Pugapoo Breed Knowledge: Pug Poodle Combine Information, Characteristics, Footage & Extra

The Pugapoo is a blended breed this is one-half Pug and one-half Poodle. This pooch additionally is going by way of different names, corresponding to Pugadoodle, Pugoodle, or Pugpoo. Pugapoo is the most typical title, and I believe it’s the sweetest too. Pugapoos are a rather new and atypical combine breed, so it’s possible you’ll now not have heard of them. However they mix the most efficient characteristics of the Pug and the Poodle, making them a pleasant and amusing combine.

Pugapoos like to be concerned with the entirety their circle of relatives does, they usually don’t love to be left on my own for too lengthy. Even supposing they are able to be a gorgeous needy breed, they’re extremely entertaining with infectious happiness. The Poodle affect makes them more uncomplicated to coach than Pugs, so coaching a Pugapoo makes them more uncomplicated for first-time canine homeowners. Right kind coaching and early socialization lead them to ultimate pets for households with kiddos.

We discover the entirety you want to grasp concerning the Pugapoo, together with what their personalities are like and what their grooming, coaching, and dietary wishes are. With data, tips about pup costs, and plenty of lovely footage, this Pugapoo information is a must-read for someone taking into consideration welcoming one into their circle of relatives. I’ll take a better take a look at this pretty blended breed.


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Historical past

The Pugapoo is a brand new combine breed, and prefer lots of them, little is understood about their historical past. Maximum new hybrid doggies have been created within the latter a part of the 20 th century in The us when the fascination with dressmaker doggos boomed. To raised perceive what the Pugapoo could be like as a circle of relatives puppy, it’s crucial to take a look at their mum or dad’s breed and historical past.


Pug with new family couple sitting on the ground.
Pugs are identified for his or her lovable smooshed faces.

The Pug is an iconic pooch that most of the people have had the excitement to satisfy. They’re some of the oldest canine breeds, hailing from the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and the encompassing spaces round 2,000 years in the past. China most popular flat-face canine, that have been reserved for Chinese language royalty. It wasn’t till the sixteenth century that they traveled to different corners of the sector due to Dutch investors and vacationers.

Pugs have been the legit canine of the Space of Orange in Holland, the place a Pug stored the lifetime of a prince. William and Mary of Orange assumed the English monarchy, and that is the place the global craze for the candy Pug started. The American Kennel Membership (AKC) entered the Pug into their studbook in 1885, and they have got been a dog hit ever since. Pugs are captivating, loving, and mischievous.

It’s believed that the title “Pug” used to be given to this breed as they have got a equivalent expression to marmoset monkeys. Those monkeys, often known as Pugs, have been standard pets within the 18th century. Their flat and squished face is iconic and lovely, nevertheless it lends them to issues related to brachycephalic syndrome. Pugs handiest measure between 10 to 13 inches tall, from paw to shoulder, and weigh between 14 and 18 kilos. They’re a part of the toy canine crew.


Happy toy poodle sit on white armchair. Side view of ginger dog look up.
The Pugapoo is most commonly blended with Mini Poodles because of their smaller length.

The Poodle is a German canine breed to begin with used as a hardworking duck hunter and retriever. Poodles are very good swimmers, tremendous clever, and keen to thrill their masters. Additionally they have excellent noses and make best truffle hunters. They’re carefully connected to the Eu circus, too. This operating breed become standard throughout Europe, particularly in France, the place they become their nationwide canine.

There are 3 Poodle sizes: toy, miniature, and usual. In most cases, the Pugapoo has a miniature Poodle mum or dad on account of their equivalent length to the Pug. Then again, toy Poodles are once in a while used to create Pugapoos. Miniature Poodles typically measure between 10 and 15 inches and weigh between 10 and 15 kilos. All Poodles are hypoallergenic, because of this they’re appropriate for gentle allergic reaction victims. This is likely one of the many the reason why Poodles mixes are not unusual.

Miniature Poodles are energetic, proud, and extremely smart. They make nice circle of relatives partners when socialized smartly and positioned in the proper house. They have got a prime prey pressure and aren’t your only option for properties with puppy rodents or birds. Poodles are very affectionate and wish common snuggle time to be content material. The AKC acknowledges them and constantly ranks within the best 10 canine breeds.


