The use of a Beehive Scale – Methods to Weigh a Beehive

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It takes numerous paintings, time, severe devotion, and downright sweat and blood to lift wholesome and a success honeybee colonies. For starters, putting in place your beehive will likely be your first and most likely the most straightforward process you’ll ever have in beekeeping. Next duties that ensure the well being and protection of your bees would require paintings and willpower. You’ll have to paintings year-round to make sure the bees are loose from pests, well-fed, and safe from more than a few invaders and climate components. The beehive must be frequently monitored and some of the absolute best techniques to do it’s the use of a beehive scale. This makes it imaginable so that you can track the bees and their task, with out the want to open hives, therefore saving time and getting rid of rigidity.

Significance of Weighing Beehives

When you’ve got by no means regarded as it previous, then weighing beehives proves to be the very best and most secure approach of checking to your bees with out the want to elevate an alarm from competitive colonies. You’ll be able to use such a lot of the right way to stay observe of the colony. Then again, it’s prudent to imagine higher techniques to do it with out essentially interfering with their area.

  1. Prying open a beehive is ceaselessly perceived as an assault at the colony and honeybees won’t take it kindly, extra, so if the beekeeper makes this a day-to-day affair. As a question of reality, tracking the colony’s productiveness via checking on each body isn’t just tense to the bees but in addition proves to be a troublesome process for the beekeeper.
  2. The use of a beehive scale will give the beekeeper a correct image of the way a lot honey and what number of bees are to be had within the beehive. It is going to additionally assist track the colony’s development, giving clues on what may well be taking place at the back of the ones wood partitions.
  3. The weighing scale is helping the beekeeper estimate the volume of to be had meals saved throughout the hive and that is necessary data without reference to the season handy. All the way through iciness the bees are not able to undertaking out of doors the hive for foraging and can depend only at the meals reserves. That is required for each sustenance and for warming up the colony. The size will assist the beekeeper gauge the collection of to be had meals reserves and confirm if it is going to be vital to supply meals dietary supplements relying at the severity of the iciness.
  4. Figuring out the burden of the beehive all the way through fall is helping the beekeeper to determine the collection of to be had honey provides. It is going to information them in the event that they want to supply syrup to cater for the colony till the onset of spring. Additionally it is necessary to understand the burden of the beehive all the way through autumn for comparability in opposition to the predicted threshold for a hive all the way through this type of time.
  5. The want to ceaselessly keep abreast with the adjustments within the weight of the colony is necessary identical to some other paintings and must be embraced as a year-round process. You want to know the burden of the beehive all the way through honey glide so that you could observe the volume of honey the honeybees are generating. Steadily weighing the hive too can give clues on imaginable swarming all the way through top seasons. And in case of swarming, you’ll weigh the hive and get an estimate of the collection of bees that experience left and those who have remained.

When Will have to You Weigh the Beehive?

Beehive Scale - Weighing a Beehive

Nearly all of beekeepers will weigh their hives all the way through fall since that is the time they wish to have an image of the way a lot honey is within the hive. This is helping confirm if the to be had honey will likely be enough to feed the colony throughout the iciness months. That approach, they’re going to have the ability to know if it is going to be vital to supply meals dietary supplements similar to sugar syrup or now not.

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Then again, you wouldn’t have to keep on with the follow of weighing hives best all the way through fall. You’ll be able to all the time weigh your hives at some other time of the yr. For example, all the way through the height season, you’ll perform weekly tests to watch the volume of honey being produced. You’ll be able to additionally weigh the hive after the colony splits or swarms so that you could know the collection of final bees.

You must weigh the beehive when it’s logo new or empty, and earlier than you introduce the bees to the hive. This may occasionally act as a information as soon as the bees occupy it and when honey is being produced.

The Weight of a Same old Beehive

The burden of your beehive will range relying on a lot of components. First off, the season impacts honeybee actions and can have an effect on how heavy the beehive may also be. For example, a season of honey glide will translate to a heavier beehive, in contrast to the season of dearth. There will even exist some permutations inside the similar season even all the way through top seasons, as meals shops would possibly alternate.

