Movie | Barn Owl Dad so Faithful as Chicks Hatch | Gylfie & Finn

Gylfie the barn owl couldn’t have had a extra attentive spouse in Finn. Watch this male barn owl attend to her wishes as she broods their grasp of 4 valuable eggs. 

Owl Egg Incubation

Gylfie wishes all her power to stay her eggs heat because the chicks within expand. She sits on them 24 hours an afternoon for almost a month, the usage of her frame warmth to stay the eggs at a medium 34C.

Male Barn Owl Hunts

And as she does so , Finn assists in keeping her sustained with a gentle provide of meals. He spends his days catching small rodents, like shrews, and delivers 3 or 4 foods an afternoon,

Owl Teamwork

Each owls are operating onerous of their respective roles, however there’s at all times time for affection – and Finn continues to mate with Gylfie ceaselessly, even supposing he’s now not fertilising extra eggs.

Finn Fusses with Eggs

However this male barn owl may be totally besotted by means of the possibility of chicks at the approach and when Gylfie leaves the nest in brief, he hears a chick cheep from within its shell. He responds by means of transferring the egg clear of the others and when Gylfie returns she turns out displeased with the association – she must stay all 4 eggs heat without delay!

First Hatch

The primary chick takes over an hour to totally emerge and when it does it’s bald and blind… it’s unbelievable to suppose in two months this chick can be able to fly.

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First Feed

Already it is aware of swallow meals and Gylfie tears up a meal into chunk sized morsels after which tucks it beneath her feathers for heat.

Dad Meets Owlets

A couple of hours later, Finn sees the chick for the primary time and is in an instant attentive. Later, as soon as the grasp has hatched, this male owl can’t include his curiousity and the cameras seize him looking at carefully at his owlets as they lie, snugly beneath Gylfie.

2nd Egg Fails

Barn owls lay each two/3 days and when a 2nd chick does now not seem for some other six days, taking nearly all day to emerge from its shell, it’s transparent one egg has failed. Gylfie quickly gets rid of the egg from beneath her.

Ultimate Chick Hatches

3 days later, Gylfie stands to expose a pip within the closing egg. And shortly, the 3rd and ultimate chick has hatched. Now those owl oldsters will have to paintings even tougher to stay those tiny owlets heat and fed.

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