Large Dutchman, alternate in best control

Trade in best control: Dr. Frank Hiller to transform Chairman of the Large Dutchman Board of Control
From 1 April 2023, Bernd Meerpohl, long-term Chairman of the Board of Control of Large Dutchman AG, used to be succeeded by way of Dr. Frank Hiller. Bernd Meerpohl takes over the location of Chairman of the Supervisory Board from 1 January 2024.

After 31 years as CEO, Bernd Meerpohl made up our minds in conjunction with the Supervisory Board and the circle of relatives shareholders of Large Dutchman that the time is correct for a metamorphosis in best control of the Large Dutchman team. Dr. Frank Hiller will deliver new and exterior stimuli to counterpoint the solid and confirmed control staff. With Bernd Meerpohl taking on as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, now not best will this place in itself be secured, however Large Dutchman will visibly stay a circle of relatives endeavor.

Dr. Frank Hiller (centre) transform new Chairman of the Large Dutchman Board of Control. Bernd Meerpohl (left) handed the baton on with impact from 1 April 2023. At the proper: Jürgen Steinemann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“Prior to now a long time, Bernd Meerpohl has formed the advance of Large Dutchman and set the direction for the gang’s long run. He at all times had all stakeholders in thoughts and used to be extremely dedicated and devoted to advancing the circle of relatives industry. The Supervisory Board and the circle of relatives shareholders wish to thank Bernd for at all times and energy he invested within the corporate and the workforce to make Large Dutchman the arena chief in cattle farming generation. We’re more than pleased that Bernd will proceed to proportion his wisdom and stay liable for the corporate as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, beginning 1 January 2024 after a brief hiatus. The outlook for our business is advanced, however promising.

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In contrast backdrop, we have now discovered an skilled and competent CEO in Dr.-Ing. Frank Hiller. He’s going to effectively lead our globally energetic corporate within the subsequent segment,” says Jürgen Steinemann, present Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Bernd Meerpohl explains: “Taking up my father’s accountability as CEO 31 years in the past used to be an honour, as used to be advancing the corporate for the advantage of our shoppers in every single place the arena and for the advantage of our workforce and their households. The Meerpohl circle of relatives, my closest colleagues, the Supervisory Board and I consider that any individual new will have to now take over the operational industry of Large Dutchman to combine new stimuli from the out of doors. Dr. Hiller’s grounded means suits us really well. Along with his physician’s stage in Mechanical Engineering, he brings alongside a greater than cast basis. Throughout his profession, which integrated positions with one of the vital leaders of the mechanical engineering business, as an example Meiller, Leoni and, maximum not too long ago, as CEO of Deutz AG, Dr. Hiller has won intensive wisdom and proved that he’s a staff participant who could be very able to main a world corporate. I wish to thank Jürgen Steinemann, the Chairman of our Supervisory Board, for actively accompanying me individually in addition to Large Dutchman basically those previous years. I’m very happy that he’ll stay a part of the Supervisory Board as deputy chairman. In my view, I will be able to proceed to enhance the corporate in my new place, up to I will and in shut cooperation with Dr. Hiller.”

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Dr. Frank Hiller provides: “Bernd Meerpohl is a exceptional entrepreneur who has invested a lot power and spirit to place Large Dutchman because the global, leading edge marketplace chief of an business that sees its responsibility in serving to to make sure that the arena’s inhabitants can also be fed. I’m having a look ahead to succeeding him as CEO and securing and advancing the marketplace place of Large Dutchman, in conjunction with the Board of Control and all workers, and naturally in shut cooperation with Mr. Meerpohl as the brand new Chairman of the Supervisory Board.”

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