Secondly, the hive design will have an effect on its weight. The Langstroth beehive being a commonplace hive in North The us will weigh about 80 lbs when empty if it has two deep packing containers. As for a Langstroth hive that has 3 medium packing containers, it is going to weigh roughly 60 lbs.

Moreover, horizontal Langstroth hives have a tendency to be a lot heavier when empty and will weigh as much as 150 lbs when empty. On moderate, your beehive must weigh as follows on moderate when crammed:

  • Deep hive with bees, brood, and honey – 80 lbs.
  • Deep tremendous – from 70 to 90 lbs.
  • Medium tremendous – 40 to 50 lbs.
  • The shallow 10 body tremendous full of honey – 40 lbs.

The burden of the beehive can assist the beekeeper venture if to be had meals reserves will likely be enough particularly when iciness is shut. Spaces that have delicate winters don’t call for a lot as in comparison to spaces with unforgiving winters. In case your area reviews delicate winters, the honeybee colony can continue to exist on about 40 to 50 lbs of honey reserves. Areas with chillier and longer winters will continue to exist on honey reserves of between 80 to 90 lbs.

Insights You Get from Weighing Beehives

The burden of the beehive can provide the next data to the beekeeper:

  • The whole weight of the hive and its content material. This will assist calculate the volume of honey to be had and venture anticipated income. The colony weight will even information in making important choices similar to shifting hives to higher places with enough forage.
  • Colony’s productiveness all the way through honey glide seasons to stay observe of the colony’s productiveness. This may occasionally additionally information the beekeeper about when to reap honey.
  • Meals reserves previous to iciness and act accordingly. If vital upload extra provides because the bees move into iciness.
  • Indicators of imaginable swarming. The adjustments within the collection of bees would recommend the bees have swarmed when there’s a decline in inhabitants. Similarly, an build up in quantity and the colony would possibly break up.

Methods to Weigh a Beehive

Beehive Scale - How to Weigh a Beehive

Weighing a beehive is preferably some of the perfect and least intrusive choices for locating out the colony’s quantity, productiveness, and well being standing. The beekeeper can pull this off the use of a lot of techniques, some easy and others a little difficult. The usage of trendy and complex bee scales has received huge recognition within the contemporary previous because it provides real-time data and will put across knowledge remotely.

The normal techniques of weighing the beehive also are nonetheless widespread amongst beekeepers and can imply they’ve to commute to the apiaries to test at the colonies. That however, you’ll use the underneath ways to weigh your beehive:

1. Conventional Lifting

This comes to lifting a complete hive with its contents onto a scale. It’s relatively tasking and would require some muscle tissues or enhance from folks. The beekeeper has to imagine the collection of packing containers that want to be weighed along components such because the collection of bees, honey, and propolis shops, and the brood quantity.

If weighing a complete hive, you’ll use a robust strap to tie the hive after which connect this to a rest room scale. You’ll be able to additionally open up the beehive and raise each and every of the packing containers onto a competent weighing scale. This 2d choice could make your paintings a lot more uncomplicated and ensure extra correct effects. You’re going to additionally organize to do it by yourself. Sadly, weighing each and every person field forces the beekeeper to open the hive and disturb the colony.

2. Top-tech Strategies

There exist some refined devices which were made for weighing beehives. Beekeepers and scientists have now not been snoozing and made it imaginable to weigh hives simply, appropriately, in real-time, and in some circumstances remotely. The usage of era is commonplace and must now not be driven apart when taking into consideration higher answers for managing honeybee colonies.

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A few of these strategies which might be used for weighing hives will sit down within the background with out demanding the bees and nonetheless grants the beekeeper insights into what is occurring throughout the honeybee colonies. You’ll be able to take a look at a lot of those refined scales on-line.

