Taking a Have a look at the Thermosolar Hive

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One of the demanding situations which might be on most sensible of the listing whilst you ask any beekeeper what cripples their industry come with varroa mites, low honey manufacturing, colony deaths, and reliance on chemical compounds. Those along with a myriad of different issues that beekeepers face, make it virtually unimaginable for them to boost a hit colonies. Thankfully, scientists and beekeepers had been enthusiastic about arising with answers to the issues they face. And because of their effort now we have the Thermosolar Hive. This can be a one-of-a-kind hive that is helping beekeepers lift a hit colonies with out the want to use chemical compounds to get rid of the fatal varroa mites.

How Temperature Impacts Honeybees and Mites

Identical to honeybees, varroa mites are extremely delicate to adjustments in temperature. That is the theory at the back of the Thermosolar hive. It makes use of temperature as a device to counter invasive varroa mites.

Varroa mites want temperatures which might be between 26°C to 33°C (79°F to 91°F). Feminine varroa mites might be extremely productive when underneath temperatures between 32.5°C to 33.4°C (90.5°F to 92.12°F). The mites are in a position to resist intermittent hikes in temperatures of as much as 40°C (105°F) however most effective when hitchhiking on flying bees and just for a shorter duration.

Publicity to raised temperature ranges for an extended duration will kill the mites. Publicity to temperatures of 40°C (105°F) for greater than 2 hours will exterminate 100% of the prevailing mites in a brood. Some of the mites that stay will lose their mobility and can die inside 12 hours.

The honeybees seem to be extra resistant to raised temperatures, with grownup bees displaying the facility to resist non permanent publicity to temperatures of as much as 44°C (110°F).  The middle of the cluster within the beehive is the warmest and it will get cooler as you progress clear of the cluster. Temperatures can move as top as 35°C (95°F) within the cluster, 21.6°C (71°F) in an instant outdoor the cluster, and 11.1°C (52°F) on different portions of the beehive.

Low temperatures can devastate honeybee colonies. The bees’ flight is impaired when temperatures move under 12.7°C (55°F). Clustering of the honeybees will happen when temperatures are about 17.7°C (64°F). They are going to do that with the intention to stay the queen, brood, and themselves heat. If temperatures fall additional then the cluster turns into tighter with the outside of the colony developing insulation across the clustered bees to forestall warmth loss. The additional decline will pressure the temperature-controlling bees to flap or vibrate their wings with the intention to generate extra warmth.

Honeybees have a better stage of warmth tolerance than different bugs akin to mites, hornets, yellow jackets, and others. They use one way referred to as “thermoballing” when attacking those invaders. That is the place the loads of guard bees encompass the invader and swiftly vibrate their muscular tissues to generate warmth of as much as 45°C (113°F). This suffocates and burns the sufferer to dying. It’s this identical methodology this is hired within the Thermosolar Hive. The mites are not able to resist the over the top warmth generated by way of the hive. At the turn facet, the grownup bees, brood, and hive merchandise don’t seem to be suffering from the Thermosolar Hive.

How the Thermosolar Hive Works

The Thermosolar Hive comes with an outer duvet, varroa backside, Thermosolar ceiling, and Thermosolar tremendous. Every of those elements has a the most important position to play.

The beekeeper will take away the outer duvet in order that the ceiling is uncovered to the solar. This may increasingly heat the sealed brood within the brood chamber. Every of the bins comes with a Thermosolar window at its entrance to facilitate warmth absorption right through the remedy.

The sunrays gathered are reworked into warmth waves which might be transmitted into the brood chamber. That is absorbed by way of the brood, wax, and meals reserves. The expanding temperature is monitored the use of the 2 inbuilt sensors positioned within the wax of a comb on the brood chamber. The primary sensor at the higher bar and the opposite at the backside bar will lend a hand track the expanding temperature.

The beekeeper must prevent the remedy procedure as soon as the temperature rises to 46.6°C (116°F) on the higher portion of the bar. The outer duvet must be re-installed as soon as this stage is attained. As for the thermally insulated supers and thermal backside, those permit the temperatures to be maintained throughout the therapeutic limits for as much as 2 hours. That is enough time to permit for all of the mites to be eradicated.

