Shih Tzu Well being Issues and Problems

The Shih Tzu is rather the dynamic toy canine. They’ve one of the vital oldest lineages of all canine breeds in lifestyles (and a historical past which is deeply rooted in Chinese language royalty) and but nonetheless stays very similar to even their earliest depictions. The true title Shih Tzu interprets to ‘little lion’ which possibly derives from the truth that they have got ‘manes’ round their face.

They’re an cute breed full of spunk and effort, and assume extraordinarily extremely of themselves. Then again they’re now not dignified to a fault and as an alternative of vanity, this little canine is solely glad and assured in their very own pores and skin. The Shih Tzu breed’s complete lifestyles is to like and be cherished and make glorious partners for any house.

Shih Tzu’s are identified for his or her longevity as they continue to exist moderate any place from 10-16 years. Even if they’re historically a beautiful wholesome canine breed, Shih Tzu’s are liable to a couple of fitness problems. It is very important perceive those problems with the intention to glance out for signs and lend a hand stay your domestic dog wholesome.


If there’s one not unusual thread between the variability of Shih Tzu fitness problems, it’s that their eyes can fail. Keratitis is an irritation of the cornea which will in the end lead to an ulcer. In terms of a corneal ulcer, your Shih Tzu will incessantly want to go through surgical operation. Sadly, Keratitis does certainly reason blindness if the situation is serious sufficient.

Proptosis shih tzu health issues

Some other eye-related dysfunction, this happens when the eyeball in truth dislodges from the socket and the eyelid shuts at the back of it. It’s extremely painful, incessantly time calls for surgical operation, and will certainly reason blindness.

Continuously the primary signs start with an irritation of the attention, and time beyond regulation you’ll be capable to understand the your canine’s eye start to transfer ahead. Fortunately, there are surgical procedures to be had for this situation.

Innovative Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This illness happens when the photoreceptors at the back of the attention starts to fail. To start with it starts with night time blindness. Your Shih Tzu may have a difficult time navigating at the hours of darkness, and incessantly appear clumsy.

Because it progresses, it starts to impact their daylight imaginative and prescient as smartly. Generally, PRA will in the end result in entire blindness. Whilst there’s no remedy to be had for this situation, veterinarians can diagnose it years prior to blindness ensues, which allots a cheap period of time for the canine to adapt to the blindness.

With those 3 prerequisites in thoughts, make sure you all the time be willing at the approach your Shih Tzu’s eyes increase. In the event that they’re ever crimson or swollen or should you understand your canine itching them ceaselessly, it’s best possible you’re taking your domestic dog to peer a veterinarian so they are able to diagnose the issue. Many eye-related issues need to be stuck early with the intention to be totally repaired.

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Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is without doubt one of the maximum not unusual prerequisites that impact canine generally. In most cases it’s noticed in larger canine that develop too briefly into their our bodies, however it could additionally happen in smaller dogs just like the Shih Tzu. 

Hip Dysplasia can happen in Shih Tzu’s as a result of they love to leap round, specifically of their adolescence. Continuously they overestimate their functions and land too onerous, inflicting an harm that develops into Hip Dysplasia years later.

It impacts the hip joint, and creates a displacement between the joint and thigh bone. Hip Dysplasia varies in levels of severity, and incessantly the canine will stroll with somewhat of an ordinary gait and joint paint however reside an absolutely wholesome lifestyles.

If it’s dangerous sufficient, this factor can require surgical operation. Signs of hip dysplasia come with an ordinary gait, lameness within the leg(s), problem strolling or shifting the leg, and at worst immobility.

Hypersensitive reactions

A lot of smaller canine can also be suffering from hypersensitive reactions. Hypersensitive reactions within the canine global are rather very similar to hypersensitive reactions that impact the human anatomy.

Continuously the hypersensitive reactions are food-based, and the issue is solved by way of enjoying a recreation of removing along with your canine’s vitamin.

However your canine will also be allergic to positive merchandise like shampoo or flea powders. Whilst much less not unusual, some Shih Tzu’s are allergic to airborne allergens like pollen or mud.

Signs come with itching, redness within the eyes, rashes, an disappointed abdomen, and a loss of urge for food. Very hardly ever are hypersensitive reactions lifestyles threatening, however they incessantly make your canine rather uncomfortable.

Ear Infectionsshih tzu illnesses

The construction of the Shih Tzu’s ears makes them liable to ear infections. The floppy ears give approach to a heat lengthy canal, which will occasionally be the stomping grounds for micro organism.

Some of the telltale indicators of an ear an infection is smell, or in case your Shih Tzu is abnormally jumpy or frantic within the wake of loud noises.

There are therapies and antibiotics to be had for this situation and it’s best to carry your canine to the vet.

Collapsing Trachea

This situation is extra incessantly present in little canine, because of the construction in their faces. The trachea (sometimes called the windpipe) consists of cartilage. If the cartilage weakens, the construction will flatten, and respiring turns into a troublesome and painful procedure in your little canine.

This can also be corrected by way of surgical operation if serious sufficient, however every now and then your canine will modify to the collapsed trachea (goodbye that isn’t impairing airflow).

Intervertebral Disk Illness

Intervertebral Disk Illness incessantly happens in canine with shorter legs however a big again, as this construct can also be structurally risky for the backbone. It happens when a disk slips out and presses towards the spinal wire. The indicators come with muscle spasms, weak spot within the limb(s), problem strolling, and excessive sensitivity to the touch.

