Why does my cat sleep such a lot?

You might have spotted cats spend a large number of time sound asleep, however have you ever ever questioned why they sleep such a lot?  

Causes cats sleep such a lot 

Cats in most cases sleep round 15-20 hours in keeping with day. Kittens and senior cats might want greater than that. In step with Royal Canin, this quantity can building up throughout summer time months as cats use sleep to keep watch over their frame temperature. Cats too can sleep extra within the wintry weather or wet seasons as a result of the chilly.  

Mild vs. deep sleep 

The kind of sleep cats have appears other than ours. Mild sleep for cats lasts between 15-30 minutes, whilst deep sleep lasts round 5 mins. This manner, your cat is ready to reply to threats of their setting.  

Keeping power 

Cats want a large number of power for the “hunt.” In step with a BBC article, searching calls for a considerable amount of adrenaline and focal point. Searching in most cases occurs at first light and nightfall – explaining why cats are thought to be crepuscular, no longer nocturnal. Even in your house, the place meals is incessantly supplied, your cat can have the need to specific those herbal searching instincts.  


When your cat is house on my own, they are going to lose motivation to play on their very own and select a sleep as an alternative. You’ll be able to strengthen their natural tendencies via a number of enrichment actions. Take note, your cat wishes psychological stimulation simply up to bodily workout! 

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When to be eager about your cat’s sleep 

When plenty of sleep is coupled with state of no activity it may be a signal of rigidity. The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society’s weblog has a wealth of sources to assist your cat organize rigidity in quite a lot of eventualities. 

Ache or discomfort is also one more reason on your cat sound asleep an excessive amount of. If the behaviour persists, touch your native veterinarian for strengthen. 

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