Waffles is Counting the Mins


WAFFLES:  It is 4:43.  The place is each friend?

ELLIE:  What do you imply, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  We are going to STARVE. It is 4:44 and nobody is house. You higher recover from right here. We would possibly want to coordinate an attack at the large refrigerator. 

ELLIE:  I am roughly busy, Mr. Waffles. There may be butterflies and stuff. 

WAFFLES:  Dinner is WAY extra necessary than butterflies, Ellie.

ELLIE:  However there may be a wide variety of cool smells and insects. It is all breezy too. Do not be disturbed, it is not windy. I do know you are afraid of the wind.

WAFFLES:  That is it. It is 5:01. We are doomed. You wish to have to take this severely, Ellie. Sufficient with the home windows and breezy insects already…

ELLIE:  Mmmmm, this one smells actually excellent.


ELLIE:  You would not have to panic, Mr. Waffles. Glogirly’s out of doors digging round in her large muddle field, I imply lawn, and she or he stated she’d come within tremendous quickly. 

WAFFLES:  Tremendous quickly? You imply like seconds? Mins? Hours? DAYS???

The whole lot is after all blooming up within the mountains and Glogirly has been exhausting at paintings prepping her perennial lawn. Or as Ellie likes to position it, digging round in her gigantic muddle field. Gloman has been touring for a couple of days so the day-to-day meal provider is as much as Glogirly. Once in a while she’s out of doors till 4:30 or 5:00 which is it appears motive for fear relating to Waffles. LOL!

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