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A nuc is a small starter colony utilized by many beekeepers to begin a brand new hive. So, how are you aware when it’s time to transport bees from a nuc to a full-sized hive? As with many beekeeping questions, the solution isn’t at all times carved in stone – it depends upon a number of elements. On this information I’m going to give an explanation for how I make a decision it’s time to transfer my nuc to a ten body Langstroth hive.

Nuc full of bees and a base full sized beehive on stand.

Each and every beekeeper has their very own manner of doing issues. No matter works for you and your bees is the appropriate factor. I really like preserving a couple of bee nuc hives in my apiary. However, they do require control.

Indicators It’s Time to Transfer Your Nuc to A Complete Hive

Beekeepers be informed early on that colonies don’t stay the similar dimension. Relying on assets and seasonality, the bee inhabitants is both rising or declining.

When operating with nucs, the purpose is typically to develop that small get started right into a complete productive beehive. So, what can we search for?

  • inhabitants expansion
  • brood nest congestion
  • seeing queen cells
Three examples of nuc hive needing to move to a large hive, crowded frames, crowded brood nest and queen cells.

Crowded Bees

In case you to find that 80% to 90% of the frames are lined with busy bees – they want extra space. When the bees have drawn out the entire frames of comb, and feature a big sufficient inhabitants to appear crowded in there – it’s time to dimension up!

Closed Brood Nest

A wholesome brood nest will have to have a mixture of eggs, bee larvae, and capped brood with some empty cells for the queen to meet her function -lay new eggs. Another way, she has no room to increase the nest. The colony turns into stressed out and extra topic to illness in crowded stipulations.

In a 5-frame nucleus hive (the most typical dimension), if in case you have 3 or 4 complete frames of bee brood – it’s time to transport that bee nuc to a full-sized hive.

Queen Cells

Seeing queen cells in a crowded nuc colony would possibly imply that the bees are changing their queen (supersedure cells). However, they’re steadily swarm cells indicating that the bees are out of house and are getting ready to swarm.

Info graphic of honey bee colony spring population buildup and fall decline.

Components to Believe

Anytime I’m planning for my bees, I should keep in mind that they have got their very own plans and we don’t at all times agree. So, ahead of transferring my nuc to a complete hive, you will need to take a look at the out of doors elements that may have an effect on any hive manipulations I need to make.

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Seasonality or Time of 12 months

My starting beekeepers purchase nuc hives for overdue Spring supply. Hotter temperatures have arrived and the weeks of ample nectar and pollen are ahead of us.

In case you gained a just right high quality nuc with frames of drawn comb, bee brood, and a productive queen – you will have to transfer the bee nuc proper right into a complete hive. This gives plentiful house for the colony to develop all the way through the time of plentiful meals.

Alternatively, a nuc hive in overdue Fall – could be higher suited for overwinter within the nuc field (in case your local weather permits). On this scenario, I typically upload a nuc-sized tremendous field on best and feed them to verify they fill it with honey for Wintry weather.

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As a result of chilly climate and scarce nectar is at the horizon, it’s not beneficial to position this small colony in a big field. That is very true as a result of it’s the time of yr when the bees are decreasing the dimensions of the colony – no longer increasing it.

Climate Stipulations

There are lots of elements that have an effect on how briskly your nuc will develop in inhabitants. You in reality can not put a agenda on it. Colony well being, queen productiveness and so on all play a job – as does climate stipulations.

Bees don’t fly neatly in rain – or in any respect. In case your nuc nonetheless has a bit of of house to make use of within their field, don’t be expecting them to increase temporarily over a duration of weeks with heavy rain, wind or chilly.

Likewise, all the way through the recent dry season – a nectar dearth reasons colony expansion to sluggish. Whilst it’s vital to feed bees all the way through occasions of want, it’s not as affective as just right herbal stipulations.

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Dangers of Making the Mistaken Transfer

All forms of beehive control contain dangers. After a few years, I nonetheless make the mistaken resolution sometimes- you’re going to too. Listed below are some dangers of transferring a nuc right into a complete hive too overdue or too quickly.