The Pugapoo typically inherits the most efficient of each mum or dad’s personalities. Many Pugapoos are completely happy and cheerful canine that like to be concerned with the entirety. They prefer to be the focus and are completely happy to muck in with jobs that want doing or taking part in the entire video games you’ll be able to bring to mind. This can be a nice fit if you happen to’re after a small, happy-go-lucky, and energetic hybrid. Making an investment in canine toys to stimulate their minds all the way through the day is smart. Another way, they’re more likely to damage issues.

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Pugapoos are unswerving and adore their favourite people. They’re more likely to be afflicted by separation nervousness if left on my own for too lengthy and desire a circle of relatives that may spend a large number of time with them. Pugapoos are small doggos, they usually be expecting their homeowners to permit them onto their sofas, laps, beds, and any place you move. This affectionate lapdog loves a cuddle, they usually be expecting lots of them all the way through the day.

Pugapoos typically inherit the vocalness of the Pug, and you want to arrange your self for barking. This is probably not your only option if you happen to are living with noise restrictions or delicate neighbors. However if you happen to’re in quest of a small watchdog that signals you to the entirety, Pugapoos are a best dog selection. Those blended doggies would possibly take a while to heat as much as strangers, however after a couple of meets, be expecting them to make best possible buddies along with your guests.

Dimension & Look

Miniature Pug Poodle mix standing on hardwood floor.
Pugapoos are lovable, blending the most efficient qualities of each the Pugs and Poodle breeds.

Pugapoos range in length and look relying at the genes they inherit from their folks. Even doggies from the similar muddle glance fully other from every different. Some doggies seem like Pugs, others extra like Poodles, while some pop out with an equivalent mix of each. Maximum doggies inherit the unique Pug look however with a wavy, once in a while scruffy, longer coat. Many Pugapoo doggies glance very similar to short-hair Shih Tzus. Pugapoos have massive eyes with a rather flatter face than a Poodle, however now not so flat as a Pug’s face.

Figuring out the scale of the Pugapoo’s Poodle mum or dad is very important as a result of this determines how giant or small they turn out to be. A Pugapoo with a miniature Poodle mum or dad typically weighs between 11 and 17 kilos and measures between 10 and 14 inches tall. If they have got a toy Poodle mum or dad, you’ll be able to be expecting them to be a lot smaller than this and weigh between 7 and 14 kilos. If length is a an important issue, you should ask your breeder what length their folks are.

Coat & Colours

Like their look, the Pugapoo’s coat is made up our minds by way of the genes they inherit. They may inherit a hypoallergenic coat like their Poodle mum or dad. Then again, they may broaden a double coat incorrect for allergic reaction victims. In case you’re in quest of a hypoallergenic breed because of this, you might be best possible to undertake a purebred Poodle. Pugapoos with longer hair, just like the Poodle, are much more likely to be hypoallergenic, however it isn’t assured.

The Pugapoo sports activities quite a lot of colours due to their Poodle colour genes. Then again, maximum Pugapoos have a black, fawn, or apricot colour coat as those are the most typical colours of each folks. Some Pugapoos have darker colour mask on their face, basically round their muzzle and ears. Pugapoos with other colour patches are a lot rarer than cast colour coats, which might lift their pup worth.

Workout & Dwelling Prerequisites

Pugapoo sitting looking at the camera.
The Pugapoo is a smaller combine that calls for much less workout than higher canine.

The Pugapoo is a wonderful mix of each folks relating to workout wishes. They aren’t typically as energetic as their Poodle folks however are usually extra vigorous than their Pug folks. Pugapoos want round 30 to 45 mins of workout day by day. In case your Pugapoo has inherited the flatter face and respiration issues of the Pug, you want to take additional warning right through actions. Making an investment in a harness slightly than a collar-attached leash could also be a super thought to stop pressure round their neck and airlines.

Pugapoos are probably to experience splashing round within the water, and they would even inherit the webbed paws of the Poodle. However maximum Pugs combat within the water, so you want to take additional warning round water. In the event that they should fulfill their aqua wishes, making an investment in a puppy lifejacket is essential. It’s additionally a good suggestion to stay them leashed within the water in the event that they want to be got rid of temporarily. Please stay them in sight always.

Pugapoos are rather adaptable and do smartly in maximum circle of relatives settings. They do best possible in properties the place kids are dog-savvy and perceive they don’t seem to be toys to play with however pets to appreciate. Small canine are liable to accidents by way of kids who don’t perceive their protection or want for area. In the event that they perceive this, Pugapoos thrive in circle of relatives properties with amusing kiddos to play with. When socialized smartly, they are able to are living with different pets, however they could chase feathered buddies.

