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by way of Jeff Andrews, Northern Tails Sprucing

Ultrasonic Cleaners (UC) were used within the grooming business for years. I used to combine chemical substances in beakers when I used to be an R&D chemist for GP years in the past, and it did really well. The UC works like a microwave oven the use of ultrahigh frequency tones to transport molecules of water or liquid in a container.
The most efficient use of the UC for blade care is cleansing blade plaque between the blade enamel. The plaque is breeding grounds for viruses and micro organism, and you can’t totally kill them with over the counter disinfectants by myself.

Blade plaque is composed of media from puppy dander, hair and natural cleaning soap movie. This can be a easiest media for culturing micro organism and viruses. The UC does a beautiful task to this finish.


I want undeniable water within the UC tub. Why? There are two causes. First, I love doing a number of cleansing operations at one time. I take advantage of a number of other cleaners positioned in mason jars. You can not do this in case your tub holds just one cleaner. I take advantage of one cleaner for rust, some other one with WD-40 and a 3rd one the use of a degreasing cleaner. I am getting the latter at Lowes for $12.00 a gallon. 2nd, after I take away the jars from the bathtub, drips are undeniable water and chemical substances.


My manner is lovely distinctive in comparison to others, however I primarily based my manner on years of revel in discovering the easiest way. When the use of mason jars the cleansing waves of the UC move during glass. Cautious, don’t use plastic jars. The waves act another way. Prepare blades within the mason jars any manner you need. I counsel you get as many as you’ll within.

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Fill the jar with cleansing strategy to a degree upper than the blades. The water degree of the bathtub will have to be on the identical degree because the liquid within the jar or upper.

Run the UC for 10 mins until another way urged. Don’t warmth the bathtub since the UC will warmth the liquid within the jar. Don’t seal the jars tight. Depart slightly crack permitting the liquid within to make bigger slightly as wanted.


After the cleansing cycle succeed in within the tub and pull out your jar(s). Some UC devices can are compatible 3 mason jars. The jars are more likely to drip from the bathtub however you should not have to fret. It will have to simply be nonhazardous water. Had you handled the bathtub with an answer like WD-40, you would need to put on gloves whilst you take away the blades separately, and similar dangers to respiring fumes. There’s no reason why to possibility your protection.

Take your jar(s) of fresh blades to a desk, or take away them from the jar(s) proper at your UC location. I counsel the use of a magnet to take away blades after which laying them on a towel. You’ll put a stick to your magnet for this objective. Additionally it is a at hand strategy to put blades into jars as neatly with out making splashes. You’ll acquire magnet extension hands at Harbor Freight, House Depot, Lowes or an identical shops.
Get the majority of the moisture off the blades by way of hand drying at the towel.

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Subsequent, use your air hose, drive dryer, or hair dryer and blow the remainder liquid off the blade. Remember to totally dry between the enamel in addition to beneath the spring as a way to save you any rust.


In case you to find last blade plaque repeat all the process. Blade plaque is also tough to take away the primary time and feature no longer incessantly wiped clean your blades. In case you start common cleansing together with your UC a couple of instances per week you will have to effectively steer clear of blade plaque buildup.


This is the whole equipment I take advantage of to scrub blades. I’ve one jar with immediately WD-40. It breaks away chunks of blade plaque from between the enamel when a cleaning soap answer by myself is inadequate. I’ve some other jar with WD-40 Rust Dissolver. We use it when blades have rusty spots no longer got rid of by way of our radial wheel cleansing. I stay 3 jars with a cleaning soap answer. I combine 1 section cleaning soap (Krud-Kutter, Easy Inexperienced, and many others) to three portions water. The extra water within the combine the easier for cleansing.

Your cleansing answer will glance grimy even after the primary use, however I’ve discovered the used answer works neatly for a number of therapies. Filth falls to the ground of the jar. When the grime builds as much as ¼ inch deep substitute the answer.


Within the image you spot wiped clean blades from one jar. We got rid of them from the jar the use of magnet proven. The cleansing jar answer seems to be grimy however it may be used a couple of extra instances. You’ll come to a decision if you wish to reuse or no longer. As soon as hand-wiped and blown totally dry, practice oil to the wiped clean blades.

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