Spotting Refined Indicators of Worry, Nervousness & Rigidity in Horses

When horses revel in tension they frequently behave in techniques simply recognized: they develop into tricky to maintain or experience, and check out to escape or ‘struggle’ to flee what they understand to be a hectic scenario.

Those ‘huge’ behaviours are glaring to maximum horse other people, however much less widely recognized are alternative ways horses reply to fret, comparable to by means of fidgeting or as will also be observed within the above video by means of turning into nonetheless, or ‘freezing’.

On the other hand, stillness doesn’t equivalent calmness. Whilst nonetheless horses experiencing concern, anxiousness or tension would possibly display fewer glaring behaviours, delicate indicators of those states can nonetheless be observed by means of skilled observers.

Horses who develop into nonetheless when stressed out are frequently labelled loopy or described as ‘exploding out of nowhere’. As this video touches upon, by means of coaching the attention to higher acknowledge delicate indicators of tension, horse running shoes and handlers can reply faster to the pony’s tension and de-escalate the placement, heading off larger tension responses.

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