Methods to In finding the Queen Bee in Your Hive

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Some of the irritating classes for brand new beekeepers is studying how you can in finding the queen bee. Fortunately, you don’t at all times have to seek out her however there shall be occasions while you in reality want to see your queen. In case you are any person who in reality struggles with this duties – by no means worry. It does get more uncomplicated with follow and revel in. Within the period in-between, I can proportion with you some pointers that will help you in finding the queen bee to your beehive.

Frame from a beehive with bees and the queen bee that a beekeeper is looking for.

It’s not simplest amateur beekeepers who combat to discover a queen bee. Heck, we previous beekeepers have a troublesome time occasionally. In spite of everything those years, I nonetheless have hassle from time to time.

Methods to Spot the Queen Honey Bee

With the ability to monitor down that elusive queen may also be moderately a job. In a hive of 30-60 thousand bees, it may be relatively arduous to seek out 1 bee. One very particular bee this is just a little other from the opposite 59,999. And, they received’t stand nonetheless!

I steadily inform the scholars in my on-line beekeeping magnificence, that they want to stay two components in thoughts when looking for their queen bee.

  • understand how to spot a queen
  • know the place to appear first

Can You Determine a Queen?

You’ll be able to now not get higher at discovering the queen bee for those who don’t know what she seems like! General, honey bee traits are identical. However, there are a few particular options that assist distinguish the queen.

Queen honey bees on comb with large abdomen and thorax labeled.

In duration, she is the most important bee within the hive. Sadly, the dimension of the queen bee isn’t at all times an indication of her high quality. Along with her lengthy stomach, her thorax is quite better than employee bees. This is the reason queen excluders can be utilized to stay her out of honey supers.

Some races have queen bees of lighter colours which might be more uncomplicated to seek out however you’ll’t depend on that. For cases, it is not uncommon for Carniolan honey bees or Russian honey bees to have darkish queens.

Queen honey bees of different colors on comb in the hive image.

Know The place to Glance First

I really like to restrict the time my hive is open. Due to this fact, I wish to start in search of my queen bee within the house of the hive the place she is perhaps to be.

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What’s the position of the queen within the colony? She is the egg layer. Due to this fact, the brood nest of the hive is the perhaps position for her to be. Then again, take into account that she may well be any place within the hive and continue with care.

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Step through Step On the lookout for the Queen

1. Get ready your self earlier than opening the hive. Time to place on protecting beekeeping clothes (no matter you in finding at ease). Mild your bee smoker – you need cool white smoke. Give a few mild puffs on the hive front and underneath the highest duvet.

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A 10 frame langstroth hive with numbered frames .

2. Take away the highest and interior duvet and set them apart. As a rule, I in finding my queen within the brood field or deep chamber of my hive.

I put aside any most sensible bins for a second so I will get to the center of the hive. Use your smoker slightly if wanted – a bit of white smoke calms bees.

3. Now, it’s time to the the hive device to paintings. Any sort will paintings – I really like my hooked hive equipment. Severely, I believe I’ve five or six of those – they make beekeeping such a lot more uncomplicated on days that my palms harm.

I take away the body the #2 place. That is the second one body from the left (my left status at the back of the hive.)

By means of taking away a body close to the out of doors, there may be much less probability of the queen being there. Bees generally tend to have the vast majority of their younger or bee brood in the course of the hive.

At all times, attempt to carry brood frames instantly up and now not rub them in opposition to adjoining frames-if imaginable. You do not need to “roll” your queen and kill her. A body perch or body holder  is a useful gizmo to carry frames out of the way in which when you paintings.

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4. Have a look at the body you simply got rid of (sure, even the primary one). Seek the brush but additionally the perimeters of the body. If you don’t see your queen, position the body to your body perch. Or safely set it apart. Don’t put out of your mind to appear on each side of the brush.

You presently have more space to paintings within the beehive with out squeezing bees. You’ll be able to take away the following body shifting in opposition to the middle of the hive.

Worker bees in brood nest of hive with capped brood and bee larvae.

5. When you discover a body that has small bee larvae or eggs, you must start a significant seek. Investigate cross-check the middle of the body and paintings outwards.

After the second one body is inspected and you don’t in finding her, position it again within the hive. Some further room is to be had as a result of you’ve gotten one body got rid of at the body perch.

Carry every body with care and grasp it over the hive to investigate cross-check. If the queen falls off the body she would fall into the hive and now not at the flooring.

6. Confidently, after a couple of frames you in finding your queen bee! Just right process! Now, sparsely put that body again within the hive. After which, exchange the opposite frames and push all of the frames snugly in combination.

Queen Recognizing Guidelines

You’ll be able to be told so much from a excellent beekeeping ebook. However, some talents require palms on follow that simplest time may give. Listed below are some pointers that are meant to make discovering your queen bee slightly more uncomplicated.

  • mark your queens
  • broaden a hive inspection process
  • don’t bee fooled through a drone
  • look forward to the sluggish waggle stroll

Marked Queens are More straightforward to In finding

While you purchase honey bees, pay further for a marked queen or mark the queen bee your self. A very powerful factor is to ensure that you simplest mark her “thorax” and don’t get paint on her eyes, wings, and so on.

Increase a Hive Inspection Process

Each and every beekeeper has their very own process for hive inspections. For queen recognizing, investigate cross-check where the place the queen bee is perhaps to be first.

For me, this is steadily the ground deep field. However, your “brood nest” is also upper up within the hive stack – it depends upon what number of bins are to your hive and the place the bees are running throughout the stack.

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Mistaking Drone Bees for a Queen

One essential reality about queen bees – they’re better. You might be in search of the largest bee, proper? There, you spot a larger bee! She is a good looks and large! Wait a minute. There’s any other one and any other.

This may’t be proper! No, it isn’t proper – you haven’t discovered your queen bee. You’ve got discovered a drone bee (male bee). They have got rounded our bodies with massive black eyes at the heads.

Large drone bee in hive and a dark queen bee with long abdomen.

Queen Bees Stroll Humorous

Within the hive, a queen is steadily surrounded through her retinue (a body of workers who deal with her). However, a laying honey bee queen has a definite method of shifting as she walks around the comb. Her huge stomach waggles around the body. You’ll learn how to acknowledge it. 


What if I’ve hassle seeing proof of the queen (eggs and so on.)?

In case your eye sight isn’t what it was once, put money into a huge magnifying glass. I stay one in my beekeeper’s device field.

To stop it from getting scratched in amongst my equipment – I stay it in one in all my husbands previous socks. Shhhh…. he doesn’t know.

What if you’ll now not in finding your queen bee?

As a rule, you simplest want to know that your hive is “queen proper”.  A queen proper hive has a wholesome, mated queen laying a excellent brood trend.

In a big colony with a number of bins, position a queen excluder between the bins and go back in a couple of days. The field with eggs has the queen.

Is discovering the queen at all times important?

No, it isn’t important at every inspection. In case you see contemporary eggs, one in every cells and the whole lot else seems to be excellent -close up the hive and check out once more any other day.

Ultimate Ideas

Briefly finding a queen bee on a body stuffed with loads of bees is a type of talents that broaden. Off comes the hive most sensible and you spot hundreds of wiggling bees. Oh my goodness! 

What used to be I meant to search for? LOL In truth, your experience in discovering the queen bee within the hive will get well with time. Sooner or later your eyes and thoughts will put in combination the proper clues to help you say – “There she is!

Benefit from the quick follow video incorporated with this submit. For the overall video – this hyperlink will take to my Youtube channel for a bigger video image. Pause the video if you need an extended time to seek for her.

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