Fashionable beehive scales make it imaginable for beekeepers to obtain consistent updates on hive temperature, movement indicators, weight, and different insights. Those may also be relayed in real-time for your cellular such because the smartphone. You’ll be able to additionally use a faraway assortment unit to watch those parameters the use of the internet or cell phone. With faraway viewing, you’ll get real-time updates on adjustments in weight and that may assist protected eventualities similar to swarming, colony theft, or predator invasion.

One of the crucial refined options of contemporary beehive scales come with:

  1. Connectivity of the dimensions to the web and the aptitude to add all knowledge to the cloud on a real-time foundation. The information is definitely out there the use of cellular gadgets and a web page.
  2. The gathered data is safely saved within the cloud and is obtainable each time wanted.
  3. The beehives are weighed on preset frequencies to stay the beekeeper up to date always.
  4. The scales supply correct knowledge with out the want to disturb bees. This guarantees the bees are by no means wired and their productiveness isn’t affected.
  5. A solar-powered battery assists in keeping the tool operating seamlessly. The battery may be sturdy and can ensure years of provider.
  6. Fine quality device product of top quality subject matter and elements which might be snow and rain resistant.

You’ll be able to additionally get different trendy devices that supply updates on weight and temperature best. They don’t seem to be refined and shortage particular options similar to faraway get right of entry to to knowledge. The to be had answers out there are restricted at the moment however the numbers are anticipated to build up with time.

3. Tilting

That is an inventive answer for measuring the burden of beehives. It lets in the beekeeper to get a virtually correct measure of the beehive. Hives are heavy and will move as much as 300 kilos and via tilting, you’ll keep away from the tension concerned with dealing with the entire load.

A spring rest room scale can assist with weighing hives via tilting. A powerful one that may deal with numerous weight will likely be enough. You must insert the dimensions beneath the beehive and moderately tilt the hive to get a size. As soon as executed, shift to the opposite aspect and repeat the method. Seize the 2 weights and do a complete to get the whole weight of the beehive.

The determine you get thru tilting will give a virtually correct measure of the burden of the beehive. All sides of a beehive must be measured and added for the reason that content material on all sides of a beehive range and can by no means be equivalent.

A baggage scale too can assist when weighing hives via tilting. You’ll be able to connect a screw on either side of the beehive after which use the dimensions to weigh either side via tilting. You’ll be able to then upload the 2 weights to get the whole weight of the beehive.

Transportable Hive Scales

One of the crucial fascinating options of a beehive weighing scale are portability. As well as, the dimensions must face up to climate in all seasons, give correct measurements, and deal with the utmost weight of hives. One of the crucial moveable beehive scales to be had out there at the moment come with:       

1. Pry Scale

This moveable beehive scale is simplistic in design and is a low-tech choice that any one can use. It’s designed to make your paintings a lot more uncomplicated, even if dealing with a heavy beehive.

The pry scale derives its identify from the way wherein it’s used. To make use of it, you pry one aspect of the dimensions off the beehive’s backside board, and would require half of the hassle you could use to pry a complete hive. The studying for one aspect of the hive is captured after which multiplied via two to get an approximate measure of the whole weight of the beehive.

2. Bee Weigh

This moveable beehive scale best calls for the drive you would have to raise the hive only a few meters to get a studying. This can be a scale that may be folded and is moveable.

You want now not fear about the problem of climate components while you spend money on any of those low-budget weighing scales for beehives.

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3. Hivetronics

Hivetronics is a light-weight beehive scale this is to be had for business use. It weighs slightly 11 lbs and works completely with out disturbance to the honeybees.

The size is designed for the beekeeper that has a number of hives and desires a scale that may get the activity executed throughout the quickest time imaginable. It’s simple to make use of and provides correct effects. The size is alternatively highly-priced when in comparison to others however undoubtedly value the fee.

4. Broodminder

Broodminder is a beehive scale designed for faraway tracking. The size is minimalistic and will likely be positioned beneath the hive, simply above the hive stand.

This scale occupies a small area and won’t hinder the ground board. It comes with a battery that runs for roughly six months.

