Lancashire Heeler Breed Knowledge: Info, Characteristics, Photos & Extra

The Lancashire Heeler is among the new domestic dogs at the block. Smartly, formally, anyway. In spite of being round for hundreds of years, the American Kennel Membership (AKC) known them as an legitimate breed in 2024. This can be a uncommon doggy in The usa, however with numbers anticipated to extend, we idea we will have to supply our readers with a Lancashire Heeler breed information.

The Lancashire Heeler could be small and lovable, however don’t let this idiot you. This little pooch is usually a risk in the event you don’t meet their wishes. I take a look at their historical past, how that has effects on their character, and what you’ll be expecting from them as a circle of relatives puppy. From their excessive workout must their easy grooming necessities, we duvet the whole lot you want to grasp. Let’s dive in.

Lancashire Heeler

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Historical past

Lancashire Heelers running outside in grass.
This breed dates again centuries, with roots as a running canine in the UK.

The Lancashire Heeler is going again to the seventeenth century. Their precise foundation is unknown, however they’re considered associated with the Corgi as a result of their an identical character and frame form. Some historians imagine additionally they have Manchester Terrier blood operating thru their veins. Farmers hired the Lancashire Heeler to power inventory to marketplace in northern Wales around the border to the Lancashire marketplace.

This little pooch used to be commonplace in Ormskirk, a space west of Lancashire. Because of this you may listen breed fanciers check with this doggy because the Ormskirk Heeler. In addition to an ankle-nipping farm animals herder, this small-sized pooch used to be implausible at ratting and preserving different vermin away. Their terrier-like traits imply they’re often known as the Ormskirk Terrier.

The UK’s Kennel Membership known them as an legitimate breed in 1981. Unfortunately, because of low inhabitants numbers in the United Kingdom, they had been indexed as a susceptible local breed in 2003. Consistent with the AKC, there are most effective round 5,000 Lancashire Heelers international. Best round 400 reside in The usa, making them one of the vital nation’s rarest domestic dogs. However because of their fresh legitimate reputation, numbers are anticipated to extend.


Lancashire Heelers are large bundles of calories packed right into a small body. Even though it’s unclear if they have got terrier family members, they without a doubt have a terrier character. Their prey power is excessive, and so they chase the whole lot. From cats to squirrels, toys, and rats, not anything will get previous this little doggy. Combining their alertness with their love of chattering, you’ll be expecting an out of this world watchdog.

Lancashire Heelers are all the time in a position for journey. Whether or not exploring the community or running on a ranch, they need to be stored busy. Which additionally manner they’re tonnes of amusing. They’re very clever and really fast to be informed new methods and duties given to them. Should you’re in search of a compact and artful dog, you’ll’t get a lot better than this pooch.

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One of the crucial breed’s best possible traits is their love for his or her circle of relatives. Lancashire Heelers adore their people and need to spend each and every waking second with them. They’re extremely affectionate with everybody of their circle of relatives unit, together with youngsters and different dog pets. However they’re suspicious of outsiders and somebody who enters their assets and brave in the event that they sense risk.

Dimension & Look

Lancashire Heeler With Mostly Black Coat walking outside.
This doggy is pint-sized with a black and tan coat.

Lancashire Heelers are small canine that generally weigh between 9 and 17 kilos and measure between 10 and 12 inches tall. Ladies are usually smaller than men. Even though small, they’re tough domestic dogs because of their robust and muscular body. Their quite lengthy and occasional frame, brief legs, and extensive paws imply they’re frequently wrong for Doxie mixes.

Lancashire Heelers have the original “Heeler Smile” feature, which describes how they draw their company lips mimicking a human smile. Their smile, darkish, almond-shaped eyes, and alert ears give them their impossible to resist dog allure. If you wish to display your Lancashire Terrier within the display ring, they should comply with the foundations of their breed usual.

Coat & Colours

The Lancashire Heeler has a double coat with a superb undercoat and a thick, weather-resistant topcoat. Their coat is flat and brief, making it quite easy to handle. Those Heelers have quite longer hair round their neck, which is extra prevalent in men. Their coat is clean to touch.

Maximum Lancashire Heelers have a basically black coat with a couple of tan markings. Those tan markings seem on their cheeks, incessantly above their eyes, on their chest, below their tail, and from their knees downwards. Some Lancashire Heelers inherit the dilute colour gene, giving them a liver and tan coat colour as an alternative. Their eyes and different options, like paws and nails, are all the time black. Except they have got a liver coat, the place they are going to have lighter options to compare their coat.

Workout & Residing Prerequisites

Lancashire Heeler running through field kicking up dirt in path.
Lancashire Heelers have a large number of calories and like to run round and socialize.

Lancashire Heelers are medium to high-energy domestic dogs, however they’re one of the crucial full of life canine when compared with the ones of a an identical length. They want round 45 to 60 mins of workout day by day, with out fail. Alternatively, they’d luckily cross on for hours when you’ve got the time. Combining their excessive calories with their want to be stored busy, the Lancashire Heeler isn’t fitted to the averagely lively circle of relatives.

Consistent with the United States Lancashire Heeler Membership (USLHC), “this breed comes with luggage and will transform a risk if now not controlled correctly.” This daring commentary tells attainable households that they should analysis this breed totally sooner than welcoming one into their house. The Lancashire Heeler wishes a selected form of circle of relatives that may meet their wishes.

Lancashire Heelers can reside in residences, huge estates, or anything else in between. What they do want is a safe house the place they can not break out. Their interest and excessive prey power imply they are going to break out if given the danger. Those Heelers are nice with dog-savvy youngsters and will reside with different canine if socialized. However those Heelers aren’t your best option for dwelling with cats or different small furries.

