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“Deeply reported and vividly informed, Brookshire’s exploration of our maximum reviled animal neighbours will ceaselessly trade how you notice nature and our dating to it.”—Riley Black. 

The flyer for the Animal Book Club May 2024

Through Zazie Todd PhD

This month, the Animal E-book Membership is studying Pests: How People Create Animal Villains via Bethany Brookshire.

From the writer,

“An engrossing and revealing find out about of why we deem positive animals “pests” and others no longer—from cats to rats, elephants to pigeons—and what this tells us about our personal perceptions, ideals, and movements, in addition to our position within the wildlife

“A squirrel within the lawn. A rat within the wall. A pigeon in the street. People have spent such a lot of our historical past drawing a difficult line between human areas and wild puts. When animals pop up the place we don’t be expecting or need them, we reply with worry, rage, or easy annoyance. It’s now not an animal. It’s a pest.

“On the intersection of science, historical past, and narrative journalism, Pests isn’t a easy name to seem nearer at our city ecosystem. It’s no longer a herbal historical past of the animals we hate. As an alternative, this guide is set us. It’s about what calling an animal a pest says about folks, how we are living, and what we would like. It’s a tale about human nature, and the way we categorize the animals in our midst, together with bears and coyotes, sparrows and snakes. Puppy or pest? In lots of instances, it’s totally a query of standpoint.”

Pests is to be had from all excellent bookstores and my Amazon retailer.  

The cover of Pests by Bethany Brookshire features silhouettes of all kinds of animals from snakes to elephants

The guide membership is open to subscribers to the Spouse Animal Psychology publication or substack. Main points of ways to sign up for are integrated for your welcome emails.  

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This is the primary sentence of the advent to whet your urge for food:

“Imagine the squirrel.”


"Consider the squirrel." And the Companion Animal Psychology logo.

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