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Every other mites which might be overlooked will in finding their long ago into the uncapped brood cells inside 10 days. The remedy must due to this fact be repeated another time to make sure those ultimate mites are subjected to the remedy. The Thermosolar Hive boosts the colony growth all the way through spring and is helping save honey reserves right through the wintry weather and different seasons. It boosts honeybee flight task and boosts honey manufacturing by way of as much as 25% to 75%.

For brief-term thermotherapy, it’s best completed all the way through the summer season months with the precise time being the top of July to early August. Correct positioning of the Thermosolar Hive is advisable with the hive dealing with South or South-East. The best time of the day for remedy is all the way through vivid days when it’s 30% cloudy. Morning remedy is easiest advisable as afternoon temperatures would purpose the higher a part of the field to temporarily overheat. The capped brood must be positioned within the tremendous and entries of all supers closed, the queen excluder got rid of, and hive front narrowed sooner than the start of the thermotherapy.

The removing of the hive roof makes it imaginable for sunrays to hit the Thermosolar ceiling. The warmth will then pick out up progressively on the price of 0.1°C (32.18°F) in step with minute. Space bees generally tend to stay across the brood space all the way through the thermotherapy, and that explains why the brood isn’t harmed right through this treatment. Horizontal wiring would alternatively be excellent since fine quality and natural wax melts when subjected to this sort of stage of heating (60°C or 140°F). Moreover, the open front is helping give you the required air flow to make sure the queen and the grownup bees don’t seem to be uncovered to the warmth. They are going to transfer to the ground field the place temperatures stay unchanged or depart the hive.

Thermosolar Hive Overview

Thermosolar Hive

The Thermosolar hive has been designed to counter one of the crucial largest threats to honeybees on the planet – the varroa mites. Those tiny mites had been connected to the average colony cave in dysfunction affecting honeybee colonies globally. The hive makes use of solar power in getting rid of those mites.

The varroa mites goal grownup bees and broods however want the pupa and the larvae. They impact the brood inflicting the brood to emerge with deformed limbs and wings. Additionally they put across viruses and sicknesses to the honeybees inflicting extra losses to apiaries. Figuring out and taking out the mites with out the usage of chemical compounds is typically sophisticated. Thankfully, the mites are delicate to warmth.

The Thermosolar hive is designed with the concept warmth can lend a hand get rid of varroa mites. Those parasites won’t live to tell the tale when uncovered to temperatures of 40°C to 46.6°C (104°F to 116°F) for a minimum of 50 mins. Exposing them to such stipulations will utterly get rid of the varroa mites.

The Thermosolar hive comes with particular mechanisms that employ solar power. It’s designed in this sort of means that the hive progressively heats up the honeybee colony and the honeycombs. The purpose of the device is to boost the temperature stage past what the varroa mites can tolerate. This system does no longer hurt grownup bees, broods, or honeycombs.

The Thermosolar hive objectives all mites which might be within the cells inside a distance of 15.8 inches from the supply of the warmth. The device will exterminate no less than 80% of the varroa mites throughout the first remedy. In some instances, a good fortune price of 90 to 95% has been reported throughout the first remedy.

Sadly, the mites which might be latched onto grownup bees outdoor the hive or the ones on the backside of the hive might be spared since they aren’t throughout the scope of the warmth remedy. Subsequently, next remedies must be performed inside 7 to fourteen days later for the reason that mites that had been overlooked will invade uncapped cells inside 5 days of being away, with the intention to procreate.

It is usually price bringing up that some mites can live to tell the tale the wintry weather and those are typically past due re-invasions that may occur if the beekeeper didn’t deal with the hive. They can also be to be had if chemical compounds had been used and didn’t kill the mites. Thankfully, Thermosolar era will lend a hand get rid of mites with out the want to use damaging chemical compounds. The colonies can produce honey and wax that shouldn’t have pesticide residues. Moreover, those colonies have a better survival price even all the way through the cruel months.

