Puzzling Items Noticed This Week

Leaf-out finds the browseline, Schenley Park, 5 Might 2024 (photograph through Kate St. John)

11 Might 2024

This week I photographed a couple of puzzling items for the file.

After I took a photograph of Complete Leaf timber in Schenley Park on 5 Might I realized one thing newly visual within the presence of leaves. Are you able to see it?

Take a look at the middle of the photograph the place the trail disappears within the distance. Above the trail is an opening that permits you to see additional beneath the timber. The space flows to the proper and follows the contour of the hillside. That’s the browseline, the cumulative impact of too many deer consuming on the similar location over and over again.

I noticed a local(!) honeysuckle this week. Crimson with fused leaves, it’s known as limber or glaucous honeysuckle (Lonicera dioica).

Limber or glaucous honeysuckle, Moraine State Park, 7 Might 2024 (photograph through Kate St. John)

Was once this a livestock egret at Moraine State Park? If that is so it was once an extraordinary hen! Nope. It’s a white bag.

Farm animals Egret at Moraine State Park? (photograph through Kate St. John, 7 Might 2024)

On 3 Might a leaf-footed worm seemed to stroll around the sky.

Leaf-footed worm walks around the sky, 3 Might 2024 (photograph through Kate St. John)

All the way through the Pittsburgh Marathon Dippy the dinosaur watched close to the midway mark.

Dippy wears black and gold for the Pittsburgh Marathon, 5 Might 2024 (photograph through Kate St. John)

What puzzles do we see this week?

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