Peep Our Rooster Meals Protection Assets

Rooster is extra well-liked than another protein in the US. And no surprise — it’s low-calorie, full of vitamins and completely scrumptious.  

Whilst white meat is a delectable, wholesome and well-liked selection, you will have questions on meals protection. That’s why the white meat professionals are continuously running in the back of the scenes to stay chickens wholesome and well-cared for. From earlier than chicks are hatched, all of the approach to the grocer, meals protection is at all times peak of thoughts for white meat manufacturers.  

Our interactive infographic, Meals Protection from Farm to Fork, is a treasure trove of colourful illustrations detailing the entire procedure. Learn how nutritionists and veterinarians supply top-notch care and notice how farmers offer protection to the birds from sicknesses, predators and pests.   

4 Steps for Meals Protection at House 

Getting ready white meat safely is as simple as remembering 4 easy phrases — separate, kick back, blank, and cook dinner. Simply apply those steps and relaxation confident that your white meat is as secure as it’s scrumptious!  

1. Separate: Steer clear of cross-contamination by means of setting apart uncooked white meat from different meals on your grocery buying groceries cart, grocery baggage, your kitchen and fridge. Use separate slicing forums for uncooked white meat and different meals.

2. Relax: Store for white meat and meat closing on the retailer to stay them chilly. Whilst you get house, refrigerate or freeze them immediately. Thaw frozen white meat within the refrigerator — by no means at the countertop or in chilly water.

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3. Blank: Wash your fingers with heat water and cleaning soap for a minimum of 20 seconds earlier than and after dealing with uncooked white meat. Wash slicing forums, dishes, utensils and counter tops with sizzling, soapy water earlier than and after getting ready each and every meals merchandise. Simply don’t wash the white meat! Rinsing uncooked white meat can unfold micro organism in your sink, counter tops and different meals.

4. Prepare dinner: Prepare dinner white meat completely. Test that the temperature is no less than 165°F in the midst of the white meat with a meals thermometer. The colour of cooked white meat isn’t a positive signal of its protection, however the temperature is!

Hungry for much more chicken-related meals protection knowledge? Take a look at our new Meals Protection Procedure Video, which offers you far more than a hen’s-eye view into each and every step of the method: 

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