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Benefits of the Thermosolar Hive

Thermosolar Hive

In contrast to standard hives, this hive design has a number of benefits that come with:

  • Boosts colony warmth to boost up spring construction. This therefore saves on wintry weather meals reserves.
  • The position of temperature controllers within the beehive is taken over by way of Thermosolar era. The honeybees liable for temperature regulate will due to this fact spare the power to be used in different essential duties within the hive. There might be no want to devour various honey and finally end up weary via wing flapping with the intention to generate warmth.
  • The era makes it imaginable for extra bees to fly out for nectar and pollen even all the way through unhealthy climate since they’re well-energized and don’t seem to be required to generate warmth for the brood. In consequence, colonies are in a position to amass enough meals reserves.
  • The entire well being of the honeybees is stepped forward. Honeybees which might be well-fed and heat are more healthy and are higher situated in protecting their colony from pests, sicknesses, and invaders.
  • Guarantees thermal stabilization in case further beehive bins are presented for the reason that software regulates the temperatures within the hive.
  • The choice of frost hours all the way through wintry weather is considerably decreased. That means, the colony is in a position to reduce the intake of its meals reserves.
  • Untimely brood rearing is eradicated for the reason that Thermosolar hive does no longer stay the temperatures at a top all the way through. As a substitute, temperatures will settle down at evening. Accordingly, the bees don’t seem to be precipitated to create untimely brood.
  • The time taken to regard varroa mites is considerably decreased.
  • Safeguards honeybee colonies all the way through lengthy or critical winters, considerably boosting their survival charges.
  • Improves the standard of honey.
  • Makes it imaginable for colonies to boost early-season queens and drones even all the way through quick beekeeping seasons.
  • It boosts honey manufacturing, with beekeepers reporting as much as 25kgs of honey in step with honey tremendous relying at the body dimension.
  • Is helping get rid of the varroa mites from the honeybee colony in past due summer season.
  • Thermotherapy successfully suppresses Nosema illness this is led to by way of Nosema parasites.
  • Improves flight task in honeybee colonies which in flip is helping spice up the colony glide doable.
  • Thermosolar hives lend a hand get rid of varroa mites naturally from capped brood with an potency stage of 100%. No longer a unmarried mite can also be famous within the droppings after a couple of remedies. The hive will frequently heal the hive.
  • Using sun warmth is much less exhausting and is understated.
  • It’s protected for the honeybees and the beekeeper.
  • Gets rid of the want to make use of chemical remedies for the varroa mite downside.
  • It really works exceptionally nicely even in eventualities the place same old hives are suffering to place in honey. The honey manufacturing will building up by way of as much as 40% on reasonable.
  • Thermosolar hives are made of excellent high quality wooden and can ensure excellent carrier for a very long time.

How you can use the Thermosolar Hive

The beekeeper must adhere to under suggestions whilst the use of the Thermosolar beehive:

  • The hive must be put on a horizontal base and must be well-sheltered from robust winds.
  • The hive external must be coated with an suitable coating akin to a water-soluble glaze coat to stay the wooden protected from the weather. If imaginable two coatings must be carried out to ensure most coverage.
  • Disinfection isn’t advisable for the Thermosolar internal since it’s secure with steel. However, whether it is deemed vital it must be wiped clean the use of a humid material. A perfect non-caustic disinfectant could also be used.

Introducing Bees

Putting in bees right into a Thermosolar hive is completed the similar means as for same old beehives. The beekeeper can set up each an older colony and splits. The insulating frames must be put accurately into position before you install the bees.

The opposite essential job to finish sooner than putting in a colony is to insert the thermometer sensors into the brood nest. It is important to do it sooner than you’ll start any thermal remedy. The sensors measure the wax temperatures and must due to this fact be inserted into the frames that experience capped brood. Its major function isn’t to assemble the air temperature however somewhat the wax temperature. One sensor is going into the center of the brush and the opposite above the bar inside the similar body. Every of the sensors must be correctly marked for simple identity.

As for eventualities when honey supers don’t seem to be fastened, the temperature sensors are positioned within the body which is on the uppermost tremendous that lies subsequent to the Thermosolar ceiling.

