The best way to Make a Bucket Bee Feeder

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Some of the highest tactics to supply nourishment to your hives is to make a bucket bee feeder the use of a 5 gallon bucket. Whilst now not as economical as feeding throughout the hive, open feeding does have some benefits. Very best of all, a bucket feeder for bees is amazingly simple to make. There are a number of tactics to do that – I will be able to percentage my favourite. Let’s get began.

Honey bee feeding at homemade bucket feeder.

Taking good care of bees is tricky paintings and now not affordable both. If truth be told, offering sugar water to bees prices some cash too. The benefit of the use of this feeder kind is that you’re not losing cash on a industrial feeder. And, virtually everybody has a bucket?

Pail Feeder vs Bucket Feeder

Let’s get started via clearing up a little bit of bewilderment. This kind of bee bucket feeder is other than the use of a pail feeder.

A pail feeder will also be any measurement however a small one or two gallon pail is the commonest. It’s generally positioned throughout the hive (with some other outdoor field round it) or on most sensible of a hive.

Bees throughout the hive get entry to the syrup thru a display screen mesh (or small holes) within the lid of the pail. When used on most sensible of a hive, a small hollow is drilled within the outer duvet, with the holes within the pail lid immediately over it.

This can be a financial manner of feeding as handiest the bees within the hive receive advantages. The rest we will do to chop the prices related to beekeeping is a plus.

Bucket Approach

The bucket manner supplies a considerable amount of feed to any hungry bee within the area. It’s positioned neatly far from any hives.

Why would any beekeeper wish to feed bees in a way that isn’t the maximum economical? Occasionally it’s about time stored and a need to streamline the feeding procedure. Once more, now not my most popular manner nevertheless it does have some advantages. Let’s make one.

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  • bucket with lid
  • drill
  • small drill bit
  • degree (non-compulsory)

Bucket and Lid

The bucket for this undertaking must have a water-tight lid and be blank (ish). Meals grade is all the time preferable however now not a demand – despite the fact that they’re simple to procure.

No funky smells or hazardous fabrics. A previous pickle bucket isn’t a sensible choice until you will have been in a position to soundly take away all of the vinegar odor.

You wish to have a bucket with the reinforcement rib as pictured within the video that is going with this publish – additionally see the photographs within the card on the backside of this publish.

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White plastic bucket and lid suitable for making an open feeder. Red arrow shows the reinforcement rib that forms a feeding channel.

Maximum beekeepers use a 5 gallon bucket to make a bee bucket feeder. However, as I am getting older that bucket of sugar water will get heavier! You’ll be able to use a three gallon bucket simply as neatly – I’ve even made smaller ones.

Then again, you probably have a number of hives you want extra ingesting area to your bees to take a seat or they’ll battle on the feeder.

The best way to Make the Bucket Feeder

step by step directions on making a 5 gallon bucket into a bee feeder.

1. Complete directions are beneath however listed here are the principle steps. Ensure your bucket has the reinforcement rib and a watertight lid. Once we flip the bucket the other way up – that reinforcement rib goes to be the trough that holds our sugar water!

2. Use a drill with a small bit (actually measurement does now not subject – simply small) and drill one hollow within the bucket wall from the interior of the bucket outward – for each and every one of the vital little compartments of the reinforcement ring.

With a white bucket you’ll be able to obviously inform the place the little compartments are.
Don’t drill a hollow throughout the outer rib wall – that is what’s going to cling the syrup in so the bees can drink.

3. This displays the bucket with the holes drilled (however you’ll be able to see them – they’re at the within) and the lid is on. I examined with water first to ensure it was once running as it should be.

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4. Fill the bucket (virtually complete) with sugar water and upload a good becoming. Whilst you turn the bucket the other way up – cling your quit the lid backside for additonal beef up.

Syrup must fill run throughout the holes you drilled throughout the internal bucket wall into the channel. Position the bucket on a degree spot – neatly AWAY out of your beehives.

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The best way to Use

When the use of the bucket feeder manner, I generally use a 1:1 sugar syrup ratio. That is 1 phase natural cane sugar blended with 1 phase heat water.

I really like to incorporate an crucial oil feeding stimulate – although this will build up the possibilities of robbing task. Watch out, don’t use an excessive amount of and don’t spill any close to the hive.

After all, you’ll be able to make your individual bee feeding complement with crucial oils however I actually like to make use of Honey B Wholesome. The 16 oz. bottle lasts a very long time.

Many bees drinking from bucket feeder at bee equipment shed.

Open Bucket Feeding Cautions

A bucket feeder is just one instance of “open feeding”. This beekeeping time period refers to any feeding station that’s outdoor -away from the hive. It’s available via many bees from other hives at one time.

As with maximum issues in beekeeping the use of a bucket feeder has execs and cons. It’s known as a bucket feeder as a result of… um..neatly its a bucket.

The usage of an open feeder (bucket or different) isn’t my favourite manner. However, it does supply the benefit of retaining a large number of sugar syrup. A plus for the beekeeper who is simply too busy to test feeders day by day or lives a ways far from the bee backyard.

When feeding massive numbers of bees in Fall, buckets will also be an possibility (despite the fact that nonetheless now not essentially the most economical).

Additionally, you don’t need to open a hive. It can be a method that you just handiest use in sure circumstances-that is how it’s with me.

My bees drinking from a bucket feeder image.

How I Use It as a Nectar Indicator

I basically use my bucket feeder as a trademark of nectar availability. In occasions of dry climate, I put my bucket feeder out with a little1:1 sugar water. If I see a couple of bees , that’s ok. They should be accumulating actual nectar from flora too.

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If the bees are going wild over the feeder bucket, I do know that herbal nectar should be very restricted – a nectar dearth!

On this case, I will be able to prevent the bucket feeder to forestall the preventing on the feeder. And turn to common feeders throughout the hive or a pail feeder on person hives. 


There are a couple of dangers concerned when the use of your bee bucket feeder.

  • losing cash on sugar
  • weakest colonies received’t get essentially the most meals
  • beginning honey bee robbing in your apiary

Wasps, ants, and hornets can be attracted to the feeder – some are predators of honey bees. You’re going to spend extra money on sugar that doesn’t pass in your hives.

Bee feeders throughout the hive, even do-it-yourself mason jar feeders permit small colonies to collect meals with out pageant. They’re higher in maximum eventualities.

Do Now not Position an open bucket feeder close to your hives! This will likely lead to weaker hives being sufferers of robber bees.

Position your bucket feeder outdoor in a just right location neatly away (100 toes or extra ) out of your hives. Take note, honey bees can fly slightly neatly – they’ll in finding it if they want it.

A Ultimate Phrase

Open feeding isn’t my favourite method to offering supplemental feeding for my honey bee colonies. Then again, there are occasions when it turns out to be useful. Take into accounts making your individual feeder bucket to your bees however position it neatly far from the hives and observe any task.

Worker bee drinking sugar water at bucket feeder.

DIY Bucket Feeder for Bees

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC

Learn to make a DIY feeder bucket to your beehives the use of a three or 5 gallon bucket and lid.

This publish might comprise associate hyperlinks. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Learn my Disclosure.

  • 1 piece Bucket 5 gallon or 3 gallon
Any measurement bucket with a good becoming lid will paintings.  3 gallon measurement is easiest for some – although 5 gallon holds extra syrup.   Will you be capable to temporarily turn over a 5 gallon bucket stuffed with sugar water?
Be expecting to have some spillage.  The extra syrup you will have within the bucket the fewer waste because the vacuum will occur faster.

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