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Why Use A Rainy Brine

Two major strategies are used when including spices and taste to meat sooner than cooking: a rainy brine soak and a dry rub. You might also pay attention a dry rub referred to as a dry brine; it’s the similar factor. For poultry, I like to rainy brine an entire chicken since getting ready a brine resolution and submerging all of the chicken lets in the brine to permeate all of the carcass, inside and outside. A dry rub works smartly for getting ready cut-up poultry. One drawback to a rainy brine is that the surface gained’t get crispy because it has absorbed an even quantity of water. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, persist with the use of a dry rub. Because of osmosis, a rainy brine will generally lead to a juicier and extra soft chicken. 

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