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How you can Construct a DIY Thermosolar Hive

The Thermosolar beehive isn’t like an extraordinary hive within the sense that it makes use of solar power to boost the hive’s interior temperatures to a degree that can kill varroa mites. It’s designed with the purpose of permitting the beekeeper to reproduce honeybees year-round. The hive is available in all body sizes of same old and blended forms of hives. Every of the tremendous of a Thermosolar hive is made for 10 frames with honeycombs, along with an insulating body. The Thermosolar hive can thus accommodate as much as 11 frames in each and every tremendous.

The hive incorporates the next: 2 thermo sensors, an outer duvet, Thermosolar ceiling/roof, Thermosolar tremendous, varroa backside, feeder bottle extensions, feeder safe haven, backside board, enclosure with vents, a construction barrier, front reducer, varroa backside board, and varroa grid.

The Hive Roof

That is vapor permeable and is positioned completely at the beehive save when wearing out thermotherapy. It’s very similar to a commonplace hive roof and is derived with a forged insulating subject matter along with a fibrous vapor-permeable subject matter that permits water vapor to simply evaporate.

At the aspects of the roof are vents that are meant to by no means be coated. The perforated subject matter at the backside facet of the roof is in direct touch with bee colonies and is at risk of be coated with propolis. This must be wiped clean continuously to stay the holes exposed.

The Insulated Varroa Backside Board

The Thermosolar hive comes with an insulated varroa board that may be a everlasting a part of the hive. It options an front at its entrance section that may be closed and is divided into two horizontal sections with the assistance of a grid. Its decrease segment can’t be accessed by way of the honeybees and is the place the varroa pad is inserted for tracking the mites that fall out of the beehive. The higher segment of the ground board permits the bees to hang around when temperatures are top within the brood nest.

Two get entry to issues are supplied at the aspects of the ground board for the beekeeper to simply get entry to each and every segment of the board with out entering touch with bees. Not obligatory options akin to 2 jars with percolating lids for feeding could also be supplied.

Varroa Grid

The varroa grid that splits the ground board into two sectors is helping stay the bees on the most sensible and restricts their get entry to to the ground sector beneath the grid. This can also be got rid of for cleansing. The grid supplies a pathway totally free fall for the mites to the ground of the hive.

The varroa grid is an enduring a part of the hive and it’s endorsed that the beekeeper assists in keeping an extractable subject matter on the backside of the board to permit for tracking varroa mite fallout.

The Front Reducer

That is required for protecting the doorway slim or vast, simply because the case is with same old beehives. The doorway is stored slim previous to wintry weather.

Picket Barrier

That is the picket barrier that is part of the ground board. It’s positioned at the higher segment of the ground, simply above the grid to lend a hand save you the bees from shifting into the to be had area at the backside board to construct honeycombs. The construction barrier must be stored as a substitute completely.

Backside Enclosure with Vents

On the decrease segment of the ground is the enclosure with 4 vents which might be used for ultimate the decrease segment of the ground board, beneath the varroa grid, the section the place the varroa pad is positioned by way of the beekeeper.

The enclosure is fitted with 4 vents that offer air flow all the way through thermotherapy when the access is closed. The decrease segment of the ground board is stored close completely and can most effective be opened when checking for varroa fallout.

Feeder Bottle Extensions

A Thermosolar with an exterior feeder has this section integrated. The round cutouts supplied at the feeder extensions will are compatible into the feeding jars. Those can be utilized to supply syrup and water to the honeybee colony.

Feeder Safe haven

The Thermosolar hive with an exterior feeder may have this section for mounting over the jars when feeding. This comes with steel straps that stay the jars secured and solid. The safe haven might be fastened into the feeder hollow when no longer feeding to stay moisture off the hive.

Different Portions

  • Temperature sensors – those are essential for tracking hive temperatures. The batteries are replaceable.
  • Thermometers – those can also be changed.


The Thermosolar beehive could be a bit of other from the recurrently used beehives when it comes to design and contours however calls for the similar repairs as an extraordinary hive. Repairs of the Thermosolar hive can also be performed simply because the beekeeper does with an extraordinary hive. Customary interventions geared toward boosting breeding bees can also be undertaken with out affecting the potency of thermotherapy. It’s alternatively recommended that the beekeeper refers back to the supplied producer’s guide if they’re unsure about which beekeeping practices to combine with this beekeeping era.

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