The Historical Element That is Price Its Weight

Why take a go back and forth to the common pharmacy when you’ll be able to seek advice from the hive pharmacy? No blank drugs cupboard is whole with out bee propolis, nature’s all-purpose soother.            

Propolis is a sticky, antioxidant wealthy substance with 300+ recommended compounds. Comprised of plant and tree resins, bees use it to line their hive partitions. There, it acts as an unstoppable barrier in opposition to overseas invaders and germs. That is why we love to name it ‘the hive immune device’.  

In the event you’re keen on our Propolis Throat Spray, you’re most probably already conscious about how wonderful propolis is at soothing scratchy throat and supporting immune well being. (We do not depart house with out it at the moment.) However do you know you’ll be able to use propolis in different ways, too? Listed here are a handful of lesser recognized tactics you’ll be able to use our Propolis Throat Spray…


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