darkish brown to black. The top, neck, and decrease again feathers are described as seal-brown, whilst the remainder of the frame is roofed in khaki feathers.

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The eyes of each the drake and chicken are darkish brown.

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Drake Geese

Khaki Campbell drakes are gorgeous of their bronze and khaki feathers. The drake’s invoice levels from olive inexperienced to orange, and the toes and legs also are orange. Carrying bronze heads, necks, decrease backs, and tails with cushy khaki feathers on their backs and undersides, Khaki Campell drakes are attention-grabbing beauties.

The breed is regarded as light-weight, with drakes and hens weighing between 4 and 6 kilos.



Khaki Campbell hens are extremely prolific duck egg layers, with each and every chicken averaging 200 and fifty to a few hundred and 40 white, cream, or green-tinted eggs yearly. Ladies get started laying between the ages of 5 and 7 months.

Because the hens age, egg numbers decline; alternatively, maximum hens by no means stop laying. This feature offers them a bonus over different breeds, as many staggered-aged Khaki Campbell flocks produce eggs all over the 12 months.

Feed hens a well-balanced layer feed to verify very good manufacturing.


Whilst many duck homeowners don’t imagine a drake duck’s productiveness, Khaki Campbell drakes are full of life breeders. If no longer stored in a well-balanced male-to-female ratio, they are going to by chance injure women.

As a normal rule of thumb, holding one drake for each six to 8 women is suggested.


Khaki Campbells are fairly long-lived, with each and every duck averaging a decent 8 to 10 years.

Well being Considerations

Khaki Campbells are fairly wholesome and hardy geese. Then again, their excessive manufacturing can put them in peril for replica problems in drakes and hens.

Cage-Layer Fatigue (Osteoporosis):

Referred to as milk fever in mammals, cage-layer fatigue is a deficiency or imbalance of calcium, diet D3, and phosphorus ranges. Signs come with damaged or brittle bones and paralysis. In the event you suspect your duck is also affected by cage-layer fatigue, take her to an authorized veterinarian right away for remedy.

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If veterinarian remedy is unavailable, humanely dispatching the chicken is one of the simplest ways to steer clear of struggling.

Ovarian Most cancers

Like many different high-production breeds, Khaki Campbell hens are much more likely to broaden ovarian most cancers than lower-producing breeds. Ovarian most cancers dangers may also be considerably diminished through offering right kind vitamin and no synthetic gentle to advertise egg manufacturing.

Prolapse Phallus

With their excessive libido, Khaki Cambell drakes are at the next possibility of growing a prolapse phallus. This situation is very painful, and remedy will have to start right away. Drakes with a prolapse phallus will have to be remoted and brought to a vet for fast remedy.

Khaki Campbell Temperament

The phrases that Khaki Campell duck homeowners use to explain this breed are lively and anxious. Whilst some folks may also be tamed as pets, they is probably not your only option for the ones wishing for an all-purpose puppy.

Khaki Campbells are enthusiastic geese who thrive on bug-catching and foraging. Hens and drakes are extraordinarily lively, so offering this breed a lot of room to forage is very important. Permitting them that can assist you for your lawn can even make for satisfied geese, as Khaki Campbells love not anything greater than digging thru a lawn and in search of damaging insects and grubs to snack on.


The #1 factor that units Khaki Campbells with the exception of different breeds is their talent to conform to all climates. When stored in small flocks with numbers no higher than fifty to 200 geese, fed right kind vitamin, and allowed abundant area to forage, those geese can thrive in deserts and rainforests. They are able to take care of wintry weather chills as little as 0° F. to summer season warmth over 100° F.

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In the case of adaptability, you’ll’t beat the Khaki Campbell.

The Khaki Campbell is a extremely adaptable, hardy, and productive breed, making them one of the well-loved geese for yard flocks and circle of relatives farms. With their gorgeous brown plumage and enthusiastic persona, what isn’t there to love about this breed?

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