Small swarm from overcrowded nuc colony in a bush.

Ready too Overdue

In case you lengthen upsizing your nuc to a complete hive for too lengthy, you’re going to most probably must take care of swarming. Queen cells will probably be constructed because the brood nest turns into congested and a number one or top swarm will apply.

Swarms aren’t unhealthy but when your purpose is to develop a powerful colony…. Neatly that dream simply flew off over the tree tops – except you’ll catch it.

Even supposing the nuc does no longer swarm, colony expansion and manufacturing is affected. With little room to increase, brood rearing and meals assortment will decelerate or stall utterly.

Transferring too Quickly

I believe there are much less dangers of transferring a nuc to a complete hive in Spring, if the nuc is robust and the temperatures are reasonable.

You might be giving the colony extra space to increase as they want it. In case you are offering sugar water on your bees, this is helping them develop into their house.

Because the season progresses, you should imagine the dimensions of your nuc colony (no longer frames however bee inhabitants). I at all times inform scholars in my on-line beekeeping magnificence – don’t give the colony extra space than they may be able to patrol and offer protection to.

Wax moth larvae and small hive beetles doing damage in a underpopulated hive.

More than a few honey bee pests will input the hive and damage unprotected comb. Wax moths are a not unusual drawback in hives with an excessive amount of comb and too few bees.

Small Hive Beetles are an actual danger for colonies right here within the south. Throughout the nice and cozy season, I might be a bit of slower to transport to a ten body field except the inhabitants of the nuc is robust.

Transferring Bees to the Common Hive

In many ways, putting in a nuc right into a hive is more uncomplicated than putting in a bundle. I take advantage of same old 10-frame Langstroth sized hives. With a 5 body nuc, I will be able to want 5 extra frames to fill the field.

  • Set the brand new hive up proper beside the place the nuc is sitting
  • Put to your protecting beekeeping clothes
  • Mild your bee smoker and gently smoke the nuc front ( wait a minute or so)
  • Take away the outer and internal quilt of your same old hive
  • Go away numerous house to paintings – stay 2 empty frames out for now
  • In moderation transfer the nuc frames to the brand new hive (typically preserving them in the similar order as they had been)
  • Position the remainder of the frames within the new field and gently press them in combination. Any left over house can also be divided at the two facets
  • Gently unload any bees final within the nuc field on best of the bars within the new hive. And shut it up. (I typically set the nuc field at the floor close to the whole dimension hive for a couple of hours.)
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After the Transfer Care

This is a just right concept to go away the bees in peace for a bit of. In case you are feeding, be certain your bee feeder is in position.

As your bees get used to their new house, I at all times use an front reducer at the hive – open to the 2-3 inch opening. This is helping them shield their house as they develop in inhabitants.

Watch over the following couple of days for any unusual conduct however this procedure if generally very regimen and not using a issues.


When will have to you progress a brand new nuc of bees to a hive?

Many beekeepers transfer a brand new nuc right into a complete sized hive in an instant. Alternatively, the bees is also stressed out by way of touring. Subsequently, this can be a just right follow to set the nuc field beside the brand new hive and wait 24 hours ahead of putting in.

How lengthy are you able to depart the bees within the nuc field?

If the nuc field isn’t overcrowded, you have to open the doorway to permit foraging and depart the bees housed within the field for per week or so. However, the earlier they’re of their everlasting house – the simpler.

What’s the highest time of day to place nuc bees in a complete hive?

Anytime of day is ok to place your nuc bees within the complete hive. Beekeepers steadily set the hive beside or on best of the everlasting hive at the day ahead of. This is helping the bees know the place house is.

A Ultimate Idea

As a beekeeper, I’m a lot sooner to transfer my bee nucs to a ten body hive within the Spring. This is a time of herbal expansion for honey bees. Given the appropriate care, they will have to develop into productive colonies. Alternatively, you’ll no longer use a calendar to make a decision when to upsize their lodging – it should be a mixture of colony situation and out of doors forces.

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