Peregrine Replace, Southwest PA, 8 Might

Tarentum’s younger peregrines on the brink of fledge, 7 Might 2024 (picture by way of Dave Brooke)

8 Might 2024

A number of information from peregrine falcon nests within the Pittsburgh house. Listed here are the highlights.

Tarentum Bridge, Allegheny River:

The previous day on the Tarentum Bridge Dave Brooke discovered the peregrine chicks exploring the ledge and exercising their wings. Their estimated hatch date used to be 1 April so those 3 would were 36 days previous the day before today.

Dave Brooke additionally wrote:

Perspectives from the Tarentum Bridge Park are very good. The fourth spent the entire time I watched at the ledge of the nest field. Mother fed the 3 then retreated to the railing of the again pier. I’ve no longer noticed the male in additional than a month.

— e mail from Dave Brooke on 7 Might 2024

The fourth chick is a minimum of two days more youthful than the others so it hadn’t reached the ledge strolling level. In the meantime, even supposing the male is absent as Dave suggests, this has no longer adversely affected the chicks’ expansion and building as you’ll see within the video.

Those kids have no longer fledged but but it surely received’t be lengthy prior to they’re long past. Seek advice from the Tarentum Bridge for nice seems at this peregrine circle of relatives. Click on right here for a map.

Cathedral of Finding out, Univ of Pittsburgh:

The previous day’s Day-in-a-Minute (in reality 90 seconds) displays the 2 chicks napping, consuming and motoring to the entrance of the nest.

Pitt peregrine nest timelapse, 7 Might 2024, 7am to 7pm (video from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

Why can we see them napping with one leg prolonged? It used to be sizzling the day before today with a prime of 81°F! The chicks are dressed in down coats however their uncovered legs are naked pores and skin that permits them too cool off.

Track in to observe them on the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh:

We had a scare on 29 April in regards to the East Liberty Presby peregrines after I won a file from Elizabeth Rudzki (@ZoomingBio) that she noticed an grownup peregrine strike a window in Shadyside. The fowl used to be surprised, paused at the floor, then flew away prior to she may just retrieve her rescue apparatus.

I requested Adam Knoerzer whether or not he’d noticed each adults on the church and by way of 2 Might he showed that each are provide. Whew! The male is proven perched at the steeple above.

Downtown Pittsburgh: On 29 April 2024 I went to Mt Washington once more to have a look at the 3rd Road nest via my scope. (No picture, alas.) The feminine used to be status up within the nest house, most likely sheltering younger from the solar. If this is the case, they must be on the entrance of the ledge within the subsequent two weeks. Seek advice from 3rd Road quickly to look if my slump is right kind. Click on right here for info and instructions.

Clairton Coke Works, Monongahela River:

Two peregrine chicks and two eggs at Clairton Coke Works, 25 April 2024 (picture by the use of Dana Nesiti by the use of USSteel)

Dana Nesiti won this picture from USSteel on 25 April that confirms peregrines are once more breeding effectively at Clairton Coke Works. The pair skipped final yr however raised 3 younger in 2022. Click on right here and scroll down to examine their nest in early June of 2022.

Spruce Run Bridge, Ohio River:

Feminine peregrine framed by way of the moon, 1 Might 2024 (picture by way of Jeff Cieslak)

Jeff Cieslak showed on 1 Might that each peregrines are nonetheless provide on the Spruce Run Bridge even though they don’t appear to be breeding, most likely since the male remains to be in immature plumage.

Rt 40 Bridge, West Brownsville, Monongahela River:

Fred Kachmarik checked at the Direction 40 bridge in West Brownsville and located each grownup peregrines at house. He wrote:

Two adults flew into the bridge screaming. It seems that as though this yr’s scrape may be very close to final yr’s. There are likely eggs or nestlings however I’ll wait till a long term seek advice from to make sure it.

Fred Kachmarik, eBird

PEREGRINE SUMMARY FOR SOUTHWEST PA: This desk lists all of the doable websites butmany of them don’t seem to be breeding websites. Lend a hand fill within the blanks by way of visiting one among them.

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