Sadly, as IVD progresses, it’s conceivable that the dog stories entire paralysis. There are therapies, medication, and surgical operation to be had to lend a hand right kind (or no less than mitigate) the indications of IVD.

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Patellar Luxation

You’ll see this in quite a lot of canine breeds around the board. It happens when there’s a separation within the canine’s kneecap, inflicting it to dislocate at random instances. The severity fluctuates significantly, as patellar luxation can also be as miniscule as your canine having a limp for a pair days within the 12 months, the entire approach to the will of corrective surgical operation.

Very similar to the aforementioned Hip Dysplasia, the signs of Patellar Luxation come with an ordinary gait, ache within the limbs, problem strolling, lameness within the limb(s), and at worse immobility. Then again, there are heaps of various therapies for this situation, and it’s hardly ever an issue that can not be mounted.

Stenotic Nares

This situation happens when a Shih Tzu is born with passageways within the nostrils which are too slim. Because of their abnormally small measurement, Shih Tzu’s have problem acquiring the correct quantity of oxygen they must keep an eye on their frame. The preliminary symptom is after all problem respiring, and that is incessantly spotted in an instant by way of the landlord.

As time is going on, if the issue persists (or worsens), then the canine’s frame can start to fail. Then again, the surgical operation to be had for this situation is just about all the time a hit. Surgeons will navigate into the nostrils and widen the passageways to permit for a bigger quantity of airflow.  

Hypothyroidismhealth problems of shih tzus

This situation at once impacts a canine’s thyroid, and it’s now not as not unusual in smaller canine. Nonetheless, there are some studies of Shih Tzus affected by this.

It happens when the thyroid doesn’t serve as correctly, which means that they are able to keep an eye on their metabolism.

Signs come with excessive fatigue, hair loss, an ordinary urge for food, an over the top want to urinate, and weight achieve.

If this situation is going on too lengthy with out remedy then a canine can fall right into a coma. But whilst it is a severe factor, it could incessantly be handled with the correct medication.

Pointers To Stay Your Shih Tzu Wholesome

The prerequisites indexed above are merely the fitness problems which impact this breed maximum, and it doesn’t essentially imply your canine will enjoy any of those prerequisites. Shih Tzus are identified to be a wholesome breed with a powerful bloodline. However, as the landlord it’s your duty to be sure that you do the whole lot conceivable to verify your canine lives a wholesome lifestyles. Listed here are some tricks to take action.

Take Them To The Vet

Taking your Shih Tzu to the vet steadily is the only maximum fundamental issues you’ll be able to do to stay your canine wholesome. So as to keep on most sensible of any sickness or situation that can rise up, it’s fundamental to take your dog in for regimen checkups. Make certain your canine will get his once a year examinations and has the entire photographs he must reside a protracted wholesome lifestyles.


Grooming is a positive approach to remember to’re maintaining tabs at the fitness of your dog. Grooming doesn’t simply come with caring for their coats. It is also the maintenance in their hygiene.

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All canine must have their enamel brushed 2-Three times every week, their nails clipped per 30 days, and a complete frame inspection performed each couple weeks. With Shih Tzus, it’s specifically fundamental that you just swab their ears and blank them out weekly.

Their ears can harbor micro organism rather simply, and so they’re liable to ear infections. Now not handiest their ears must be tested, however their complete frame too.

health issues of shih tzus

Test their coats, nostril, ears, eyes, mouths, and paws for anything else suspicious. This implies irritation, redness, rashes, parasites, infections, and anything else that turns out in any respect ordinary.

Via grooming your canine persistently, you stay them cleaner and no more liable to an infection, and also you stay acutely aware of their bodily state, which means you’ll be able to catch one thing early if it comes.


Your Shih Tzu isn’t a large canine, nor do they’ve any ‘hunt’ or working-class characteristics of their blood. They’re regal, assured little house our bodies, however that doesn’t imply they must by no means get off the sofa.

A Shih Tzu wishes their workout to keep an eye on their frame and to stick in form. Whilst those canine aren’t essentially liable to weight problems they are able to surely be lazy. Make sure that they’re experiencing a balanced and solid workout regimen.


Be sure that now not handiest are you feeding your Shih Tzu wholesome and high quality meals, however that you just’re tracking weight achieve. We realize it can also be onerous to withstand feeding them their favourite maple bacon canine biscuits, however make sure you follow moderation when giving your Shih Tzu any treats. Do notice that this breed is usually a bit fickle about meals selection, thus there’s somewhat of labor to be performed prior to you’ve ironed out a meal plan that sticks. Feed them smartly and in the event that they begin to achieve weight create a stability between meals proportions and the quantity of workout they obtain.

Make a choice A Respected Breeder

Seeing because the Shih Tzu is a well-liked canine, there’s the next propensity that irresponsible breeders are in the market generating amount over high quality. If you are going to buy a Shih Tzu that used to be bred poorly, there’s a far larger probability that he’ll have fitness and behavioral issues sooner or later.

That’s why it’s extremely fundamental to analyze your breeder totally and meet the oldsters of your canine. Make certain that the breeder can give fitness clearances for each folks and that the entire bureaucracy is so as.

The Shih Tzu is an unbelievable canine that sits within the most sensible 20 of the AKC’s hottest record of canine breeds. They’re lovely to no finish, spunky and contagious, and make an ideal puppy for any family. Naturally resilient, they’ve lengthy lifestyles expectations and aren’t liable to inheriting illness or falling unwell.

As long as the vital steps are taken with the intention to be sure a Shih Tzu’s fitness and way of life, then there’s no explanation why they shouldn’t reside smartly into their older ages.


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