The House

We experience a nook lot with a big (for Southern California), flat yard. The distance at the back of the home is a rectangle roughly 85′ X 74′ with neighbors on two aspects. The bee house is a 50′ lengthy through 15′ huge strip alongside our again fence stretched between two sheds. It additionally runs alongside our vegetable lawn without a limitations between the 2 areas.

The Issues

So, why am I redoing this area? Let’s move over one of the vital present apiary design’s issues.

Flight Trail Drama

The beehives are covered up in different brief rows with 2-4 hives in every. Their entrances are all dealing with the similar course (against the north shed), like chairs in a study room. This assists in keeping the bee flight paths from going at once into the vegetable lawn, however it additionally implies that their flight paths are simply disrupted all over inspections.

The hives within the first row will have to fly across the hives which might be in entrance of them. So, once I stand at the back of one hive, I block some other’s flight trail. This setup is particularly problematic when I’m instructing. All the further our bodies stading within the area change into hindrances that confuse the bees as they are attempting to search out their entrances. Only a few mins into my beekeeping magnificence, we now have created a chaotic aerial visitors jam!

No Obstacles

As a rule, the bees are tolerant people, even if we paintings very with regards to them within the lawn. On the other hand, we do enjoy defensive habits from the occansional guard bee and I’m all the time on alert when I’m with regards to the hives. Now that we’ve got a child, it’s extra aggravating. I continuously concern he’ll move into the bee house. We even have this drawback with visitors and canines that come to discuss with. Since there’s no transparent department between the apiary and the remainder of the backyard, new folks and canines continuously wander proper into the bee house. Some don’t even notice the bees are there!

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Weed Meadow

To stay the weeds down I partly lined the world in reasonable astroturf. I do know this isn’t a excellent resolution, however I had some available so I figured why no longer? After awhile, I were given ill of taking a look on the unnatural inexperienced and lined it with straw as a short lived repair. On the other hand, weeds nonetheless develop thru it and motive problems with ants.  Additionally, the astroturf has began to wreck down from solar publicity and is now losing terrible microplastics far and wide. I be apologetic about the use of it.


To be frank, the apiary design is unpleasant. The best way the hives are organized seems to be messy and the bottom duvet is incomplete and ugly. We’re continuously combating weeds and within the spring, portions of the apiary are swallowed through them. It has gotten to the purpose the place I steer clear of appearing somebody the apiary as a result of I’m embarassed through the way it loooks.

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