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Coaching a Pugapoo is a rather easy job, due to the Poodle’s prime intelligence and eager-to-please persona. Then again, you should be careful for the Pug’s cussed streak, which would possibly make coaching tough. However with early and constant coaching, the Pugapoo will have to sail thru coaching periods. Persist with the foundations you need them to abide by way of, and nip naughty or unwanted behaviors within the bud.

Pugapoos are typically easy-going with people and canine, however you want to socialize them early to stop them from being too standoffish with strangers or new stories. Make each coaching consultation sure, and praise them with a number of toys and reward. Treats additionally paintings wonders right through Pugapoo coaching. However you will want to be offering tasty snacks moderately, as Pug mixes may also be grasping.

Because the Pugapoo typically doesn’t like being on my own for too lengthy, crate coaching is a brilliant thought to assuage separation nervousness. Introduce them to their crate as early as imaginable, they usually quickly turn out to be conversant in their very own area. No longer handiest does it give them someplace to really feel protected, nevertheless it additionally will provide you with peace of thoughts understanding they aren’t trashing your house whilst you aren’t there. For any coaching queries, discuss to a pro instructor like Puppy Dan.

Well being

Veterinarian examining cute Pug dog in clinic, closeup
Pugs are inclined to a couple respiring problems that homeowners will have to pay attention to with Pugapoos.

The Pugapoo is a wholesome combine breed. The Poodle affect typically makes them fitter than purebred Pugs, who’re predisposed to quite a lot of well being problems. Pugapoos have a mean lifespan of 13 to fifteen years. Feeding them top quality protein, retaining them energetic, and visiting the vet for normal well being tests and vaccinations are easy tactics to stay them wholesome.

The price of puppy healthcare may also be pricey. It’s essential to believe puppy insurance coverage, which will lend a hand offset long run healthcare prices and simplicity monetary burdens. It’s tough to grasp what well being issues your canine would possibly revel in. However the next well being stipulations are the principle considerations within the Pugapoo breed that you simply should pay attention to.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) is not unusual in flat-face breeds, just like the Pug. Fortunately, the longer muzzle of the Poodle eases signs, however they nonetheless would possibly revel in a few of them to some extent. The indications of BOAS come with tricky and noisy respiring, workout and warmth intolerance, gagging, and regurgitation. In case you realize those signs, take them to a vet for exam. In critical circumstances, corrective surgical treatment could be required. Take additional care when exercising them, and keep away from job right through the warmer portions of the day.

Eye Prerequisites

The Pugapoo is liable to a number of eye stipulations. Those come with cataracts, revolutionary retinal atrophy (PRA), and corneal ulcers. In case your Pugapoo has inherited the sticking out eyes of the Pug, they’re extra liable to accidents to their eyes by way of catching them on items and different issues. It’s crucial to watch the situation in their eyes and make sure they give the impression of being wholesome. In case you realize any sores, redness, dryness, or anything else atypical, it’s essential to request an exam. Left untreated, it’s painful on your domestic dog, and plenty of eye issues can result in overall imaginative and prescient loss.


Legg-calve-perthes is a hereditary situation extra not unusual in smaller breeds just like the Pugapoo. It once in a while develops after trauma to the leg or hip, too. It happens when the blood provide to the femoral head is interrupted, resulting in joint necrosis. Signs of this situation come with hind limb lameness, loss of muscle groups, shortening of the leg, and basic irritableness from the ache.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is any other orthopedic worry extra often noticed in smaller breeds, and it describes kneecap dislocation. Some execs discuss with it as a “floating kneecap.” Signs come with a skipping gait, kicking out in discomfort, and basic irritableness. Occasionally, the kneecap may also be slipped again into position by way of your vet. However in additional critical or continual circumstances, surgical correction is healthier.


Poodle laying on the ground next to bowl of food.
Poodles may also be choosy eaters, so it’s most probably a good suggestion to stay that during thoughts along with your Pugapoo.

Pugapoos are small breeds, which means they have got small bowls and a smaller per thirty days expenditure on vitamin. How a lot you feed them relies on a number of components, together with their frame weight, age, job ranges, and what nutrition you supply them. All the time select a top quality nutrition qualified by way of the Affiliation of American Feed Keep an eye on Officers (AAFCO.) That is at all times at the packaging or description, which means the meals meets your domestic dog’s dietary wishes.

