Tips on how to Select Between the Border Collie and the Australian Livestock Canine

With an abundance of intelligence and effort, the border collie and the Australian farm animals canine are two exceptional herding canines. In the proper palms, they may be able to additionally make superb circle of relatives pets. Alternatively, each breeds additionally want quite a lot of workout routines and psychological stimulation to stay them on target.

In case you are looking to come to a decision between a collie or an Aussie, then it is very important know extra about every breed. Each breeds fall into the American Kennel Membership’s herding crew, and whilst there are lots of similarities between those two operating canines, there also are some distinct variations. We make the Australian farm animals canine vs. border collie comparability so you’ll be able to come to a decision which is right for you, your circle of relatives, and your way of life.

A Quick Historical past of the Two Breeds

Border Collie

Attentive border collie dog lying down on the grass on a sunny d

The border collie breed dates again to the top of the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom, with the title showing round 1915. Prior to this, a smaller sheepdog model of the collie used to be identified to were in Britain courting again to the Roman Empire and used to be bred for herding sheep.

The title ‘border collie’ represents the breed’s significance within the borders between Scotland and England and the important thing position this sheepdog performed in managing huge flocks throughout vast areas around the border.

Bred to be a flexible and strong operating farm canine, the border collie is hardy and agile, with prime power ranges and sharp, centered intelligence, which means that the breed wants to paintings and be informed. This implies additionally they make very good spouse canines.

Australian Livestock Canine

Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler laying down in a grassy field at sunset

Sometimes called the blue heeler, the Australian farm animals canine used to be in the beginning bred as resilient farm canines that would herd over huge distances and resist the tough Australian local weather. The unique Aussie used to be the results of interbreeding dalmatians, dingoes, and sheepdogs from England all the way through the nineteenth century and used to be used to herd farm animals.

The breed turned into wanted because of its stamina, intelligence, and paintings ethic and used to be named heeler because of the way in which it could nip the heels of farm animals to stay them in line. The Australian farm animals canine used to be identified as a breed by means of the American Kennel Membership in 1980.

A Fast Comparability of the Two Breeds

                                     Border collie                                     Australian farm animals canine

  • Measurement                         18-22 inches                                      17-20 inches
  • Weight                    25-45lbs                                            30-50lbs
  • Lifestyles expectancy       12-15 years                                        13-16 years
  • Temperament          Clever, unswerving, curious                   Clever, autonomous, protecting
  • Trainability              Very                                                    Very
  • Power degree           Very prime                                             Top
  • Coat sort               Thick double coat, both                     Quick double coat easy or tough
  • Coat colours            Brown, pink, black, white, blue             Blue, gray, pink, mottled, speckled bi and tri-colored
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Border Collie vs. Australian Livestock Canine

Their paintings ethic, prime intelligence, and off-the-scale power can simply confuse the 2 breeds. However whilst there are lots of similarities between the border collie and the Aussie, there also are distinct variations that may make a distinction if you’re opting for between the 2. We examine the 2 breeds in regards to the key options and traits.


Each those operating canine breeds are more or less the similar medium dimension, even though the border collie has a tendency to weigh not up to the Australian farm animals canine. Australian farm animals canines have a stockier construct, a vast head, and are most often extra compact, while the border collie is lither and extra athletic.

Coat and colour

There also are some key variations of their coat. The border collie breed has longer and thicker fur to offer protection to in opposition to chilly climate and can also be both easy, tough, or now and again curled. The fur of the border collie is fluffy with a shorter undercoat. The everyday border collie can have black and white markings, even though there are different colour permutations. Those come with brown and white, lilac, and the beautiful blue or pink merle. Eye colours are brown, even though blue eyes may also be a breed characteristic. And a few border collies are heterochromatic, which means that they have got eyes of various colours.

The coat of the Aussie is rougher and has quick hair in two applicable colours – blue or pink. This has ended in the breed’s selection blue heeler and pink heeler names. Requiring minimum grooming, the blue coat colour is blacker, the pink is browner, and the mottled look creates the blue speckled or pink coloration. Australian farm animals canine pups are born white and expand their blue or pink coat as they develop. Every other feature of the heeler which units them excluding the border collie is the black colour on their face which supplies the semblance of a masks.


As they’re herding canines, the only particular feature the border collie and Australian farm animals canine proportion is their prime power ranges! Those on-the-go canines are born and bred to paintings and thrive on task – operating within the hills, taking part in with the children, or operating on a farm. And this eternal power method they want an lively way of life with above-average workout and stimulation to forestall them from losing interest. And as they’re each super-smart, an understimulated collie or Aussie can result in undesirable, harmful conduct.

Shifting directly to different temperament traits, you spot some variations between the breeds. Whilst the Australian farm animals canine can also be autonomous, the border collies have a tendency to be the extra affectionate and pleasant of the 2. And the drawback of that is that the collie is extra susceptible to separation nervousness than the extra self-sufficient heeler. Alternatively, the border collie can also be extra adaptable to switch, much less aloof than Australian farm animals canines, and friendlier round strangers.

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Then again, the Australian farm animals canine is understood to be fiercely unswerving and so can also be protecting in their people, particularly within the corporate of strangers. Early socialization of your heeler doggy could make an actual distinction to their self assurance in several social scenarios.


As herding canine breeds, the border collie and the Australian farm animals canine are extraordinarily clever and rapid beginners. And, as they have got been bred to hold out instructions, their intuition prospers on being occupied and with a stimulating activity to do. This all makes each border collies and blue heelers extremely trainable. And sure reinforcement coaching is the process that works absolute best. Alternatively, because of the diversities of their personalities, how every breed responds in a coaching consultation may also be fairly other.