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Lancashire Heeler on leash licking lips sitting next to owner.
Lancashire Heelers don’t seem to be the perfect canine to coach.

Coaching a Lancashire Heeler can also be difficult, but it surely’s now not unattainable. Those domestic dogs are clever and really willing to thrill their masters, which may make them extremely obedient partners. However additionally they have an unbiased streak that may lead them to similarly cussed. The trick with practising a Heeler is to make periods amusing and brief. In a different way, you lose their consideration. Coaching should be constant, too.

Every other the most important practising side for the Lancashire Heeler is ok socialization as a pet. They possibility changing into overly apprehensive or frightened in the event that they aren’t combined with different canine and people and feature new reviews as domestic dogs. This may end up in behavioral issues. Should you combat with anything else training-related, imagine contacting a certified teacher equivalent to Domestic dog Dan.

Well being

The Lancashire Heeler is a quite wholesome canine breed that enjoys an extended lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. Each canine is other, and that is a mean expectation. However some reside longer, and unfortunately, some much less. Stay your Heeler wholesome by means of feeding them a fine quality nutrition, offering an lively way of life, and searching for veterinary assist whilst you suspect one thing isn’t moderately proper.

It may be overwhelming to consider the prospective well being problems to your Lancashire Heeler. Puppy insurance coverage is to be had to assist come up with peace of thoughts. It might assist pay for a portion of sudden vet bills which can be incorporated to your coverage. We inspire you to be informed all concerning the best possible puppy insurance coverage

Eye Prerequisites

There are two major eye considerations to concentrate on. The primary is number one lens luxation (PLL), and the opposite is collie eye anomaly (CEA). Each are hereditary stipulations that may ultimately result in entire imaginative and prescient loss if left untreated. So, breeders should display their canine for those considerations. Ask your breeder for a certificates appearing the oldsters have handed an OFA or CERF examination throughout the 365 days sooner than breeding.


The Lancashire Heeler is a small canine, this means that they consume a smaller quantity than the average-sized canine. That is nice information to your pockets. How a lot you feed them depends upon more than a few elements, equivalent to their age, length, calories ranges, form of nutrition, and extra. Apply the feeding directions for a customized method. Some recent greens make nice wholesome snacks for doggos.

At all times make a selection a fine quality nutrition that meets the factors of the Affiliation of American Keep an eye on Feed Officers (AAFCO). This will have to be at the meals packaging or ad. Canines desire a balanced nutrition of excellent high quality protein, wholesome fat and carbohydrates, fiber, and nutrients and minerals. Why now not imagine a fine quality recent meals carrier like Ollie?


Grooming a Lancashire Heeler is quite easy, because of their brief coat. They’ve a double coat that sheds all over the yr and is a bit heavier throughout the laying off seasons. However their small length manner you haven’t were given as a lot hair to cope with in comparison to a Labrador. A cushy bristle brush is perfect for the Heeler’s weekly grooming. Right through the laying off seasons, a de-shedding device is helping take away useless hair.

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As Lancashire Heelers are full of life, adventurous, and like to play in muddy puddles, they are able to get dirtier than your common doggo. You will have to most effective shower and shampoo your doggy each and every 3 months to stay their pores and skin and hair in the most efficient situation. However you’ll have to scrub your Heeler down extra regularly than this if they’re tremendous messy. You should additionally brush their enamel a number of instances per week to stay periodontal illnesses at bay.

Breeders & Pet Prices

Lancashire Heeler face close up sitting in snow looking up.
Rescuing a Lancashire Heeler is a great possibility if you’ll be able to in finding one thru a neighborhood safe haven.

Lancashire Heelers are uncommon canine, so you’ll have to go back and forth some distance relying to your location. Alternatively, discovering a respected breeder is the most important if you wish to acquire a wholesome purebred Heeler. In a different way, you possibility a pet from unscreened folks that hasn’t been looked after, a mistreated doggy, or any combined breed that resembles a Heeler.

The typical worth of a wholesome pet from a accountable breeder is between $1,000 and $1,200. Even though some breeders be offering inexpensive pet costs, this can also be extra expensive ultimately. Keep in mind that that is simply the pet worth. You should additionally consider different prices, equivalent to making sure your house is escape-proof and buying the whole lot they want. You may also want to imagine puppy strolling products and services to fulfill their workout wishes or a Halo collar.

Rescue & Shelters

Because the Lancashire Heeler is a scarce breed, it is rather not going for hopeful adopters to search out one in a rescue safe haven. Nonetheless, head on your native rescue shelters and get in touch with the team of workers who might know of 1 wanting a house. The USLHC is dedicated to the betterment of the breed, and so they could possibly be offering details about Lancashire Heeler rescue. However on the time of writing, the breed is so uncommon that no legitimate rescue organizations are to be had for the Heeler.

As A Circle of relatives Puppy

  • Lancashire Heelers are small canine that may reside in small houses.
  • They want an overly lively circle of relatives to fulfill their medium to high-energy wishes.
  • Coaching can also be difficult, so enjoy and endurance are wanted.
  • Lancashire Heelers are numerous amusing and like to play.
  • They adore their people and take to each other with dog-savvy youngsters and different canine.
  • Those domestic dogs are very affectionate however suspicious of strangers.
  • Lancashire Heelers make implausible watchdogs.

Curious About Different Small Terriers & Heelers?

The Lancashire Heeler could make a fantastic significant other for the correct circle of relatives. There may be a lot to consider and analysis, particularly for a high-energy, workaholic breed like this one. Take a look at our guidelines for making an attempt your Lancashire at agility practising, which is certain to stay them entertained. Should you love tiny terriers, why now not take a look at our information on small-size canine? Or head over to our Australian Livestock Canine web page, the place you’ll in finding additional information on those similarly good-looking Heelers.

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