Pugapoos have tiny mouths and will’t at all times chunk meals, particularly kibble, made for standard-size or massive canine. So, it’s possible you’ll want to acquire meals for small breeds. Purchasing age-appropriate meals could also be essential, particularly right through their developmental pup degree. Pet meals accommodates upper power and extra omega fat that lend a hand with wholesome building and will scale back the chance of orthopedic issues. Why now not believe a contemporary meals choice corresponding to The Farmer’s Canine?

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Their grooming regime relies on the kind of coat they inherit. In the event that they inherit the shorter coat of the Pug, they just want brushing as soon as per week to stay them having a look and feeling wholesome. A slicker brush and deshedding device for the dropping season are the most efficient equipment for a Pug-like coat. In the event that they inherit the longer coat of the Poodle, they want extra common brushing to stop mating and tangling. The most efficient brush for a Poodle-like coat could also be a slicker brush. No matter form of coat they inherit, at all times select a broom with spherical or rubber pointers that offer protection to their pores and skin from scraping.

Handiest shower your Pugapoo as soon as each two months to stay their pores and skin and fur blank. Take a look at to not wash them greater than this. Another way, you chance provoking their herbal oils and pH stability. Make a selection a formulation for delicate pores and skin, and at all times rinse and dry them totally. In the event that they inherit the outside rolls from the Pug mum or dad, you should totally blank between the folds.

Pugapoos have tiny mouths, and their enamel are tightly packed. This implies they’re extra liable to periodontal illnesses. Brush their enamel weekly to stay micro organism at bay. Get started their dental regime early, in order that they turn out to be used to it. For the reason that Pugapoo is liable to eye issues, retaining their eyes blank with specifically designed wipes for puppy eyes is essential.

Breeders & Pet Prices

Cute pug puppies playing in the garden.
Be sure to get a Pugapoo from a credible breeder with wholesome folks.

Pugapoos are a rather uncommon combine, so it’s possible you’ll want to spend additional time researching and discovering a accountable breeder. Running with a breeder that handiest breeds wholesome canine and will give you the related well being certificate is essential. Be sure you purchase a Pug and Poodle combine slightly than any blended breed. There are lots of indicators of a accountable breeder, so you’ll want to glance out for them and keep away from irresponsible breeders in any respect prices.

The moderate worth of a wholesome Pugapoo pup from a accountable breeder can vary between $500 and $1,000. Be cautious of any domestic dog with a price ticket a lot decrease or upper than this. Pet pricing has many influencing components, corresponding to mum or dad registration, bloodline, well being standing, location, call for, and many others. Further prices to believe when purchasing a pup come with purchasing the entirety they want, puppy-proofing your house, and vaccinations.

Rescues & Shelters

Pugapoos are uncommon, so discovering one in a refuge could be atypical. In the event that they do pop up, they’re more likely to be followed temporarily. Talk over with your native shelters and phone the workforce who may be able to will let you along with your seek for a Pugapoo. If there isn’t one at that refuge, they could know of 1 in a close-by refuge. You’ll additionally seek for Pugapoos on-line the use of rescue group internet sites. They continuously listing canine wanting a house national, so watch those internet sites, too. The prices of adopting a dog from a refuge are typically lower than purchasing a pup from a breeder.

As A Circle of relatives Puppy

  • Pugapoos are a mixture of Pug and miniature Poodles.
  • They’re candy and really affectionate with their circle of relatives.
  • Those doggies like to be the focus and are tremendous amusing.
  • Separation nervousness may also be a topic as they don’t love to be left on my own for too lengthy.
  • Pugapoos could be very vocal and bark so much.
  • They’re small canine, nevertheless it’s crucial to know their Poodle mum or dad’s length.
  • Their coat may also be brief or lengthy relying on what genes they inherit.
  • You wish to have to offer them with canine toys to stimulate their minds.
  • They want round 30 to 45 mins of job day by day.
  • Crate coaching is essential for this domestic dog.

Be informed Extra About Pugs & Poodles

The Pugapoo is a unprecedented however tremendous candy breed that combines the most efficient characteristics of the Pug and the Poodle. In case you’re fascinated by adopting this combination, make certain to take a look at our extra in-depth breed guides on every mum or dad. Pugs are flat-faced breeds, and homeowners want to be additional wary, particularly within the warmth. Poodles have boundless power, however coaching them is typically a clean trip, due to their implausible intelligence.

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