Since their talent to center of attention can border on obsession, the border collie calls for a constant coaching regimen that allows them to channel their power and intelligence definitely and productively. Agility coaching is a wonderful ongoing task for border collies.

In the meantime, the extra autonomous character of Australian farm animals canines implies that a normal coaching regimen with quite a lot of full of life task is extra incessantly had to stay this breed engaged within the activity. Australian farm animals canine pups may also be a handful, even though they relax as they age.

Each canine breeds additionally require socialization from an early age and correct coaching in order that their herding instincts, similar to nipping, can also be controlled effectively, particularly round youngsters and smaller animals.


Blue Australian Cattle dog runs and chases after a ball.

Each canine breeds have prime power ranges and require common workout and psychological stimulation to stay them satisfied and wholesome. A day by day workout, coaching, and play regimen may even save you extra power from growing boredom or harmful behaviors. The border collie and the Australian farm animals canine aren’t suited for condominium dwelling as they want get entry to to a lot of out of doors house. It’s within the out of doors setting that each breeds come into their very own. This implies they may be able to make very good pets for the lively proprietor or circle of relatives. Even supposing each breeds do have wanderlust attainable.

The grownup Australian farm animals canine would require fairly extra workout out of the 2 breeds, with round two hours an afternoon the best. Border collies paintings smartly with no less than 90 mins of workout in keeping with day.  Blending this time up with walks, cardio actions, play, coaching, and agility can receive advantages each breeds and provides them the number of psychological stimulation they want.

Well being

Each border collies and Australian farm animals canines are most often thought to be wholesome breeds, and their operating heritage makes them extra resilient than many different breeds. However as with every natural breed, they may be able to be vulnerable to positive well being problems. Listed here are the principle well being problems to concentrate on for every breed.

Border Collie – Attainable Well being Considerations

Female vet examining a dog in clinic

The typical lifespan for a border collie is between 12 and 15 years. The principle well being issues the breed can also be susceptible to come with:

  • Collie eye anomaly: Sometimes called CEA, this situation is observed in younger collies as much as the age of 2. Collie eye anomaly is an inherited dysfunction that is affecting the attention tissue known as the choroid, which gives oxygen to the retina. Because the choroid thins, it can result in blindness. There’s recently no remedy for CEA, however surgical treatment is an choice for serious circumstances.
  • Epilepsy: Every other inherited dysfunction, epilepsy, is fairly not unusual in border collies and generally provide within the first six months of a pet’s existence. The seizures brought about by means of the situation can also be handled with drugs.
  • Innovative retinal atrophy (PRA): PRA is a degenerative situation that regularly affects a canine’s imaginative and prescient and in the end results in blindness. PRA most often begins across the age of 3, however there’s a screening check that may be executed at an previous age.
  • Hip dysplasia/elbow dysplasia: A not unusual orthopedic illness in dogs, hip and elbow dysplasia, can also be observed within the border collie breed. With dysplasia, the joints don’t expand correctly and put on down over the years, inflicting ache and stiffness and incessantly progressing to arthritis.
  • Deafness: Border collies with a merle coat trend and blue eyes can also be vulnerable to deafness connected to the merle pigmentation gene.
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Australian Livestock Canine – Attainable Well being Considerations

Close portrait puppy of the australian cattle dog

The Aussie has a fairly longer existence expectancy than the collie, dwelling on common between 13 and 16 years. The principle genetic prerequisites that may have an effect on the breed come with:

  • Orthopedic issues: Australian farm animals canines can also be susceptible to prerequisites affecting their joints, together with hip and elbow dysplasia and patellar luxation, the place their kneecap slips misplaced. Surgical operation could also be wanted in additional serious circumstances of patellar luxation to forestall the dislocation from routine.
  • Eye well being: A number of eye prerequisites can have an effect on heelers. Like border collies, Aussies may also be susceptible to revolutionary retinal atrophy. Cataracts – which motive the attention lens to ‘cloud up’ – are every other not unusual reason for blindness within the breed, particularly in older canines. Relying at the degree of sight loss brought about by means of the situation, surgical treatment can be utilized to take away cataracts utterly. Australian farm animals canines may also be susceptible to glaucoma, which can also be extraordinarily painful and result in blindness if left untreated. Glaucoma too can develop into a scientific emergency, so vets counsel annual screening for the situation.
  • Deafness: Deafness can also be an inherited situation within the breed, which is why it is very important the breeders have screened your new doggy. Congenital deafness can’t be cured, however with fortify and coaching, deaf Australian farm animals canines can nonetheless reside complete and rewarding existence.

Border Collie vs. Australian Livestock Canine – Which One is Best for you?

Top power, remarkable paintings ethic, sensible mind, simple upkeep, and constant – there are lots of similarities between border collies and Australian farm animals canines which may make opting for a bit tricky. However sooner than you make a decision, it’s additionally essential to take a lot of these similarities, in addition to variations, into consideration.

Relating to Australian farm animals canine vs. border collie, each will thrive in a family with outdoor house, loves the out of doors existence, and has the time and effort to coach, workout, play with, and most often stay alongside of those full-on, life-loving breeds. Alternatively, the collie could be a little extra upkeep because of its want to delight and doubtlessly obsessive conduct. And Australian farm animals canines even have their ‘problems’, being independent-minded with a bent to be protecting.

With all this in thoughts, it’s purely a private selection for those who suppose you might have what it takes to welcome a operating breed into your own home. And supplied you’ll be able to fit their power ranges and prime workout wishes, the Australian farm animals canine and the border collie could make loving, entertaining, and constant pets.


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  2. Australian farm animals canine – American Kennel Membership
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