Creating a Diy Beehive Scale

You’ll be able to construct a correct digital beehive scale that may weigh your beehives simply, extra appropriately, and inside a manageable price range. The design of the DIY beehive scale means that you can raise one aspect of the hive the use of 3 arms or tongues. Two arms at the outer aspect will push the hive downwards as the center finger lifts the hive. The digital baggage scale is used for measuring the drive used to split the middle tongue from the out of doors tongue.

You’re going to want the next:

Step 1 – The Baggage Scale

A easy digital baggage scale available for purchase on-line or on your native shops will do the activity. That is the kind of scale which might be handheld with the baggage connected to it. You raise the baggage the use of the dimensions and it makes a beeping sound and the worth at the scale stops converting. You’ll be able to then have in mind of the studying.

The baggage scale can measure as much as 125 lbs which have a tendency to be considerably not up to what you are expecting from the vast majority of beehives. However for the reason that weight of the hive is measured best from one aspect, it method you have got measured half of of the hive’s weight. The accuracy of the dimensions then interprets to about 250 lbs.

Step 2 – Required {Hardware}

You’re going to want a lot of elements similar to bolts, screws, washers, 1 or 2 tee hinges, a pulley, and a metal mending plate.

For the pulley, the black hanger is got rid of and the axle is drilled out. The pulley meeting will contain 2 nook braces of about 2 and a half of inches, a clevis pin axle of 1 / 4 inch, a nylon spacer of 1 inch reduce into two half-inch items and a nylon pulley.

Merchandise Description Moderate Worth Consistent with Unit ($) Moderate Overall Worth ($)
3 6-inch metal mending plate or bar that may paintings as a station and movable tongues 1.58 4.74
1 2 and half-inch application nylon pulley. The pulley is delivered fastened on a hanger. That is to be got rid of via pulling the rivet that assists in keeping the axle in position. 2.74 2.74
2 2.5 via 1.5 nook brace. Works as pillow blocks for containing the pulley. 3.77 7.45
2 feet. 1/16 inch twine cable (uncoated) 0.31 0.61
2 1/16 inch ferrules. Prevent for the relationship cable 1.48 2.96
2 4 inches tremendous heavy tee hinge to used as an anchor to the center wood finger 2.47 4.94
2 1.5 inches nook brace for attachment to pry the deal with 2.98 5.96
1 ¾ inches via 5 inches via 16 inches scrap plywood wooden and the deal with 0 0
1 nylon spacer, 1 inch lengthy, 0.5 inch OD, .257 inch ID, reduce this into half of to have 2 half of inch items, spacers on either side of the pulley 0.31 0.31
1 Clevis pin, ¼ inches via 1 inch in duration, axle for pulley 1.51 1.51
1 The digital baggage scale 16 16
    Overall $47.22

Step 3 – Wood Paddle and Lever

Get ready an overview of the paddle on ¾ inch plywood, maple, or any tricky wooden. Make the lever that will likely be used to drag the baggage scale and drill holes.

Get ready the middle tongue the use of a band noticed for slicing lengthy cuts and a jigsaw to enroll in the 2 cuts. Entire via sanding and the use of appropriate varnish.

Step 4 – Assembling the Portions and Attaching the Lifting Cable

Assembling the portions is simple and fast. The nook braces will grasp the baggage scale to the lever. Use lengthy screws to carry the pulley meeting in position, this is, to the paddle and in addition the mending plates positioned at the backside.

A 1/16-inch twine cable will connect the lifting tongue to the dimensions and must have ferrules on each ends to behave as a prevent for lifting the tongue.

A slot stick for placing the pry scale may also be created at the backside board or the deep frame for simple get right of entry to and use.

Step 5 – Take a look at the Scale

Put the finished scale right into a check. You’ll be able to use an empty hive or any appropriate object for the check.


A beehive scale is the most important instrument in beekeeping. With its use, it is possible for you to to determine the velocity of honey intake via the colony all the way through nectar scarcity, supply details about swarming, recommend top foraging stipulations, and provides clues concerning the finish of nectar glide. You want the dimensions to watch and accumulate knowledge out of your hives, get ready for iciness, and feature up-to-date details about the honeybee colony.

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